"Philakone openly admits to illegal Spoofing on Bitfinex"

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no thanks

He literally sold all his bitcoin at $1000 and then got incredibly butthurt and salty and butthurt when they wouldn't reverse his trades.

Also republicans/Trump are going to repeal Dodd Frank.

This would be fucking insane. Wonder how that would affect the misery index.

Also the sociopath in OP's pic should die by torture

He's also selling discord membership for 50k

Show me the law, faggot.

its not illegal on crypto

Sigh, this isn't the stock market people. Crypto is the wold west, anything is fair game.


>decide to check out this unfunny chinks steam
>somone posts "you're not a trader, you're a gambler"
>this chink gets so fucking triggered he stops his steam to ban the guy and goes on a rant about it

0 spine. Please go to prison

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Why is this nigga banned from tradingview?

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Nah man, respect to him for doing that. People need to shut the fuck up about calling trading gambling. It's strategy, problem-solving, and brutally unforgiving when you fuck up.

The most accurate fud comes from people who genuinely fucking hate something.

Why do people worship this narcissistic jungle gook? How long until he dies by overdose?

Trusting a SE Asian. kek

>Trading on leverage isn't gambling

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Increasing scale by which you experience movements is not gambling. Nobody will start making serious money if they don't take any risk. If you can't handle that pressure then don't enforce your lack of ability on others who could potentially be far more capable.

he only keeps 40k in his margin account then he only keeps 12k in his margin account


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Buffet is the man poverty faggots will never get it.

Will the volcker rule be repealed??

Got any source?

not only that he used to promote that serial korean scammer bitcoin fund manager - whose literally a professional career scammer

It is illegal and he's going to jail. It's just a matter of time now.

Guys I'm really worried about my friend. He is compulsively trying to sell pepes on the block chain. He keeps referring to himself as based meme god and yelling "phamp it!"

What should I do? He hasn't showered in a week and he won't answer his girlfriends calls. I don't think he's eating regularly.

Is it time to do a intervention?

Also wtf is "phamp it!"?

He just keeps telling me that "it's biztards bro, it's biztards."

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>It is illegal and he's going to jail. It's just a matter of time now.

Umm, I thought this faggot can get away with this because of no regulations or whatever why would he admit record it so the public could see if..

12k leveraged at 3x is 36k, which is max leverage on finex

you got owned, son

Clearly, you are too stupid to understand he lied and can't keep his thoughts straight on what is the truth or a lie. So he contradicts himself but keep believing. It's a common trait of compulsive liars.

Tried to follow this guy. Couldn't take the constant grade-school drama. And the desperate as fuck flirting with crypto hoes.

>i would never dump on my followers guys!i was just wrong
>i am a very ethical person guys
>i come from a family with a strong ethic
>proceeds to create huge invisible walls on eos to scare the market so he can cover his losing position and earn 1k instead of taking a small loss
>i am a very ethical person guys
>i am a very ethical person guys
yes this guy will sell his mother just to earn some money,never trust his calls

in addition to anyone who says his calls/est. are shit and they lost money

he's like:

"its your own fault if your that stupid to trust a asian rando ... i hope you loose all your money and your families money and be miserable and your family is miserable ... "

^ not even making this up - this fucker is a true son of a Laotian maybe even Kambodian bitch

what kind of degenerate wishes for someones family to suffer, for some idiots bad decisions? disgusting and obviously a poor trait of character

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>yes this guy will sell his mother just to earn some *cocaine

Explain to me what law he is breaking. The market manipulation laws don't apply to crypto (yet).

Don't think smoking crack and spreading HIV is legal in Canada.

>its your own fault if your that stupid to trust a asian rando
not very nice for sure and i wish some day some whale fuck his boypuss very hard, but the most worrying thing a teacher can do is not stick to his own rules
>guys stick to risk/reward thingy and set tight stop losses
>next video:never close the trade until 55 crosses 8
>next video:never stick to one strategy guys
>next video:hey guys look how i manipulate the market because the trade went against me with no risk/reward setup or stop losses

Bitfinexed is such a big pussy

At some point this faggot probably blew up his entire account and started to blame the bad bad spoofers and market manipulators.

Without any doubt this person has an obsession.