Are ugly girls an appreciating asset?

Are ugly girls an appreciating asset?

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no ways its real

This makes me very sad whenever I read it.

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do not taunt veronika

Nothing a little makeup can't fix, right bros?

yes because everyone turns ugly in old age, so she would be ahead of the curve

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>be male
Fucking heteronormative CIS shitlord!

Less disgusting than any race mixer

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for retards that don't know, that was bait posted by a /r9k/ robot to prove a point. he did.

Yes. You can go to Korea and fix her up like the gooks do.

Photo is real, text is not.

What was the point?
this was posted in Veeky Forums the other day and definitely made me sad. Allegedly her panty shots were leaked and she got plastic surgery and disappeared off the internet.

Why don’t the guys who complain they’re ugly get plastic surgery? I’m banking on that when I /makeit/. I got an estimate it would take min $20k to fix my face in Korea.

Doesn't work, aesthetics != attractiveness.

The only good it can do is make you look younger, maybe.

What do you mean by aesthetics =\= attractiveness?

They do get plastic surgery. Korean culture is fucked. They spend all their money on trying to look good and end up being useless, so they end up being some Z-class entertainer pretending to be Kpop stars for conventions and events.

Girls still won't find you attractive just because you look good. You will never have a chad persona and that's who they want. Similarly to how all these newfags think girls will finally like them if they have a lambo, or the homos on fit think once they get big girls will suddenly swarm.

You're just be the same beta you are now, just with a prettier face. Your face isn't the reason you get no girls

>I hate myself
>0 self-esteem
>the best girlfriend

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I'm gonna need to see those pantyshots.

Getting better looking, Veeky Forums and financially well off will all help to develop a chad persona. It's not everything but it will help.

because you will end up looking like the bogdanoff twins

In my case I would already have made it financially though, not to be an entertainer.
Could this happen in reverse? Like if you dress successfully you’ll feel like acting successfully; so when people treat you better after you look better, your self esteem rises?

Theoretically it could. Theoretically we're all made of cheese...

>chad personality
Just move to a place no know knows you and put on a persona. Do it long enough and it will become a part of you. Quit being a bitch.

Nobody knows the Bogs retired. She's the one dumping when you buy and pumping when you sell.

It doesn't work that way. The clothes don't make the man. You will just be a rich well dressed autist but still an autist. It's quite difficult to change your personality. I guess you could try to 'fake it till you make it' but you'll end up sperging out a lot.

What I've noticed is that if you try too hard girls pick up on that and they think it's weird. The nights where I've had the best hookups are the ones where I wasn't looking for women but I was just having a great time with my mates. Girls pick up on that. That's who girls want to be with, the guy who is having fun and can provide them with fun, not the boring creep with the lambo. This is why you see bitter autists wondering why Chad gets the girl when they are better dressed/richer/maube even better looking.
Girls just wanna have fun, basically.

I’ve always wondered about the “trying too hard” feeling. I can feel this in a girl when she tries too hard too. What does it mean? Does it mean the beta hasn’t adapted well enough into his new personality yet and needs to take it slow? Or should he practice being the kind of person he wants to be more?

Male facial attractiveness is so subtle and complex (think millimeter differences) that it's very hard to get right (much higher chance to get wrong). And even if you get it right there is low chance you will end up more attractive as males very rarely can tell when a male (who isn't very attractive or very ugly) is attractive and what makes one more or less attractive (non-existent standards (that are not on bone-level like jaws) and very few males who can tell if a male is attractive or not outside of extremes).

Basically you have a very, very high chance to wind up looking the same or worse and very very small chance to look better, as a male. As a female the odds are much better since there are easy and objective ways to look better (bigger lips for example)

I find her fuckable.

OP pic obvious fake. If you put her pic on a dating site she will have dozens of ok looking guys messaging in a few days max.

Just put a bag over her head.

Shit I feel sorry.
..f-for research purposes, r-right?
The guys who will pump and then shamefully dump with regret after they nut.

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Why the fuck would u ever get urself in a relationship with someone u find unactactive... fuck that.

No I think it's more like they sense he sort of has an agenda, like he's written a to do list on his fridge and one of the bullets is 'get laid'. Going out dressed to the nines solely to gain a woman's attention and then approaching her very directly. It's too much. The girl wants to have fun at a social gathering, not attend a job interview. Im not sure how to articulate it too well but you have to sort of disregard the girl. Treat her as a tagalong if you're with your mates, have a few cheeky responsss and make jokes from time to time but don't focus solely on her the whole night. I think I said it best last post where Ive had the best luck getting laid while just trying to have fun because the girl sees a sociable fun guy she wants to spend the night with. You have social value in her eyes and that's more important Ina social situation than material wealth. Having money is only good for attracting golddiggers

Do you mean that a guy can't gauge if another guy is attractive or not, but a girl easily can?

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That's even worse because you are hiding your dysgenic genes and creating the illusion that you're genetically healthy. Not everyone was meant to breed but this society is creating the conditions that are going to destroy humanity one day and make us all into retarded eloi.

Yes...guys are shit at telling if another guys is attractive, unless the guy is in an extreme - either legit ugly or legit good looking.

>either legit ugly or legit good looking
So in other words attractive or unattractive. What you want to say is that we are bad at telling subtle differences, but we sure as hell can tell if someone looks aesthetic or not.

Anons. I've been depressed for months because I stopped working out put on a few pounds now I have a double chin when I look down at my phone. I think I would kill myself if I had those genes too.

Start working out???

Yes, guys can tell if guys look aestethic (like TV presenters), but not if attractive.

A soft-feature beta-looking guy can look very aestethic, but not be attractive to women. And a hard-feature rugged guy can look not as pleasing but be very attractive to bitches.

You may not like it, but this is what peak aesthetics look like.

no homo

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Wtf I’m confused again about aesthetic vs attractive.

Is aesthetic like “pleasing to look at” and “models for Abercrombie” and attractive is “I want to suck his dick?” Or is attractive being good to look at AND an aura of mystery and strength? Or is attractive purely personality even if your looks are 5/10? Is attractive that subtle combination guys can’t put their finger on but aesthetic is easily agreed on?

Aesthetic is more objective, actual beauty. While attractive is more subjective that has sexual impulses weighed in.
You are attracted to a big butt and big tits, while a woman are attracted to other things, and animals from other species to things that may seem absurd but you can all agree on objective beauty no matter your animal impulses.

Holy shit thanks for explaining user.
I get it now that even if I get plastic surgery I’ll still act like the ugly beta I was.

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Fake it til you make it.