To the guy who just scammed me

What difference does that 2K make in your life man?

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howd he scam you?

Bro if you have anythng left just send me .03 eth and I'll send you 3 eth back

lol just pull your money out and quit fuckin whining dumbfuck - this isn't for you if you're sitting there constantly looking at the number waiting for it to rise by a thousand every week

Was selling something to me; we had a long conversation and I ended up just trusting him because of the vibe. It was obviously a stupid move on my part, and it's not a big deal on my part, but I just don't understand some people. I guess I probably too high of a view of certain people.




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ah fuck lesson learnt mate
i dont a single person with money

but just because i feel bad send me .05 eth and ill send back 5 eth


Haha yeah it's pretty fucking stupid I know

Haha sure!

Give me 1k and I'll make sure your faith in humanity is restored

Were u the guy that bought the home theater?

Just kidding. Remember Veeky Forums is a reddit honeypot. The redditors form discord groups and go out hunting victims on the web

remember its just money bro
2k can be gained back

i lost like 15k in confido lmao, fucking joosted
now im in 6 figures range

be careful out there mate, dont trust people on the internet!

Think of it this way OP, that dude is probably somewhere in India right now and he doesn’t give a fuck about this thread. Instead, he’s probably gonna use that money you gave him to either barely scrounge by in his shithole country or he’s gonna use it to help get himself out of there and into the US. Same way we all just wanna get out of our god awful current predicaments, you just got him one step closer to his goal and you’ve set yourself back one. Funny how money works right? It’s like everyone is in a constant fight for the limited amount that is in the world currently, anyways I hope you learned a valuable lesson from all of this.

Nah he was definitely from the US. I'm just an idiot who trusts people too much, but yeah it's fine, just wanted to rant a bit. I did learn a valuable lesson though atleast which is great.

What did you try and buy with $2k of crypto lol

Shoulda wrote a smart contract
My diagnosis:
Wagecuck your gains back and say 7 hail sergeys

Exactly these instructions user.

Someone, post it

OP you're beating the bush way too much with your beg thread, post your address already so this shitty thread can get deleted

Nah it's not a beg thread, chill mate.

this guy probably scammed op

people who say shit like that are almost always terrible people projecting their maliciousness onto others, same way convicts overwhelmingly reply they're more moral than average in polls