Getting sick of holding this useless shit

Getting sick of holding this useless shit

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So then sell it faggot, no one is making you lose money but you. Tons of shit is mooning but you hold bags because you do not want to lose.


I just went all-in

NANO crashed hard as fuck and has only tasted what can come after such a fall, and at a bear market at that. Our turn is around the corner.

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>Getting sick of holding the only feeless, instant crypto that actually works

Great work not buying at .10 cents 3 months ago. You could have been a millionaire, even at crash levels.

I love seeing these posts, means it's about to moon

actually it doesn't mean jack shit

Between NANO, Verge and Tron are the most delusional crypto communities. They deserve to lose money.

Verge and Tron, agreed. NANO? Nah.

Verge, Tron, and PAC all fall under the autism spectrum

i have only profits when i deal with xvg and trx. This coins gives insane trade opportunity.
hodl is a meme
cup graph
thats all i want to say

bought that shitcoin at 10 cents and got bitgrailed hard.
managed to get out a lot of profits before the lockdown but still feel the pain

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NANO going to be the next LTC
NANO > $100 EOY

Stop posting these shitty fucking wojacks, they're fucking ugly.

I've made pretty nice gain in the last 3 days. Buy low, sell high.

How the fuck do you incentivise the network and stop spam without fees you spacker


>NANO crashed hard as fuck
Umm no, I'm still up around 400-500% from mid december. It did way better than most other coins. You're simply comparing its current price to the absolutely insane spike it made before.

Thanks just bought 100k.

I am completely sold on the tech, but I've lost so much money on this it's ridiculous. I will have alerts if it goes up over $10 or so again, but sold everything but 300 nano yesterday.

Who the hell buys a currency only coin in 2018? We're on the verge of third gen blockchain, and you're still buying bitcoin wannabe coins, when Cardano and EOS is about to change the game the same way Eth did.

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can you post more nujaks? I need to expand my collection, thanks :DDDD