Frugal Thread

Post tips for reducing spending and maximizing savings

I'll start - sleep in a cold weather rated tent during the winter to save on heating costs

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Drink your own piss instead of water

Why bother with the house

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Because running water;plumbing

This is what a cab-over camper's bathroom looks like since you're a princess.

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A cab-over camper and a tent are two entirely different things you moron

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Wouldn't that waste a lot more in utilities having to wash them everyday?

user take it a step further, save urine in jugs by the toilet, when you flush, use saved urine to fill the upper deck of the toilet, never spend money on flushing ever again, the ultimate frugality

Urine perpetual motion machine.


>plumbing is for fags

you don't need a heater if you mine

equips semi

Steal from thrift stores. If you get caught, I don't think a cop will even write yp u a ticket over $2.99.

smoke cheap weed in a bong instead of eating (get like 1 meal per day + whatever the garbage cans from the local supermarket can offer you). start tindering, steal small amounts of cash from the girls you fuck or even just meet for a date. steal scrap metal from your buddies

Stealing is not saving, faggots.

Paying for things = less money in your pocket = not saving

Most houses have copper wire and pipes easily removed while neighbors are on vacation. Also, most catalytic converters have precious metals inside and are valuable. Stealing a battery operated sawzall would be a worthwhile investment in your business. Be sure to charge the batteries at a local library or better yet, use some of your not-yet-recycled wire to route a breaker from your neighbors panel into your house to save on electricity.

What's the point of "saving" if the Fed is just going to nullify all of it?

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What’s the hot weather equivalent of this?


What colour is your skin, perchance? Could you survive a week without 'purple drank'?

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Dress up like a girl. Go on Tinder. Let them take you out for a meal. BOOM free food at LEAST once a day.

Just piss into top tank.

you don't understand ballcocks

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I was actually larping as a Mexican or Guatemalan or whatever. Nigs aren't forward thinking enough to acquire useful things like tools unless they're heading straight to the pawn shop with them.

It's an honest mistake though.

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Hmmm comfy tent

Get rid of women, replace with dolls. Save a fortune, dodge bullets, get better sex too.

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Start with your grocery bill, as it's the easiest thing to budget. Coupons and buying in bulk go a long way. Use a calculator to be sure you're not getting a scam deal and you should be fine

Freezing ten kilos of ice during the day and then putting them in a plastic tub under your bed. Hot air will rise and pull cold air into your mattress.

These houses probably could have stayed standing for a hundred years easily by themselves. Why do they fall apart like this when they are near black people? Are black people human forms of entropy??

It's fud to keep neighborhoods from being gentrified and housing prices/taxes low. The violence is preplanned as well

>this entire thread
I thought this is supposed to be frugal living, not fucking poverty and crime.
Anyway real tips that everyone should follow:
>Do not get involved with womyn, and certainly don't have children
>Do not go out with your friends
>Do not drink or smoke
>Do not eat ready meals or eat out, cook your own food from cheap raw ingredients
>If you are really poor, go vegetarian. Meats are expensive
>Don't turn on the heating, just wear more layers when you go to sleep

They were empty for years, and it snows and gets hot there. Any house, if it stands empty for years, with no heating and cooling, falls apart. Some of those houses have been empty for decades.

After the housing crash in the US, a lot of new houses had to be gutted, because they stood empty because they were lost in foreclosure, and once mold starts, it rots drywall fast.

Plus, it would cost more to pull those houses down and pay to have the rubble removed, than it costs to buy them. Cities have removed entire blocks of them, but it's so expensive, a lot of them are just left to rot. Anything left is worthless, the "locals' have already stripped them years ago.

It's the same anywhere else, there are abandoned houses all over the world. Go look at the houses abandoned in Chernobyl, and what they look like now.

Shut the fuck up, conspiracy boi. Most of the houses like that are in neighborhoods that are completely vacant. In some areas of Detroit, there are entire blocks like that, nobody lives there, and cleaning up the property is more than you can buy them for.

I'm really enjoying this thread. One way I save money is by buying jars of instant-espresso instead of coffees or even a tin of normal coffee.

They run me about $6 every two to three weeks.

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How to learn to cook?

There are a lot of recipes on the internet. you don't even need to learn, just do what it says.

The tent idea makes sense, but a more practical idea is a canopy bed with thick cloth canopies, like they used to use before heating systems were invented. Or just piles of blankets, you can get comforters and feather beds dirt cheap at goodwill stores. A couple of feather beds will work just as well as a tent.

Cutting spending is easy, and food is #1. Rice is dirt cheap, as are potatoes and other staples. Learn to cook, too. The easiest way to reduce spending is to stop eating crap, and eating out. Coffee is cheap if you buy beans in bulk, grind them, and use a french press.
The biggest thing you can do, and it's fun, is to get into DIY. Most money is wasted on convenience, paying someone else to do shit for you, or make shit for you. Invest in good, basic tools, and fix shit yourself, it's not hard. If you have the space, buy goodwill furniture or get shit people are throwing out broken, and fix it. I have a $300 vacuum, because some lazy ass fucker in my complex put it out in front of the dumpster, and all it needed was a new plug. It cost less than a dollar to fix, and about 5 minutes of time. I grab all kinds of shit from dumpsters, especially when people move out - picture frames, furniture, appliances, rugs, and a little work cleaning and fixing, and I can use it or sell it. Craigslist is free. Someone threw out a perfectly good drafting table, one of those $100 target types, and I got $50 for it on Craigslist, and the dude showed up and carried it out. There are TONS of DIY shit forums and videos, and the MAKE community can show you how to make cool shit, for cheap.
>Outlet stores. Last year's shit is cheap, if you know where to look.
>Your biggest resource is time. Either be on the clock, or doing something, instead of just staring at a TV or playing a video game. You can watch tv while stripping an old dresser and repainting it, to sell on Craigslist. You can take transcription work and sit and type while watching TV.

Youtube. If you really want to learn, get a copy of "Joy Of Cooking", it has basic directions for almost anything. You can get a PDF or ebook of it a lot of places. You can break out into more specialities like Mexican later, Joy Of Cooking will teach you all of the basics.

Wouldn't let my faggot roommate wash his shit cloth in the laundry machine. This why I'll never use a public laundromat

Learn to suck cock. Sucking cock is always in demand and men will pay top dollar for your blowjobs if you let them facefcuck you and cum down your throat. Also practice vomiting on the cock by sticking a carrot down your throat. Carrots are cheap or can be grown at home. Re use the vomit by microwaving it for dinner or a quick snack. Great thread op.

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What's your excuse for not being homeless?
>use car for sleeping and transportation
>gym membership for fitness, plus showering and shaving
>store perishable food for three or four days in cooler in the trunk, using store-bought ice bags
>laundry for cleaning clothes
>public library for free Internet, electricity for charging batteries, plus a place to study
>girls find it strangely attractive
Homecels on suicide watch.

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Shit in the shower and stomp it down the drain

Trash pick
Layer up in winter
Drink more water
Ciphon Gas from your neighbors cars
Steal from your local orphanage

Probably the three best.

Buying in bulk is wasteful and you lose money in the long run just buy what you will use

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Have a rich dad that pays for your rent and buys you whatever you want.

100% free shit that changes your life for the better:
Bodyweight exercises

Nearly free, requires one time investment:
running, buy shoes
Reading ebooks, buy the reader

You are literally homeless then?

Or skip the store and eat powdered food

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Getting gas is hard since most cars put in screens that block hoses. You'd be better off jacking up the car, taking the tires, and selling them for gas money

Best place is you can do this anywhere. I literally did this in California for 4 months. Laughed at all the fags paying their entire paychecks for rent everyday. I was sleeping a block away from the beach and working out at the closest gym.

Dumpster Dive University areas
I have made an extra 5K dumpster diving for the past few years, recently I spend all my profit on crypto so I do not take away from my engineering wages

Don't eat out

That's disgusting bro.

This, take the gypsypill

To all the NEETs: wealth is earned not saved.

It's really not. I actually like the taste better than brewed coffee. It's just dehydrated coffee, it's the same as eating freeze-dried food

Where do you park your car to sleep each night?


Wal-Mart allows gypsy parking lot living

Blasphemy. Spoken like someone who never drank Ethiopia Natural Yirgacheffe.

>take desired food item
>add some oil
>apply heat
>house burns down because of grease fire
>insurance company puts you up in a hotel and you'll get to go to restaurants
>repeat whenever you get hungry

Just kys at that point and save yourself the hassle

American houses are flimsy af.

>girls find it strangely attractive
What are you talking about? What do you sleep in?

Shit nigger

Underrated post

I came to Veeky Forums to talk lambo not sleeping in tents and drinking piss

Just do caffeine pills man.
I know for some it's the enjoyment of coffee but if you just need the caffeine buzz the pills are cheap.

Arrange to meet tinder chicks at their place. If you do it ar the right time there's a good chance they'll feed you dinner, or at least breakfast in the morning.

If she looks loaded put out your A-game and you might even get her to buy you random shit as gifts with daddy's money.

Shit that's not a bad idea. I've gotten away with using the heater a few times set to 40 degrees this winter only when it drops below 20 to prevent freezing pipes. Just bundle the fuck up when you're in the house. I kek heartily when I hear people talking about how they overheat easily so they keep the house at 60. So much wasted money. I averaged $60 gas and electric this year.

>the pipes don't freeze

*this winter. Summer and spring and fall are all substantially less

>>Do not get involved with womyn, and certainly don't have children

Ok schlomo

When I lived in my car, I would go to residential construction sites. Usually had a portapotty and the construction workers would wake me up in the morning