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lol, even though vid is only 1:30 long, I couldn't bear to watch it all. I had to purposely skip through parts of it so as not to feel the pain and awkwardness

im glad i got out

Not that bad desu

Aren't coloured coins just an ERC20 clone?

Why the fuck would you want that

crack team of autists

the only worthwhile presentation was by Emin Gün Sirer. can we please make him the benevolent dictator of bitcoin cash? he was super fucking rational about everything even the need for layer 2

the problem is programmers not seeing the forest from the trees is going to lead us to endless forks and sophistry about shit that is relatively trivial to what bitcoin is. If adoption can't be obtained on the offer of the most superior form of currency ever created that makes central banks financial repression infeasible, stuttering presentations on OP codes do nothing

THey dont even care to pump this shit

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I've never bought this ayy lmao niggercoin but it's always on Coinbase for some reason with a couple of other useless Bitcoin clones.

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bcash is dead

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yuup what did you smoke?

you probably should go out for a while and think about your meme lines twice, how useless they are

As I already said in the comments, so you took all the content out and left all the filler in, in an attempt at mockery and so as not to face what they were actually saying. What a level of discourse! What a retort on fundamentals! Your crowd reminds me of primary school bullies. With this kind of leadership and followers, Bitcoin Core is fucked.

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When it comes to having self-dignity and not being a total asshole liar the btc crowd is, bch wins by a long margin.

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you can count on self-dignity with bcash scam

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>when pajeets accept payment to fud the one invention that could grow their economy enough that everyone could afford a toilet

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pump your sheet pajeet, you can do this

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Stop imposing your western toilet culture on us.

they are marked bitcoin's not erc20 code... cmon keep up user

weak fud

Oh you silly goose BCASH is ANTI-FRAGILE

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Your lines literally draw a pyramid.



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This pic always confuses the bots/pajeets who post BCH FUD spam

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Why is a black man so concerned about colored coins?

remember- always do the opposite of what Veeky Forums does.
this thread is a bcash buy signal

thats not how it works...
such threads also existed early January - BCASH is now down -70%

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>Members constantly FUD, lie, insult, use conspiracy theories and be the laughing stock of entire crypto community.
>Bitcoin community had it enough and fights back
>'It must Be a paid blockstream shill!'
You reap what you sow, cashcucks.

>nigger moderates your conference
Tells you everything you need to know

have some, cheers

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I'm fucking dying
>muh coloured coins
>muh extension blocks

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stop posting that picture, Roger is really great guy and he is a true libertarian, what did you ever do with your life?

fuck them, they don't know shit, I met Roger once, dude is a total Chad

Hahaha the desperation is too much, Segwit has already lost

Like EVERY fuckin time. /biz FUDs something before it explodes.

>mfw the war is already won

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This is pretty funny, two days already worth of presentations and the best you can come up with is 1 minute and 30 seconds worth of strung together random out of context punctuating words and various bits and pieces to make your point, no arguments, no actual content, just "lol look at these people in my montage where I go out of my way to make them look bad and can't really come up with much".
Meanwhile, if one were to take the same approach to a fucking blockstream presentation or something from that fucking autist Maxwell or god fucking forbid Luke-jr, you'd have both enough arguments as well as enough self congratulatory autistic cringe to spawn a blackhole which would then be summarily negated by the abject void of self awareness implicit in the scenario.
I can't believe how sad and desperate coretards are getting.

Full boat checked

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We are coming and we are coming in waves!

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you realize there id's on biz right?,the state of cashcucks

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I actually posted this ironically as a cash supporter. They're fucking pathetic.


terabyte blocks
millions of tx/sec
global on-chain scaling at 10x visa scale
turing-complete smart contracts
weak blocks
counterparty cash

fuck I'm not even scratching the surface. and did you see Roger's inspiring talk, holy shit. we're all gonna make it BCH bros

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Yep, another terabyte every 10 minutes? This bandwidth issue is going to be I mean like nothing, like literally nothing, that's the easiest problem to solve.

Because look a 1 KM fiber link can do 255 TBPS. Bandwidth problem = SOLVED. Scalability BTFO.

Apparently with this new DATASIGVERIFY they are going to have oracle support native on bitcoin cash. Stinky linkies destroyed?

>1tb every 10 minutes
that isn't even a remotely big deal today. A decade ago i was at 1mpbs now I'm at 100 in a shithole in the middle of nowhere. Another decade with even faster speeds + sharding? Absolutely nothing.

Agreed. 1 TB blocks is literally nothing. Because moore's law right? By 2020 we'll probably have like 500 gallizon TBPS internet for free. That's why scalability is never an issue for any distributed computing system. Because computer speed just increases parabolically forever and its never a problem, like literally.

how does bcash support smart contracts

Doesn't even need to be remotely parabolic to keep up at this rate. Glad your entire philosophy is based around a red herring created by a bunch of kikes.

op codes being added back to Bitcoin (BCH) that were removed by core neckbeards

ethereum was never supposed to be its own blockchain, it was going to be built on top of Bitcoin via opcodes but blockstream told vitalk to go fuck off because they considered it spam

Yes don't get me started on the JEWS right?

Yes because protocol layers on top of bitcoin like omni, counterparty, rootstock don't exist, they are myths made up by the jews to mind control core cucks.

>altcoin literally created with the premise to allow pajeets that can't afford 30cent transactions to transact in exchange of centralizing the network
>pajeets are FUDding it

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>terabyte blocks
centralized shitcoin
>turing-complete smart contracts
exploitfest clusterfuck. also proves once again craig s wright isn't satoshi since satoshi designed bitcoin non turing complete in purpose

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speaking of counterparty... lol


blockstream was around back in 2009 and 2010 telling satoshi what to do? sorry, newfag here

So both BTC and BCH support smart contracts secondary layers. Its almost as if BCH is a fork of BTC and they are pretty much the same, except for one variable changed and marketed as a new feature for cucks to buy into...


These threads always make me chuckle. Corecucks saltiness is just hilarious. Even funnier when you get a bunch of the retards together. I guess I should feel bad about laughing at the mentally handicapped, but for whatever reason I don't in this case.

if you want to make of fun of niggers well lightning lead developers are a women and black guy so good luck with that

Do you understand anything?

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One feature that makes you flip your shit and cry like a bitch nonstop for 8 months straight.

Ikr? Core cucks are mentally handicapped.

We all know thisis the truth.

Fucking Bilderbergs got core cucks brainwashed

>Muh 1TB blocks
>Muh Fake Satoshi
>Muh Ex-felon convention

Nobody thinks your brainwashed we all just think you're completely retarded because you have 0 arguments.

bch is filled with dignified conmen
btc has an army of conniving rats
either way you lose

tell us more, sifu. please.

>bring up jews and bilderberg conspiracies
>expect rational arguments in response

Accept the real, fungible cryptocurrency that is scalable and ASIC-resistant.

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Have to agree with you.
This video is reddit tier slander
Not even slightly funny. Still wouldn't touch bch with a 10 foot pole

So you think that didn't happen? We're done here, these arguments are a waste of time.

Best be trolling, you haven't heard of new cryptonight ASICs?

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>i identify as bitcoin!!!

Also it doesn't scale with it's current solutions

Didn't they change the pow almost immediately after that shit came out?

The network upgrade this month will render the Antminer X3 useless. Also, Monero has a dynamic blocksize meaning the more users use the network, the cheaper fees become.

>"most ETH bagholders will not swallow until they can't deny anymore which will be pretty soon"
>eth did a 140x since this post was made
>still at 50x today
man could you imagine being that guy
you're user and nobody else knows it's you, but each time you go to a btc vs eth topic you see that cap and witness your past stupidity displayed for the world to see

hey dumbfuck, how did blockstream cripple btc with high fees? high transactions led to miners prioritize transactions that paid higher fees. moreover, these huge companies invest tons of money all over the place, there is no overarching jew bitcoin conspiracy. you are a complete mong.

>how did blockstream cripple btc with high fees?
by not scaling the blocksize
>high transactions led to miners prioritize transactions that paid higher fees
Yep which led to a clogged mempool filled with unconfirmed transactions
>these huge companies invest tons of money all over the place, there is no overarching jew bitcoin conspiracy.
Sounds like your contradicting yourself in the same sentence
>you are a complete mong.
nobody with less than 130 iq is allowed to talk to me anymore

Thanks guys, didn't know that. What is the new algorithm?
Any guarantee that would be more ASIC resistant?
Kinda seems weird having to fork everytime.

the Bcore strategy is wrong and the BTC early adopters have the foresight to see it AND have the kahunas, coin, greed, and knowledge to counteract it.

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hahaha i'm screencapping this. are you wearing a fedora as you post this from your moms old sweaty leather armchair in your studio apartment you can barely afford?

>Blockstream is centralizing BTC by keeping block size 1mb
>Hey let's make the block 1TB instead so only the few could afford running full nodes.
Cashiers are cool

Monero has a network upgrade every 6 months since 2016, I believe. The CryptoNight algorithm will continue to be used, albeit slightly modified with each upgrade. Bitmain is unable to develop and ship out new ASICs to consumers in less than 6 months, making it unfeasible for them to develop CryptoNight ASICs.

You understand the blocksize limit and the blocksize are two separate things right? No you don't please don't reply to me you simple man.
Because I'm tired of talking with idiots who either have no argument or shit arguments? Go ahead, post it on reddit too.

BCH plans to have full nodes only on industrial computers, do you argue about that?

Mkay I still think that eventually something permanent should be developed, crypto isn't supposed to be like a normal company where you keep changing things

You have to make an argument for an everyday users need to run a full node. There currently aren't any that I've seen. They would be industrial now but by the time we would get to 1tb if we ever do the financial requirements will have lowered.

No option is free from issue...
However i'd sooner pick a hardware growing pain that can be eased with moore's law over time than the LN which would naturally encourage central hubs and rented side channels.

>Kinda seems weird having to fork everytime.

They only had to do it once. Now the message is out and bitmain and others are deterred from wasting more time/resources developing new ASICs.

Also just watched the video. RIP cashies, the gig is up it was nice while it lasted.

Where does the line get drawn? Is it just asic and bitmain? Is nvidia and AMD ok? If another company besides bitmain does something similar is that ok? Seems like they're trying the fight the inevitable.

Bitmain is ecstatic, this means that they can develop ASIC hardware in secret, attain a majority monopoly on a massively skewed playing field on the dime of the entire monetary base, and then the idiot central planners that manage the network will maintain their ability to keep executing this plan long beyond any other operator might come in and rain on their parade by competing with them. Mining "ASIC-resistant" marketed chains that are actually stupid enough to stick to their guns on the marketing lie as an ASIC manufacturer with the ability to design and deploy full runs on your own is now an industry where the network central planners will chestpound about how they're out to get you, whilst actually maintaining your monopoly edge on all other competitors who have to mine with suboptimal resources.
But the emotions of the "asic-resistant" crew are more important than facts or logic it seems, and so that's the equilibrium in which we operate.