Got lucky because you bought in crypto early

>got lucky because you bought in crypto early
>but fucked up because you didn't sell high
>now desperately praying for a second chance

It doesn't work like that Veeky Forums. There's a reason why 90% lose money trading.

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So true, haha. I am one such person, didn't sell, and I don't even know why. Most brains can not deal with it.

Btc will never be 6k again. Just buy back I in and accept your loss.

I thought there enough money in the market that it would remain relativley stable, certainly didn't expect it to got from 800b to 300b in a freaking month. and most of the alts I had were still low marketcaps

There is a common misconception about trading that you have a 50/50 chance of making money. Total horseshit of course.

But the actual worth of a BTC is now $2000 at the very most

Yep, majority of people lose big time, unless they cash out at the right moment. And doing that is very hard, psychologically, so normies like me usially don't manage it.

yea you fucking retard that’s why btc is worth 9000$

what compels faggots like you?

8900 ;)

>he still thinks BTC is "worth" anything

7164.01 faggot euros

So you should have no problem buying it for one cent

pretty sure if someone thinks something is worthless they're not going to buy it at all

cucks need someone beneath them to lament their own existence a little less...
in fact, 90% of all posters on here belong in that category.

Bitcoin is worth whatever people will pay for it. That’s how the value of anything is decided. There is no “intrinsic value” for anything.

Finally someone who gets it. Thank you.

Buying and not selling isn't "trading" though. People usually call that "investing"

Gold is also high only thanks to speculation. If BTC would play that role instead, gold could be reasonably priced and more useable for actual use.

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buying crypto in 2017 wasn't getting in "early", get real
nobody was expecting eth to hit $1k in 2017, "$300 eoy" was a meme used to make fun of moon kids 1 year ago
if it goes back to double digits and stay there for a couple years so be it. if you're not willing to hold your investment for years, you're just gambling

As i've said before
>he saw a meme coins that no one paid any attention to do 1000x
>pure luck of the draw early adopter bubble
>he now thinks he can buy the knock off version for $1 and do the same thing

not to mention , stacy, chad, and Grandpa is tried the same thing and got rekt

as well as the insane market manipulation and market control now

AND get this, there are thousands of coins out there and he is betting on a couple

You faggots just don't get it do you, thank god i am already awake to this probability

I bought eth at 13$ and neo at 1$, i know some things.

You faggots really dont think the total market cpa will pass 1 trillion this year?

chad and stacy sold bottoms last week, after buying ripple at 3$.

They will buy tops again this year, and fomo btc at 25k.

Stop being brainlets, you will get a second chance. take profit next time.

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I think this will happen as well, but how many normie hype cycles are left in the tank?

We don’t truly win until the boomers cash out their properties to buy our bags. Will hyperbitcoinisation ever happen? Will the last hype cycle result in multinational defection away from fiat? Will the USG go quietly into the night or lash out at what must be considered an existential threat?

Nice FUD. It's grossly undervalued