Be me

> 2u ywar old American white man, US Ivy league educated lawyer
> make 300k a year plus foreign pay adjustment of another 120k
> work for prestigious international law firm in Hong Kong
> do major deals that make international news headlines. Meet the C suite of top global companies
> have private car, meals, expensive hotels, business class flights paid everywhere I go
> smash the best Asian chicks in Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo weekly (literally so easy)
> smash models back in NYC ?(more work but we go to the best larties so can do with game)
> take vacations to best sports in world (in a villa in Italy now)
> have next gig lined up for PE shop

Basically running the world and shutting all over biz fags

Oh yea p.s. I forgot to say when I was recounting how good my life is that I made millions in crypto last year just spending my bonus money. Lol.

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the fact that you are attempting to brag on an anonymous tibetan fish fisting forum confirms what a pathetic loser you are.

That’s cool
You’d get more upvotes on reddit

Oh yea it does. Good work sort.

No Reddit is marginally middle class and sane. I really like to rub it in the faces of the angry failures here.

OP you unironically sounds like a loser

post proof or gtfo

In order to prove anything you're saying is true OP put a Sharpie pen in your asshole and snap a pic. Then we'll all believe you 100% :)

You’re probably fat, bald and have a tiny dick irl you were on here fudding blockchain the day before yesterday. Why don’t you get a life you sad cunt

Get the back to your doc review in the basement, shit tier associate, and stop larping on Veeky Forums.

wow man, im not as successful as you but i have done pretty well for myself with all this bitcoin news....

i bought in when it was going up and sold when it was going down....

i was driving down miami beach boulevard in my nice 2 seater convertible, with the top down of course. my boyfriend asked me whether i had made a big profit today. i said of course i did (i'm a big bitcoin Investor with a capital "i").

he smiled and touched my boner, and then jerked me off right there in the convertible with the top down. when i splooged my load, all i could think of was making a big huge profit.

Thats ALpha bro

> Lawyer

You're just a paper pusher for the real chads of the world. But good job with that hustle if you ain't larping

Sad thing is even if all i did was doc review everything else would still be true when you're at s firm like mine. World is funny like that.

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Mommy and daddy set you up with that education?

Nice larp

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>he said, even though most presidents and many CEOs have a legal background

Nope. Partial scholarship savings for some, loans for rest.

Yea well everybody works for somebody man. Only real Chad dicks are the shareholders.


Man I know OP, it sure is great to be living the good life

>11 year old cisgendered heternormative white male here
>Stanford educated pre-natally via ultrasonic nocturnal audio osmosis
>made 11 quadrillion dollaroos last year streaming myself jerking off my 32inch cock on
>perfectly shorted the top and longed the bottom of every 4h move on every major asset traded worldwide
>spent this past spring break banging international superstar model Barbara Palvin while "cheating" on her with Liz Turner and Cara Delevigne in Monaco on my 17000 foot yacht
>recently had Brad Pitt turn gay for me and try and initiate a tryst in Madagascar but had to turn him down because I don't role that way

how can plebs compete?

> make 300k a year plus foreign pay adjustment of another 120k
Laughing at you with my wielding 500k+
Sorry kiddo, you impress no one

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just having a laugh with ya mate

Reckon you'll stay in the lawyer racket or move on ? possibly investment banking or what not

>type and construct sentences like a 15 year old but still have a rad job

>have to shuffle between nogunz countries for work
>even in the US, stuck in the most cucked state
Why even live?
I am just above the poverty line and still freer than you.

You are

>le ebin life maxing Chad that you should be envious of
>so insecure that he needs to brag about his life online
pick one

>having to work
how does it feel knowing i made your entire lifes salary in the past 3 years?

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>2u ywar old
US Ivy league education lads

> Claims to be successful
> Needs to brag on Veeky Forums without proof

Nice LARP faggot

Not really insecure, just trying to bring some balance to the discussion of minimum wage slaves and associates degree from community college havers here

Did you miss the part where I made millions, plural, high plural, last year alone

What proof do you want? View on Lake Como from my boat?

OP is a law student imagining working at his dream firm.

I've been there OP, and I used to work at one of the top firms.

I hated every second of it. You will too of you're unlucky enough to get a job at one of those places. You ARE just a paper pusher. And the paper never stops. It keeps coming and coming and coming and coming and piling up more and more and more. And if you're ever in a position where the paper DOES stop, that's the worst thing of all. That means you need to be paranoid that you're not getting enough work, which is an automatic firing.

You either work yourself to death or scare yourself to death that you're not working yourself to death.

I am currently looking for any job that will pay me anything close to my last salary that isn't being a lawyer at a firm.

Mid level here bro actually.
Yes the job is the worst thing on earth. Just flexing for the poors .

Are traps gay?

Not if your the top and are girthier than she is

Prove it with money, pay for something outrageous like airing a loss live somewhere in the world etc

This is kind of a catch 22, OP, because if you're LARPing, it's pathetic, but if you're not LARPing, it's even more pathetic.

Sorry did you misread the part where I said I was a white lawyer not a black teenager rapper. No, I'm not going to do that.


It's an example you dunce you don't need to do that, just something like it, but you're obviously larping


Actually most fortune 500 ceos are stem with an additional mba obtained. Our current president isn t a lawyer and politicians being lawyers is a recent thing in American history.

But go ahead and cope lawfag I may need you to write me up some papers some day.

Plenty are a mix. Either way I'll put HLS and YLS alumnae up against HBS and WSB for prestige and power any day of rhe week.

Sure law is prob stronger than business but stem is better than both for going for ceo slot.

Listen, I know you think you're "rubbing something in", or providing a "contrast" or something, but the truth is we don't know you personally, and you're not special enough to turn heads. Everyone here already knows successful and rich people exist, and a random unknown one posting here really won't get anyone emotionally invested. The only emotion you managed to make me feel is the same frustration and tiredness I feel when dealing with ratchet niggresses and obnoxious bogans at work, because I am in fact a low level wagie who has to put up with grown children chimping out all day.

>proof on Veeky Forums

You ok bro?

Lawfag here with friends in biglaw firms and I can absolutely attest that OP is a larping faggot.

OP you should quit law school right about now. I promise it doesn't get better. There's a reason why the legal profession has Bar sponsored suicide hotlines.

>What proof do you want?
Lol it is extremely easy, just send even 50k worth of eth or btc from one of your addresses to another. But you are LARPing so you cant

> have friends in biglaw

Then you sould know everything I'm saying is absolutely true. I'm just not mentioning the soul crushing insanity driving terrible aspects of the job. Well maybe a lot of biglawyers aren't smashing the pussy I am but that's an individual variable.


too bad you fell for the biglaw meme
>be me
>solo tort attorney
>pulled in 750K in fees last year
>sleep until 10 every day
>typical work day consists of 30 minutes of emails and calls then taking hikes with my dogs, playing bball, playing vidya, recording music and practicing instruments, etc. i've also gotten into brewing beer lately, pretty fun stuff desu
>travel whenever the fuck i want, last year it was japan for 30 days in november, heading to nyc next week to chill with some old college buddies, excited to be going to some nba playoff games next month too
>incredibly low stress because i only take easy cases with clear-cut liability
>tall and handsome so i slay easily off looks alone but lawyer status takes it to next level
your life is absolute trash compared to mine user. i bet you never sleep and work 80hrs a week. i bet your (((trips))) are unironically stressful as fuck. i bet you're an alcoholic to cope. enjoy being someone's bitch for the next decade faggot

80 hours a week? Ha those are pussy hours. Glad you chose to be a stay at home dad. Our progrrssive society needs more new men like you. Men unconcerned about doing big dick international deals, unconcerned with prestige and importance of work. I mean hey, whiplash fender benders and slip and fall clients need a 105 iq tier 3 retard to hand hold right? Congrats on the paycheck though.

>doesn't provide a single piece of evidence proving his claims

Christ Veeky Forums really is full of retards getting baited by this guy

kek, i'm sure you're in it for the prestige of being a literally-who in a suit. you don't make international deals nigger, you take orders from the guys making deals. face it kid, you fell for the biglaw meme and now you're another man's (or even a woman's lmao) bitch and you have ZERO time to enjoy whatever money you make. you are working your ass off day and night just to one day get to where i've already been for years. plus you unironically get told what to do every day. what's manly about that? at least i choose wtf i want to do and can tell someone else to go fuck himself if i don't want to do his work or live in the city he wants me in.

now get the fuck off my board and get back to work faggot, gotta pump those saturday hours up

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>Work more hours for another man.

>Sell real estate.

>Make 50k working no more than 10 hours a week as a 25 year old male in the rural south.

>Have comfy cabin paid off.

You are no better than me, larper. Also, please enjoy the day that Xi Jingping cracks down hard and your pay gets nationalized ( for lack of a better term)

I make $140k working ~30 hr / week coding in the USA. Not rich but easy. Probably couldn't afford hookers, dunno how much they cost, but prefer to just masturbate anyway that actually have to put up with real women.

(Guy who went to law night school living in Nebraska desperately trying to justify the importance of his shitjob)

hotdamnit i wish i was half the cooldog you are ,
going to all the best larties and such

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We're only ironically angry and secretively successful.

i unironically got a 170 on the lsat and went to a top-25 school in my home state for free. cope harder.


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