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Come again in 12hours

went to sleep yesterday at 8.2k woke up at 8.8k

going to sleep today at 8.9k going to wake up at 10k

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Everytime you say "BTC WILL NEVER GO BELOW" you are cursing this market

This post did not age well

never fucking EVER going below 8700 EVER again.

Why is ETH dropping like a rock

>grant this man's wish

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NEVER EVER going below 8650 FUCKING EVER again. screencap this, biz. i'm fucking calling it right now. NEVER EVER.

$2500 by May 1st

BTC will never go below 8750 ever again.

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It's time. Pamp it.

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say it with me boys, we are NEVER, and i mean NEVER, it's literally fucking IMPOSSIBLE for us to go below 8750 EVER again.

When no one cares about your shitty thread and you have to same fag.

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>Stocks will rebound by 10-30% over the next 2 months
>From this point bitcoin has an upside of 40% and downside of up to 50%

enjoy your meme money senpai

never fucking EVER again. zero fucking chance. absolutely unimaginable scenario that we will EVER go below 8750. it's time, we finally moon. lambos when? lambos now. screencap this.

Current price....$8.775.995.

You should really have learned by now to never predict prices over the weekend, stupid. Asia generally shits the bed then.

But hey, you tried.

Oh, look. The exchange that is under investigation by the US government keeps pumping it and propping it up.

but we are NEVER, and i mean NEVER, going back down below 8750. no matter what happens, there's zero fucking chance of it going below 8750.

beetkern is gon up forivar, we gon be rich

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Yeah, the Bitfinex/Tether relationship is totally not a ponzi scheme. It's totally not going to turn out that Tether was buying even more shitcoin with the money retards were giving them.

thanks for confirming with dubs, i agree wholeheartedly.
it's time, we are going to be SO fucking rich because it's NEVER GOING BACK DOWN EVER AGAIN. HOLY SHIT, I'M RICH. I'M SO FUCKING RICH. LONG 50X WE MOON NOW.

Literally diamond solid support at 8700. Only dipped briefly below that to hunt stoplosses. That 300 million tether print the other day was indeed a signal for the next bullrun. Let's go boys...

Current price, $8,714.105.

It's working!

bought BCH at 822 EUR anticipating it would rise during/after the conference. was that retarded?

Screencaps thos

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yes, because 99,99% of the time BCH just behaves symmetrically to BTC. In the 0.001% case it is a random pump to incite fomo before it finally goes back to the pre-pump level a couple of days. Good to hold and have a +25% sell order or something.

Wait for those murican fuckers to wake up
Opening short right now. See you on 8k

>because 99,99% of the time BCH just behaves symmetrically to BTC
was kinda thinking they'd bring out some new tech to differentiate the coins a bit or something, or just some news that would spike it. i'll just wait it out then, no rush

Same here. I want to go all in on Bitcoin Cash based on its long-term roadmap and the people behind it, but I don't want to underestimate how retarded most people are. They won't abandon Bitcoin and its communist retard devs until they absolutely fail, possibly under load during another bull run. I'm going to wait ether for that or some major development breakthrough on BCH.

Told you fags. Now let's moon

never ever fucking EVER again. 100% price guarantee, never going below 8700 EVER again. i will literally buy ALL your bitcoins for 8700 each if it goes below that. HOWEVER. listen okay? HOWEVER, there's ZERO fucking chance of that happening, because IT'S NEVER, EVER, FUCKING EVER AGAIN, GOING BACK BELOW 8700.

lmao man , i lost hope 'muricans gonna wake up and panic sell

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5 minutes later......


It went below 8700 on coinbase already. You're an idiot.

aaaaaand WE'RE BACK. literally NEVER GOING BELOW. not this time, not anymore, not fucking EVER AGAIN.

It's pointless, these cucks can't recognize a chance at making money even if $100 bills were shoved right into their pockets.

What do you boys think, 10,000 first or 7,500?

bring us to 10k sminem

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when it hits 9.5 I am selling my 750 coins

10k, no matter how long it takes, because WE ARE NEVER, AND I MEAN NEVER, NEVER FUCKING EVER GOING BACK BELOW 8750, which, in turn, means that we ABSOLUTELY NOT going to 7500. screencap this.

Don't jinx it

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Kek. Prepare for the slow, painful bleed of the bull to 3k. In May. Screencap THIS.


we are ABSOLUTELY NOT*. fixed it.

i have literally NO WORRIES because i am sure. i am FUCKING sure. in this world, if you observe every single piece of data available and connect it to the blockchain via chainLINK, you will know. you will FUCKING know that it is LITERALLY AN IMPOSSIBILITY, THE SCIENCE IS THERE. THE GODS FORBID IT. I MYSELF DECLARE THAT WE ARE NEVER. FUCKING EVER. GOING BACK BELOW 8750.