REQ thread

Discuss, post memes and FUD.

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i have nothing to discuss, have no memes and zero FUD. This thing is just moon

Pretty comfy about this project. We've already discussed everything, so may as well post memes.

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Pic related

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If you don't hold req you aren't gonna make it.

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Hey I got dubs

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Do something.
All it does is bleed, good news, bad news it doesn't matter
Expecting another dump at mainnet next week

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Then why don't you sell you pessimistic piece of shit?

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I sold mine Yesterday And bought storm during the pump. Managed to profit. Feels good mayne

Considering buying today; think it'll dump back to 13 cents in the future?

After you buy.

little worried about REQ having to comply to KYS laws, can anyone clear this FUD for me?

>KYS laws

>KYS laws
You shouldn't break the laws, user.

EOY predictions... 2018-19 realistically

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>KYS laws

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Nice job user.



REQ bull gives you MOON you dehydrated looking janky ass wojak

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Should I put 6k into it? Already have some but mainnet and a partnership are coming up.

Of course, the partnership can be something shit but I think there will a pump before the end of Q1. Thoughts?