Have any of you guys been to uni in las vegas? are the women any good?

have any of you guys been to uni in las vegas? are the women any good?

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My wife went there and she's a total slut.
Take that as you will.

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The girls in Uni Vegas are absolute cock hungry harlots but it’s vegas what did you expect you moron.
I had this one girl literally passing herself around so she could get over her ex. You call her up and she would let you fuck her and then made you fuck off. Good times.

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They're pretty good. A lot of them moonlight as escorts and/or have sugar daddies.

why don't you guys live in las vegas then? only reason i don't because i live in shitstralia

I can confirm she is

>why don't you guys live in las vegas then?
What makes you think that I don't?

because most americans are too pussy to live in a party capital

If you stay out of STEM and are outgoing I am sure you will have a great time in vegas uni. There is nothing special about it though imo. It is not like a bunch of gamblers and hookers. It is just regular boring people. I would say uni in California is way more fun. Though I sometimes wish I was super rich and could throw college parties at a hotel or something. It is a cheap place to live and most people are probably sons and daughters of people in hospitality and other boring mediocre paying work.

where is a cheap place to live?

Dude you don't want that. Vegas seems cool but after three days it's too much. It's like senses overload and you feel dirty.


would love to live in vegas user. if things work out in my jerb, maybe it could happen.

No no I get it. I've traveled a lot and I've seen how Australians are, but Vegas will take its toll on you. I like to part as much as the next guy, but after awhile it's just not nice to walk down the street and see douchebags yelling and girls chumming on every corner by like 7pm. Everyone looks sticky and sad.

Anything more than 2/3 days in Vegas and your brain starts pouring out your ear. Cool town, don't get me wrong, but small doses.

Agree 100%. I think foreigners don't get it. It's not about your ability to party hard, it's about not living in a loud cesspool. It's like the bar is pretty fun, but it might suck to live there.

>because most americans are too pussy to live in a party capital
Nobody lives on the strip. Outside of that it's mostly a normal town. The strip is for tourists and entertaining your guests when they come to town. There is no reason to go there in your day to day life unless you work there.

Anyone who lives in Vegas, lives outside of town, and never goes near the strip unless they work there, or they're a degenerate gambler blowing their paycheck. The suburbs are actually nice, quiet, and relatively cheap. There's a LOT of young single people who live and work in Vegas, so if you're looking for women, it's not bad. Off the the strip, you'll run into mostly people from other states, who go there for work for a couple of years. On the strip, it's tourists from all over the world - and if you have any skills, it's not hard to pick up 35-40 year olds in town for a "woo hoo girl's weekend, tee hee don't tell" thing. Or women from the EU or elsewhere in town to gamble, shop, and get plowed.

So, yeah. There's a lot of pros to living there, and a lot of cons. You see a lot of shit there, like suicidal assholes who blew their entire savings, lots of druggies, drug dealers, eurotrash, people who want to pretend they're in Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas and blow their brains on booze and drugs, lots of thugs, asshole tourists, and just general fuckery. It's Sin City. It takes a toll on you after a while. If you stay away from the strip, concentrate on school, you'll probably do okay. NYC is far better as a student, in my opinion, but Las Vegas, you could do worse - and LA is a short drive away, so there's that.

The college itself, no clue if it's any good. If you just want to party, fuck the school part, just get a job in a casino, a cheap apartment in the suburbs, and have fun.

I've thought about it, I know a lot of people who live there. One of the big reasons I don't is I hate the fucking desert. Las Vegas is fucking miserable in the summer, it's hot as fuck there.

Stay away from Downtown East and basically anything just north of the strip. It's full of niggers and spics. I live in Summerlin and it's great, but maybe too expensive if you're looking for affordable rent. Maybe look in the Enterprise area.

You're preaching to the choir, son. Although I'll correct you on one thing, local degenerate gamblers know better than to gamble on the strip.

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Congratz on this user.

Born and raised in Vegas and attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.


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