$1000 EOY will NEVER happen

if there was any chance of this much money being involved, some serious pros would be on the case, creating something superior.
in fact they probably already are.
LINK will NEVER hit anything like $1000. $10 maybe.

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no shit sherlock. 2$ will never happen

muh mcap. muh microsoft. muh trust. muh centralized shit. muh two dev team. muh neets. muh illegal. muh oraclize. muh no refutation. muh argument muh muh muh muh muh durrr HURRR DURRR durrrrrrrrrr

10$ would be a x20, il ltake that.

This is ETH pasta, not FUD but directly the opposite. Buy now or kys in 12 months.

praise kek

Haha yes! Another ChainLink thread about the exact same speculative bullshit as before! Haha awesome!


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I know this is the ETH post, but honestly $100 EOY would be absolutely insane.

nice photoshopped image, chainlink shill

warosu org/biz/thread/S1101020
That fuckin thread lmao

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$1000 EOY was already fringe when it was memed
$100 EOY is a big stretch
$1000 some day maybe. not EOY

The Ethereum project is possibly a paradigm shift, with a team of known and respected experts in the field developing it.

The only shame is that the early people who caught onto it were the wrong crowd, ADHD autistic faggot kids who think everything is a pump n dump game, luckily you're not making much of an impact at all, even in these early days.

ETH is a long hold, you pump and dumpers can do whatever you want, I bought up a nice amount at a low price and now I'm just letting it do its thing. If you're looking at ETH/XBT/USD charts every 30 minutes you're a retard, the only thing you should be doing is READING about it whenever news comes out, following the developers. You kids are fucking cancer and I hope your parents don't give you allowances again.

Remember, Ether is just the currency of the ETHEREUM PLATFORM, this isn't just a fucking coin.


IBM and Microsoft are already creating their own shit. Google sponsors Ripple. The biggest tech companies in the world are going to be leading the revolution, not some neckbeard libertarian utopia. That's what happens when you make something open source. You allow anyone to just take the tech and so with it whatever they want. It doesn't matter what type of talent you think the Ethereum developers have.


Blows my mind that that was only 2 years ago.

Fake FUD aside, that thread reads as a typical chainlink thread. People saying how revolutionary and important the project is, some autists fudding how it's useless and this other coin is better, people saying how ETH will never reach $XXX value, pictures making fun of underweight Vitalik.

In the beginning I also doubted Sergey. But after analyzing the details... I realized that he was the cryptomessiah

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oh no he's making deals with the jews

It won't even hit $1 ever again without whale pump

All this shilling and retarded LINK shitposting should be bannable

oy vey

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Jesus I bet some of those faggots committed seppuku