Who here /does coke/? It keeps me alert an awake all night long so I can trade. Not only does it it give you energy...

Who here /does coke/? It keeps me alert an awake all night long so I can trade. Not only does it it give you energy, but it gives you euphoria too. Coke is the patrician drug for Veeky Forums related activities

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Coke in US is trash. Probably 2 percent coke max and rest is filler and additives that mimic coke taste and effects. You didn't know that? Retard.

Not you obviously.Not sure how doing coke every night is profitable when it costs you 70 bux a night.

I drink and sniff all night because every time I look at the numbers I sober up quickly

yep, since i always have bitcoin now i just buy off darknet
just bought 5gs to stock up
dont have an addictive personality luckily and the fact itll fuck up my nose distances me away from it

>not buying your coke on the darkweb from someone who has hundreds of reviews and is known for supplying 90 percent plus pure coke

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anyones who been to south america
is the coke really that good?
darknet is obviously not south american pure coke

i only do pepe and eth

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Couldn't be fucked with coke anymore. How can something so boring be so illegal?

Coke by itself if awful, but coke with alcohol is GOAT

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Some friends went on vacation to South America where they rented a villa to party and fuck hookers it was supposed to be a week they lasted 4 days. Apparently the coke near the source is on another level compared to New York.

Marijuana is the only true patrician drug

I haven't smoked weed in like 4 years. I used to be a huge stoner but randomly one day I got super paranoid and and had a panic attack. I literally thought that I was going to be admitted to the psyche ward. I haven't smoked since.


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weed is the poor mans drug around here
only for dirty poor housos

thats hectic
thank fuck for crypto will be doing south america for sure

>he needs drugs to trade
Jesus fuck, just program a bot you fucking retard

how can you afford to buy coke and whats your occupation

This. It’s God’s gift to man.

Coke is literally Stan’s drug and it destroys your heart muscles so if you do it a lot you will die at age 50 with congestive heart failure.

I have been clean from coke for probably 5 months now.

i want to do a fucking line so bad. That fucking coke looks so good. That drip is probably amazing too.

Fuck. whatever.

tradesman in aus, tradesman make an extreme amount of money here because they just rip everyone off
but quit and have 6 figures in crypto so just have to swing trade for a day and thats a couple 8balls sorted

Euphoria and energy are not the same as concentration you fucking degenerate

Dude, just have willpower and don't let yourself get hooked. I do it once a week, and no more than that. Coke is great because there are no physiological withdrawals at all, only psychological. Yeah you may want more, but you can't die from withdrawal like opiates and other drugs. Just get some willpower and only do coke recreationally

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Coke is fun a few times a year. Using it all the time is dumb as hell and will literally ruin your life.

Hahaha yeah im in aus too and i always had a feeling about that lol

I was doing coke solidly maybe once-twice a week for 3 months.

I never had withdrawals ever once i stopped. I rarely ever think about it. But I would be lying if i said that seeing a picture of coke doesn't makes my nose numb again.

ah fellow ausfag!

Meh, dno how you could do coke and trade, shit would kill me. Plus coke is boring af. I've tried it with lots of drugs. Other than the initial taste, its a bit shit.

Loll ma nigga

Actually it’s adderal

do you know how hard that shit is to get in australia? doesnt exist here and on darknet its 20 a pill from overseas
always wanted to try it

It was extremely underwhelming the couple time I tried even when trying a lot, its a bit like coffee but insanly expensive. It must have been shit. Now good darknet amphetamine and meth is where its at, unfortunatly the way it makes me craves for fapping is too bad, I don't want to be wasting that much time doing this.

I'll take speed over coke

Coke only lasts 15 mins how can you stay up all night?

>take coke
>post on Veeky Forums
This is the most pathetic thing I've ever heard.

ayo dude

i do. fishscale always straight from peru

more coke unfortunately lol
although quality stuff lasts 45 mins for me