Like clockwork. LMAO at HODL tards

Like clockwork. LMAO at HODL tards.

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I honestly don't understand how someone can look at the 1D graph and think "mmm yeah this will go straight back up any second now!"

I am ruined


literally can't break 8750. pathetic dump

It was a double top all along.

Veeky Forums BTFO lmoa. back to 6k XD

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some whale said Bitcoin isnt going past 13,000 when futures started. Wallstreet basically took over bitcoin and all they're doing now is trying to take it away from as many people as they can.

2 penta second candles

it's going lower

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Atleast I don't spend my limited one to drawing lines and stressing.
You can always earn lost money back, nobody can give you your time back.

Time to buy

hey hey heeeey

This is fucking pissing me off.
Just drop to 6k$ already... STOP GOING SIDEWAYS.

Just in time for burgers to wake up and fomo in

Fucking tiny dick guy who makes these threads made me drop my coffee

Shit pisses me off

It won't happen. Buy now or get rekt by 50k

No one here cares about my coffee? This is more serious then typical market fluctuations.

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Because we are close to testing and maybe breaking the downwards trendline starting at 19k you brainlet

Everyone saw this shit coming.

Who gives a fuck though. Seriously my Coffee......

90%% of you guys have no idea of stand support and resistance how the hell do you trade?

i am a hodl tard because i dont have time to watch the markets and act constantly. I have to hold for long term

bitcoin will never EVER be below 8750 ever EVER again

bitcoin will be 10k end of week

bitcoin will be 50k end of year

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Yeah, c'mon drop further.

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>what losers say to themselves in order to make thenselves feel better