Is it happening. Is chainlink already being debunked ?

Goddamnit Veeky Forums , i just got back in. Figured i'd have 1 more dump-cycle in on this, getting me to a round number of profits.

Press your memes and pastas harder, we can still do this !

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Also share all of your copy-paste Link related so we can keep hyping shit up!

Salesforce just bought, for $6.5 billion, Mulesoft Inc., a company that's about making APIs externally available:
This is the most expensive acquisition Salesforce has ever made. That's because they know how important APIs will be, and ChainLink is poised to connect this API economy to this emerging Smart Contract economy. Salesforce are connected to ChainLink via the dev Dimitri Roche, and Sergey tweeted the Salesforce CEO.

Yes, the API economy is huge and it's growing. How huge? Well, the research consulting company Ovum says that the size of the API economy is going to be 2.2 trillion dollars during 2018. There were ~15,000 public APIs available in 2016, growing by 40 new ones per day during 2015. In 2016, Netflix alone received 5 BILLION API requests PER DAY.
>An API request is equivalent to a "job" that an oracle would do.
>For comparison, Oraclize claims to do "thousands" of jobs per day. That shows just how much room for growth this API/Smart Contract economy has.

If ChainLink can capture just 3% of the $2.2 TRILLION global API economy, that gives it a market cap of $66,000,000,000 - 66 BILLION. Consider that Sergey said there are 19,000 people interested in running a node: that's over 100% of the available public APIs in 2016, so 3% of the market is very conservative. Consider that Starbucks holds 40% of the market share of US coffee shops. We’re not even considering what % of the smart contract economy ChainLink can capture, for which I can't find much on predictions for its value or its current value.

Price per coin multiplied by number of coins determines market cap, so marketcap divided by number of coins gives us coin price. So if LINK captures 3% of the API economy, that gives us a price of $900

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>Ok listen up, I know only smart anons who can see through the psy ops will be reading this.
You got in early, even though the banks didnt want you to. This is like investing in amazon in 2002, everyone else thinks the bubble has popped, but it's really just beginning.
I cant say too much but watch out for price movement in late April, it will look like a pump but will not return to the previous low.
Everything is signed now, they are waiting for the market to turn.
Expect big things in June.

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Goddamnit Veeky Forums don't you fucking flip a 180 on me now !

Help me get to my 50k by dumping on these braintard faggots !



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Unironicly buying link with my next paycheck.

Unironically dumping my bags on you the instant I get the chance. Thanks for your community service.

oh shit the brainlets just got told

But why? Doesnt link sound good?

Yeah you should.
Also make sure to spread the pastas around, save as many as you can. The more text and numbers, the more convincing it seems.

How much are you buying ?


+ Officer Ranks
- General of ChainLink: General Sergey Nazarov
- General: 5001+ LINK
- Lieutenant General: 2501-5000 LINK
- Major General: 1751-2500 LINK
- Brigadier General: 1251-1750 LINK
- Colonel: 751-1250 LINK
- Lieutenant Colonel: 501-750 LINK
- Major: 351-500 LINK
- Captain: 251-350 LINK
- First Lieutenant: 201-250 LINK
- Second Lieutenant: 151-200 LINK

+ Non-Commissioned Officer Ranks
- Sergeant Major: 101-150 LINK
- Master Sergeant: 91-100 LINK
- Sergeant First Class: 76-90 LINK
- Staff Sergeant: 51-75 LINK
- Sergeant: 36-50 LINK
- Corporal: 16-35 LINK

>Welcome to the force bro !

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> We’re not even considering what % of the smart contract economy ChainLink can capture, for which I can't find much on predictions for its value or its current value.

Go to google trends and search for chanlink and compare it to other oracle competitors.

Metcalfes Law will help us all lads.

I’m almost impressed, the FUD was getting really unimaginative


The idea of finally getting rid of this useless shitcoin makes me feel pretty good. Link is fucking useless.

LINK $1000 EOY

I know you've always felt as if you were an outsider throughout your whole life, and now that you've enrolled into the vortex which is crypto, it has secluded you even more from social contact.

That is why Link is our coin bro.
We are going through ups and downs together, like a brotherhood you've never had.
It's a good feeling man, being in on this, having something together with someone else, A friendship, as to say.

Being apart of a greater good, sharing the same humor, helping each other out in giving validation that we will all make it.

But only of you're 100% in Link. Cause we'll be $1000 EOY. We give what every company in the blockchain sphere needs, you just need to put in $500 to be apart of this, and that will be 1 Mill in the far future !!

How awesome is that, just do it bro. Just do it.

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Yeah we had to lower it down a bit since people are spreading thin nowadays, it's more about luring em in with small amount > big name, whereafter we soften them up with long lines of speculative text into buying more.

As soon as people are in, it's easier to get them to up their stack.

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Like so

First step was payment coins like bitcoin, litecoin or even nano. Next step was setting up smart contracts for DaPPs. Ethereum, NEO etc.

>Smart contracts are limited to digitalized data. They have a limited application in real life and cannot substitute real contracts. You cannot digitalize reality.

Final step is finding a way to get external/real world data from the outside world onto the blockchain. This is where ChainLink comes into play and solves what is known as the 'Oracle Problem.'

ChainLink is not only a bridge for triggering smart contracts from other platforms but is also the first one which can securely insert offline data into smart contracts or grabbing them out from elsewhere. Every single visionary use case with ethereum you heard of needs data from outside of the crypto Ecosystem.

30k Link stack smart contracts are the future.

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Smart money = 0 LINK

Guys i'm so sick of this shitcoin doing absolutely nothing

Next pump i'm out

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>Reading comprehension

>He sold
Sminem, initiate the pump

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>Everything is signed now, they are waiting for the market to turn.
OK, that's bullshit though. The ChainLink team don't give a fuck about the "market". They're going after the multi-QUADRILLION derivatives space. The crypto market will follow ChainLink, not the other way round.

Holy shit. This thread has me all sorts of confuses. And im an OG LINK ICO hodler.

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Crap. Confused.

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