Low Mcap

Shill me on some sub 5ct hidden gems with a very low Mcap.

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Allin TAU or HST

Definitely Banyan (BBN)

Opus, but don't tell anyone. Q2 big news + 3-4 exchanges





Universa. DYOR.

At 16 cents a coin and total supply of 1 billion BBN not going to be low mcap whatever the circ supply is

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$VOISE - Small market cap, working product (decentralized Spotify) and good price entry.

Moon in 2018 when some big names drop their shit for sale on their platform.

Ignore anyone that doesn't say BBN. This is the best opportunity in crypto right now.

BBN, unronically.


Has ver and Shingo as advisors, working product in use by 24b hedge fund, confirmed that bigger exchanges are guaranteed, only 8 million mc somehow
Token burn will lower supply and raise price as it's used

Soon enough, ChainLINK

Devery (EVE).

>below $10M market cap
>partnership with JD.com, the 3rd largest online/offline retailer in the world
>an announcement about partnership, product development, new team members and advisors, (possibly) exchange listing will be made at the end of this month

Need more info? DYOR.

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Eve looks good too
They're partnered w axp as well


Total shit coin but normie bait af

Yeah, with aXpire and also NULS.

And with a great token supply (60M circulating, 100M total), I believe it's pretty easy for Devery to go more than x10 dollar wise, once it hits exchanges.

Current price 5 cent, it takes only a $60M market cap for EVE to hit $1 price.

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Ripple in a few months

Odyssey (OCN) ... shit is going to pull a Tron to $1. Watch it happen.


both of them but i preferr te food google it ... big names on twitter start to talk about it ...its still bellow ico price ... it was 0.05$ , now its like .02$
buy some bags and thank me later... easy 5x ... it has 8m mcp





Safex. Faster than Monero (uses ring signatures for privacy) with an anonymous marketplace built into the wallet. oh and you collect dividends from all the sales.

I fucking sold this shit a week ago, Fuck my life.

Buy back in, now. It's only "+50%" because of that BTC dip. It's literally ICO price right now.

GRAFT has an incredible structure. Payment terminals Q3 2018.

COLX - just got listed on Cryptopia and there is a whitepaper being released on Sunday. I suppose zerocoin protocol should be coming soon aswell.

But bbn

Adst. Check it. It's 15 ct now but low circulating supply

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Also, why the fuck would you sell this at ATL with so much news coming in the next week? Are you fucking daft?