Thoughts on this dude?

You can’t deny his positivity and enthusiasm.

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I watched a video of him in which he was saying that he sold all his Link a long time ago. But later on I found out he was an asshole. Just goes to show that it's never fully black or white. That said, he takes payment to shill ICOs and coins, he's not to be trusted.

He called one of the few people with over 100k BTC a poor retard, he just another low life scammer who doesn't know shit.

nobody should listen to this retard, he knows absolute nothing about cryptocurrencies or even something as basic as how a blockchain works
you can't take him seriously

I did well of his banyan network shilling. I’m very new to the game and I’ve read a lot of comments the same as yours though

some minecrafe pedophile trying to pivot into shitcoins when HES FUCKING POOR

why would you take advice from someone in a market that anyone early and smart would already be multimillionaires from, if they're so poor the have to take ICO bribes or promote shitskin shitcoins?

Here's the traditional quick rundown.

You can take the indian out of india but you can't take the pajeet out of the indian.

As I said. Heard him shill banyan network. Read up on it. Bought. Sold. Happy.

Has he given out really shitty picks in the past or something?

One of the creators of XMR called him out for being a douche on twitter, this guy calls him a poor no coiner. Think I'll pass.

P2shill obv, trash how new are you op?

He's a dick and he'll shill anything he's paid to. That doesn't mean some of the projects won't have merit, but don't go into it thinking that he's giving his honest opinion about anything. He doesn't give a fuck if you're making money or not, he already received X amount to encourage you to buy, and his job ends there.

positivity and enthusiasm? he's a fuckin shit cunt.

Cheers, user. That guys seems like a douche but his bid was oopening nonetheless

Wtf... too m

look at this picture you've posted, OP, and tell me, this is the face of a person you would trust your finances with...

yeah, didn't think so...

In his last video he said he will "review" TOMO soon. Guess he is still accumulating.

He has the most punchable face in the whole crypto world. I mean, just look at that stupid cringy 'smile' ugh.

hes a brainless faggot, fuck off op.

He's a scammer, paid shill and a cunt. I have no idea why anyone follows him.

Because of him I'm positively sure crypto have no future. There are only that many suckers and the money supply will dry out.

final boss of india