Even if you're a dumb fag who thinks banks will never use XRP

If you aren't buying it anyways as where in case they do and it becomes the most valuable crypto by far, well... then you're just a dumb fag.

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Useless token, not even banks will use it. They use the network. Token is worthless.

>daily reminder if you invest in ripple you invest in israel, and jew dominance

Jew ccoin

Xrp is the dystopian hedge

They want the tech not the token

pre 2018 fud retard

Look up what FUD means, retard.

Thanks just sold 100k

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Like OP said, you are severely retarded if you don't have a percentage of your portfolio in XRP to hedge against the possibility that the banks actually will use XRP and pump $Trillions into it.

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De nada

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For any of you that doubted this was a shill campaign, check here


Me no doubt. Other guy mentally retarded.

>not even banks will use it
literally one post above says they will use it, retard, money will be transferred using XRP cause liquidity, KYS

Please sir. Be aware of the levels of autism in here

13k riplet reporting innnn

ppl. are braindead

muh we are against banks and govs. meme fucking grow up and make some money

wow nice, you only need the price to be



Will be $100+ eoy easy so that’s no problem

How is XRP not even getting a small pump from this news? I went to check the price and its down 1.5% today, might stick in some money and ride a pump, I'll keep an eye on it

The news didn't really metabolize around the world yet. XRP is still heavily coupled with BTC.
It's being worked on adding more fiat pairs (Malta / Binance).

XRPs charts are great, every pump has been significant 10-14x
The next pump is looking to be due soon in the coming weeks/maybe 2months max.
News is coming out fast and the Santander app is big.
Xrp needs use case not speculative investors to pump

Only crypto I hold now, and the only I have 100% faith that it will return huge gains eoy... others are a hope in the wind desu

Dont exoect XRP to move quickly on news until it makes THE move. There's still a lot of manipulation and behind the scenes preparation going on. Just buy and hold and when it's time that all pieces come together; well, you'll see.

Banks have no reason to hold xrp

This is a game of patience, BTC is a purely speculative hold.

People a delusional if the think BTC will be part of the world in 5years time, maybe as a store of wealth perhaps but even that is just speculation again.

Xrp will be used by banks and and institutions. Will reward us was boundless riches if we hold that’s all.

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Dyor and then come back when you figure that is just pointless fud


That's the point the banks don't need to hold XRP or Trillions of USD locked in nostro/vostro = This is the greatest incentive for banks to use XRP.

guess its time to sell

Banks will not be using public market XRPs but the 60bln held on private ledgers y Ripple labs. These will not be accounted in the trading volume or the public market price. This is of course if any banks actually decide to pay a private company to use their overpiced technology and make them in charge of their financials (LOL) and in the in the end decide to use xRapid (LOL). So far, not a single bank is confirmed.

That would be a mistake to do now as we are quite literally in the bottom

1 fudding was deposited to your account pajeet


Yes, the truth is FUD with you Ripplers. What a pathetic community. XRP is scam and one day soon it will come to the light.

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That post actually confirms what I just said. There is half of XRPs for the public to shill and buy them, increasing the price and half to be unaccounted in the market for institutional transactions (given any institution will be partner with greedy jews from Ripple and pay them for what other projects like Stellar offer for free).

But as a purely investment standpoint its not the worst call since there is more retarded than smart people in the world. Ripple is doing great job in the PR sector and investing heavy in the commercials. Thats all they have tho but it seems that its enough to lure idiots with money. So it may grow in the end.. based on speculation, fake news and retard shill.

Boi u dont know shit, u dont even provide sources for your accusations. Gtfo saltfag

this is fucking bullshit for fucks sake, just DYOR before spreading FUD.

50B is locked in escrow, they can take some out each month, but if it's not needed they put it back to escrow.

Ripple Co want's the price to go up, they won't do anything to devalue the token.

Yes liquidity providers (not banks) can purchase from escrow at discount price because they are buying huge sums.

THATS IT, go fucking do your research PAJEETS.

>what other projects like Stellar offer for free
That explains why you hate XRP. You're trying to save the world while carrying 4 billion 3-rd worlders on your back. Many such cases. Sad.

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So what does any other coin have if that's all ripple has?

Don't feed the trolls.

XRP is a game changer and will take over only a matter of time. Only true XRP HODL’s will make it in the end. Patience is a virtue and if you don’t have that then you will never see what’s at the end. The other bullshit coins will be shaken out.

You can really not grasp the core issue that banks only lose by using crypto at all? Unless there's a "print more XRP" button in there, they'll have a really bad time. And if they do, you'll have a bad time.

Well, I won't stop you.

I think there is supposed to be 55bln in the Escrow to be released for the public market, no? Ripple does have 60bln (confirmed in the Garlinghouse interview) for the purpose of "further funding Ripple labs" LOL. What sources? Just use logic. If this is not how it works, explain to me please. Where do the institutional use (xRapid) XRPs come from? Telling me a bank will enter binnance and buy them from the public, then sell them back?? LOL. Get brain, seriously.

They already hold them, I thought that was public knowledge? Afaik all the XRP was held by the banks from the start, there's no mining in it.

retard, the transaction takes 3 seconds between banks to send money and costs nothing,
no Ripple can't print more XRPs.

Seriously ppl. you are so dumb you should KYS.

>XRP was held by the banks

>Get brain
3-rd world paid shill detected.

srsly start fucking here, you are not making any sense


just another faggot ass Pajeet shitcoin with technology and partnerships nobody cares about except shills that's only relevant when it's mooning

Eventually each bank chowing to use it will have internal conversion software/ programs connected to the XRP ledger basically acting as their own independent exchange. This is essentially what SBI VC is laying the groundwork for in Japan which is an exchange for financial institutions.
In the mean time, yes, non bank money remittance companies like Western Union may very well use exchanges if it is efficient for them to do so or use other market makers who go through exchanges. Not sure you understand how big and legitimate the exchanges are/ are going to be especially once circle builds up poloniex.

Circle bought Poloniex....
Goldman backs circle....
How are people soooooo shortsighted?
It all sums up.
Wagecuck detected

did you sir pajeet come here to spread the fud?

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Read this if you want to be spoofed


>retard, the transaction takes 3 seconds between banks to send money and costs nothing,
(0. They can already do that using their current centralized software and hardware. The reason they don't is because they make money with the delay. This is HOW BANKS WORK.)
1. They got no reason to use XRP for that.
2. They could use any other crypto for that. But there's no reason to, see point 0 or the fact that they live from PRINTING MONEY.

By who then? A sockpuppet foundation?

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are you brain dead? cross border payments takes fucking days, it's literally faster to take the money with you on the plane and fly it from UK to USA.

you clearly fucking don't understand what this coin is about, go watch the videos I posted

They use any crypto, show me one crypto that's faster then XRP, (nano you know who are they partnering with? no one)

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I hope you guys realize that SWIFT can (and will) destroy Ripple with a snap of a finger. They have the monopoly in this space, and they're not giving it away.

Altho in the meanwhile I'm sure you can milk the dumbfucks that buy Ripple for a while longer.

>are you brain dead? cross border payments takes fucking days, it's literally faster to take the money with you on the plane and fly it from UK to USA.
No, you are retarded. It takes days because they like to tell you a story of how it takes days so they can keep your money and invest it. It takes days because that's their business model. It can be done within 3 seconds using a shared database and a mutual agreement already.

Cant wait until I’m on my XRP yacht with little midget stripper bitches sucking my balls in the Caribbeans while all the linkies are trying to get 2 tooth hookers to suck on the their little pinky weenies.

haha good luck SWIFT is years late to the party

(Guy saying what Netscape will do to internet explorer in 1995.)

Sorry I just cant see a serious financial institution (such as bank) to be using a speculative digital asset from a public market for financial transactions. Pay Ripple labs (a private company) billions to use a technology that is offered for free (again, Stellar) and make the Ripple labs guys the richest people on the planet as bonus LOL. Not to mention the decentralized private database basically means only Ripple could oversee and manage the transactions, making them in charge of the financial sector (WTF). So far, the only use of XRP is a scpeculative asset traded on crypto currency exchanges even thos its not a real crypto currency but rather a fundraising token for a private commercial company. Do what you want guys. For me, Ripple is scam.

Oh one more thing. Banks profit from fees. Ripple labs offer reduced fees.. for money :D. There not a single confirmed bank and never will be. You guys have been memed by the jews.

Wooooo booooooii u dont know shiiiit.
Saltfag read this and take a lesson dumbfuckshit

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>Sorry I just cant see a serious financial institution (such as bank) to be using a speculative digital asset

OK expert, why has Ripple partnered with over 100 financial institutions which are actually testing in PILOT enviroments
xRapid (XRP).

Again you don't understand what this coins is about, only FUD and disinformation is presented here.

>Banks profit from fees.
It's funny how so many people don't understand it. I'm ok with millenials/genZ whatever you wanna call it not being able to use a drilling machine or exchanging a tire... but not understanding that people make a profit with fees? That's heavy.

>again, Stellar

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the central banks delay on purpose. It can easily be instantaneous by current means just they choose to justify the delay by high charges and to make it appear more mysterious than it really is

Suckurdick fag

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Could it be that's because they like to sell the worthless XRP to you? They'd never do that, right? .... right?

> So far, the only use of XRP is a scpeculative asset traded on crypto currency exchanges

Again, I see this a lot. But someone please show me another coin that does not fit this description and has anywhere near the partnership and use case development that has been publicly announced by XRP. I will buy that coin and pay you 10% of my profits if you can do that.

>disinformation is presented here.
No you are actually presented with information. I tell everyone, you can buy XRP for purely speculative purposes but be 100% aware that it's entirely worthless at all times.

So far the only argument I have heard from Ripple fans is: You dont understand/ You are an idiot / FUD. Ok guys, have fun.

muh noone will use XRP meme


Show me another coin that's this huge.

But 5 stages of grief, screenshot this retards, you will be sorry.

I give up, I don't have the energy to explain, DYOR or stay poor and KYS.

"dont have energy to explain Ripple" isnt it more like you dont have argument to explain Ripple? :D Or maybe its because there is nothing to be explained? Seriously..

>nano you know who are they partnering with? no one
Why would a currency need partnerships? Dude you're IQ 80, stop investing, you'll lose everything. Get a job.

"You dont understand" "Ripple to the moon" "Muh crypto for banks" "Get out, FUD. Pajeet" Fucking retards :) pls buy more XRP.

Why don't you answer my question here before you talk more:

haha you brainlets are amusing go buy some Link

i remember you (lol) fag
your fud is getting weaker
>make them in charge of their financials
ripple wont control what they do
>So far, not a single bank is confirmed.
you might want to check again

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itt not single serious questions regarding XRP

(scroll back)

all is presented is: I heard someone saying on Veeky Forums or discord XRP is jewcoin, worthless, noone will use it, centralized


The new no-rippler FUD strategy is just to spam lies..

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You have been presented the arguments. But true to human nature you're too stupid to understand that you're too stupid.

No FUD here. No Fear, no Uncertainity, no Doubt. It's clear that you're being scammed. I'm not so not afraid.

Why do you and people like you think they have any fucking idea what banks are going to do. You're worthless jobless poorfags on a Japanese boy pedo anime board. Just shut the fuck up.

XRP hodlers might just be the only group dumber than IOTA hodlers. IOTA has a promise that justabout adds up theoretically (never will practically)...

XRP is for people who don't have
- technical knowledge
- banking knowledge
- common sense

We will see guys, we will see :) My FUD is getting weaker because the counter-arguments are just so pathetic "bla bla retard pajeet you dont know shit etc" I dont even want to change your mind. You deserve to hold this jewshit scamcoin. Enjoy yourself. If you are confident with Ripple, why go so mad all the time?

I'm not even warning you, you're obviously retarded. I'm posting to warn others.

You think it would take years to replicate a DLT? LMAO. Oh, and you don't need a cryptocurrency to use DLT. You clearly don't have a fucking clue how the tech works.
The barriers to entry for XRP are colossal. Not the other way around

Pathetic cocksucker posting with two accounts.

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XRP has been fudded for years, while noone actually took the time and research what is it all about
I mean if you are here because you want to ride pumps short term that's fine, but remember this, this is
a little gem that's been hidden under the surface. You faggots could of make millions just by actually
taking the time and research XRP it went literary from 0 to 3.5 USD.

If you are thinking long term, right about now is good time to think about investing into something
that's actually being used for something in a real world. BTC would be HUGE if only it didn't take
60 minutes to order a coffee or it didn't needed giga watts of electricity to function, and now is even
more centralized than XRP, where 60% mining power owns China, when they decide it's time to shutdown, you
are all fucked.

what arguments retard? cite I will reply.

>0 arguments
>just "you have no idea what you're talking about"
Seems familiar. You also hold any IOTA coincidently?

Biggest coordinated pump and dump coin ever
You're retarded if you think ripple isn't a pnd