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Why are people so fucking retarded and delusional, that they think their alts will explode for 1000% in this market time?

BTC is consolidating and isn't having a bullish rally, most people left and there is no more buying power.

Until BTC will start to go on a huge bull rally and media shilling it, nothing will happen with your alts.

The fact that people are still making daily threads about chainlink, req and whatever the fuck and questioning why it is not mooning, just shows how smart this board is. All of you faggots are absolutely delusional and not even the biggest and best news will change price of your shitty speculative alt coin, unless BTC goes on a huge bull rally.

What is wrong with you retards?

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delete your life my man

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People are just hoping that the coin they happen to hold will pull a storm short term

Problem is people on biz are deluded
Link = 1000 eoy
Muh Oracle's
We will be lucky to see 3 dollars stable eoy with healthy market

>delete your life my man

Bitcoin's only benefit is its first mover advantage. Bitcoin is still using archaic technology and it is slow. It also has a public ledger.

Monero (XMR) is the only crypto which is private and anonymous BY DEFAULT.

It is the only crypto with an actual practical use.

The entire crypto market is filled with vapourwares/shitcoins/scamcoins and coins that are simply pipe dreams with empty promises.

It is no wonder that Monero (XMR) is being widely accepted in dark markets.

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I made enough in this market, I come to Veeky Forums for shit and giggles, while I wait for next bullish rally.

But the fact that I see delusional threads made every fucking day with hundreds of arguments why something will moon, while we are in consolidation phase is absolutely laughable.

You are all fucking retarded, play the market not your feelings.

Fundamentals mean zero shit in this market you fucking garbage.

BTC is king and will always be the king, while every other price will be attached to the behaviour of BTC. There will never be a flippening.

Forget Bitcoin bro, that shitcoin is lost to cryptokikes at Blockstream/AXA.

Look to Bitcoin Cash, it has without a doubt the strongest future of any coin. Andrew Stone gave a speech earlier today about Bitcoin Cash's future, extremely bullish stuff.

Pic related.

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eth rallied without btc though last year

ive heard this many times and i believe it to be true. to bad Monero's price like all the others is directly influnced by btc

>Fundamentals mean zero shit in this market you fucking garbage.
lol, this is most millenial comment ive ever seen.

fundamntals are the ONLY thing that matters long term. you idiots are all destined to be poor. fuck, i just wish i could help some of you.

>i play the market
>im here for shits and giggles, unlike everyone else that is here
>i cant differentiate banter and discussion from pajeet-tier shilling
>i take my life and my free-time activities seriously
nigger do you even hear yourself when you speak
consider self harm, seriously

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Nice copy paste.
XMR also has first mover advantage compared to other privacy coins.
There are other privacy coins that have private transactions by default AND if you claim that it's necessary to have all transactions private and with high fees, then you just believe what other XMR holders say while that argument is very arguable.
Also with ring signatures, you can't see the amounts sent so you can't audit how many coins are in circulation.
XMR is the BTC of privacy coins - it's ok, but not good enough to scale world wide.

It doesn't fucking matter and it won't matter for next couple of years.

Do you realize the amount of buying power, that would have to come into this market for something to dethrone BTC as the market mover and being DOW of the crypto?

It's all wishful thinking and no matter how better a currency is fundamentaly than BTC, it will take multiple years for market to change that, IF it would be even possible.

not a problem - looking forward to the moneroV airdrop in a couple weeks. everyone;s a winner with XMR

Most people on here arent professionals. They dont even jave basic sense.
They are just quick rich.
What dp you expect.
It would be nice to have board of people with sense. But considering kind of people come on Veeky Forums. It isnt just possible.

Is that supposed to be you on the picture? I have a life, I don't dwell on false hope like you retards and I play the market you NEET.

Get a fucking real job, instead of dwelling over trading crypto. It's not that hard to understand this market you know, when BTC is having rally, throw money into alts, when BTC is correcting, use a bit of TA and short BTC and wait for bottom.

It's not reall that hard, if you aren't completely stupid and emotionally invested into this market to see how it's playing out.

no new buying power at all. just a transfer of wealth from one crypto to another

Is it so hard to understand that when BTC goes sideways, investors get bored and start playing on with alt/BTC pairs?
It's only about BTC/USD when it actually does something.

ok i get it now
nice larp

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I'm sure you held your delusional speculative asset through BTC correction lost money on shitcoins instead of shorting BTC and making money. Congrats you fucking retard.

All that you are trading in this market is hope and dreams and when BTC corrects they are gone and crash every shitcoin in existance.

So fuck off you degenerate Linky Stinky.

Most altcoin threads are just bagholder support groups.

Alts are currently "rallying" because they've been dumping massively for months now, but it's a ticking time bomb. Once grandpa shots the bed again they'll lose the gains and then some.

When you have no fundamentals, you only get pump n dumps like verge.
BTC will coexist with the store of value function and may even keep the #1 position, but it is useless in all other use cases blockchain will offer.

An over 100IQ person (e.g. NOT YOU) would have already known this is just noise/shills and wouldn't start a thread about it.

No one believes LINK will be 1000 eoy, but $10+ is easily possible.

Brainlets didnt sell at 5x profit and fell for the hodl meme, most of Veeky Forums dont have what it takes to profit in a bear market thats why they pray day and night for the bull to return. Deluding themself thinking what happened to eth will surely happen with their shitcoins if they held long enough. The only >100 iq fags were the og shillers that took advantage of the bull market and fomoed brainlets here in to dump on them, 95% of whats left in Veeky Forums are bagholders from the past few months waiting for their second wind. Sad really.

I know, it's like people are coping with the fact they are losing money that they couldn't afford to lose and now hope for the best, but the best won't come until BTC goes on another bullish rally.

The only shitcoins that moon short term are the ones that are shilled by youtubers, but even they evetually go down again.

It's fucking retarded how easy this market is to understand, if you aren't emotionally invested in it.

>I don't have time/energy to trade altcoins, please stop making more money than me.

if anything, you should be trading BTC in this market you retard.

No, it's not, unless BTC goes on insane bullish rally and media exposure is incredible again, which is almost impossible.


I made this thread, because I feel sorry for the people that don't distiguish this noise and thousands of bagholders on Veeky Forums that are making threads daily and wondering why their altcoins aren't mooning, despite some 'great' and 'huge' news.

You are all fucking retarded, wait for the next bullish rally and do something with your life, rather than dwelling on this market that is incredibly easy to understand.

And why did i 3x with shitcoins since january?

Congrats, if you did it by daytrading. I have nothing against you, but I hope you understand that 99% of Veeky Forums is retards that don't know anything about trading and think TA is black magic.

Congratz on your gains.

In this hard times i have to flip the shittiest coins i find. You have to buy the ultra dips and sell instantly a little bit after. I know what you mean.. just some kiddys here yellin lambo lol

stop using this board for serious discussion... its only idiots now

kms yourself

Well yeah, everybody can be smart during a bull rally.

But look at these fucking retards now when there is a bear market and they don't know what to do and what is happening. It's absouletly hilarious and sad at the same time.

but BTC will NEVER EVER FUCKING EVER go below 8700 EVER again, so you are a nigger. HAHAHHAH STUPID FUCK


Here you go short-term and if you aren't too much of a brainlet, you should of figure out why the price stands right now here.

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They transfer their money in my bags

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In this bear market, the only altcoin that even has a shot at mooning is Link

Link mainnet launching will spawn a new wave of dapps using external data

I feel stupid and have a clinical tested IQ of 140
I cant even imagine how it feels like having sub 100
Whats wrong? Blissful ignorance?

But what about NEO?

>letting everyone know I’m a huge edgelord faggot the post
Whoa you really are brilliant, got that point across faster than a pajeet shits on the street.

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Ta boomer nigger faggot detected. What’s it like to be fat, balding and constipated all the time?

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>my man
>kys my man
doesn't add up man my

t. mad shitcoin bagholders

FUN is getting ready to moon

I'm screen capping this, my high iq fren

Nice bait indeed.

i think it's more desperation than stupidity. also it's fun to imagine you've won the lottery and what you'd do with the money, and we all do it even if we know the likelihood is extremely unlikely.

Bitterness and regret. I just dug up this email. Fucking hell. I was there at the time paying attention but all the verification stuff kept me from buying, even though I was already bagholding from the 2013 Bitcoin pump.

It's gonna take a long time before bagholders won't just sell as soon as prices get anywhere near the december/january highs. Remember crypto got as big in 2013 as it it did in 2017 but it took years for people to forget about it.

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people shill based on what they can afford to buy. someone with $100 to their name won't even consider a coin worth more than everything they have, so instead they think "I'll buy chainlink." the problem with this is poor people stay poor because they make bad decisions like this because they fail to take into account the risks and inaccurately assume all coins have an equal shot at success. long story short, biz is filled with poorfags.

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I’m a FUN holder but I’m skeptical

Now is when you accumulate

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the only class of ANY currency crypto or fiat that is worth it in the long run no just pump and dup or interim tech are APPRECIATING MONETARY UNITS. Thats it bottom line. Wau Coin is the ONLY ONE and NUMA is coming soon. everything else is gambling shit or government faillures

That nets me 900k, ill take it.

It will never happens, I agree, but a 200-300% is possible, is not even mad gains in crypto.

The alt-right seems to be gravitating to Monero.
Monero is Esperanto for coin
Esperanto was invented by a Jew
Esperanto was specifically denounced in Mein Kampf.

You're IQ may be over 100, but not by much.

Honestly, I cannot be bothered withdrawing £600 in crypto so I just let it sit there.