ICOs during the dip?

ICOs for the last 3 months have took a big hit is the bear market. What are your favorite?

GRAFT looks legit. Pay terminals Q3 allowing for multiple currencies to be accepted. A perfect solution for crypto to be used to buy a cup of coffee. Strong developers but shitty marketing. Low market cap since it came out during the big dip. Supernodes being setup with good ROI. I think I might go tier 1 supernode since I’ve mined 30k.

I don’t want to be pic related.

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Here is the best ico: Http://Goatse.cx

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unironically sharpay.online

Neonexchange or NEX has potential


I like NEO long term but stay away from exchange coins. They are as bad as VPN coins.

STK looks promising. Mooned today. I’ll look into it more.

NEO is a solid platform regardless of the FUD because unlike ethereum they approve their ICOs and green light ones that aren't scams ONG has a lot of potential in years to come it's just over valued ATM

Once NEO starts working out their ICO/dApp issues I won’t invest more. They need more decentralization which will come when the kinks are worked out by the chinks.


TE-FOOD ... google it ... big names on twitter talking about it ...its bellow ico price , buy now its easy 4-5x only 8m mcp ... its on idex , it will come soon on bigger exchange

mad because you didn't 100x on BNB ico?

I don’t FOMO into coins and certainly don’t get bothered by when I miss a 100x.

You do realize that marketing is basically everything in this hype driven shitcoin market where 100 ICOs are released every months.

>being a newfag

NEO is anything but solid. Instead of dismissing everything as FUD look into how centralized this shitcoin is and how bad the performance is. Look at the outages they've had lmao. And please, their ICOs have been an absolute joke. Most have completely tanked.

They have a real world use and a working product. Electroneum is 100% marketing and is shit. Just like Tron. GRAFT can get a grip on marketing at anytime.


Marketing costs money.

IF it crash , then its TRASH. we are at the point where all coins save a few are exposed as total fucking nonsense fuckup tech faggots with no economic sense at all. ONLY WAU COIN didnt crash, all other can burn in hell

ico ends today
connects charities
staking and nodes