Doing TA for free

Feeling alright, so I'm gonna be doing/training TA.


Any market you wish (Stock, Forex, Crypto,..), swing trades on daily timeframe only, NO ALTCOINS/SHITCOINS.

If you think TA is black magic and pathetic, please just ignore this thread and don't get mad by other peoples beliefs.

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The most important pattern in TA is pic related
If you see this, the market is about to crash

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fuck off

I don't believe in TA itself but I believe in learning all the patterns so that you can work the game theory involved with each

I buy every cup and handle and then sell as soon as I get a 3%

people see patterns that are relevant over a months-long period on a forex market, they just see the same shape on the hourly chart on some random manipulated shitcoin and think it's buy time

well it is indeed buy time, but only for that quick, sweet, green candle



I don't care what you believe or not.

Give me some names to do TA.




please senpai



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Please don't give me currencies that are completely based on BTC price.

No shitcoin, they are all based on BTC.

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see BTC pic related

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that's why I asked for LTC/BTC not LTC/USD

Fuck off TA nigger you’re a charlatan

My mistake, here you go

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I know, that's why I said no shitcoins.

Nobody is forcing you to believe in TA. Just leave the thread and laugh at how dumb I am.

Ok do link/btc

Not doing TA on shitcoins as mentioned.

How high can the market cap of a shitcoin be before irs not a shitcoin?

are those 2 MACDs?
why use two?
t. TA newfag

give me, a total newbie some tutorial, point by point. Im not sure if trading is a meme or not. lost some sking on the market already, stopped doing it because of that. Im scared. internet is full of bs and cryptoworld is x100 of that shit.

crypto trading, how should I start it? can I make a living out of that? every investment I did in crypto is failing hard. mining, zcl, btcp, icx, everything. dunno what to do.

buy link

This thread was unironically ignored by most of biz

Waiting for zrx to reach $10

I'm (OP) still here, if anyone wants TA on other markets


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Dxt/btc (bibox)

These are all shitcoins that are based on BTC price and market sentiment.

Almost every shitcoin is currently on bottom support and in same situation, after BTC corrected and the whole market also.

So again, no shitcoins.

Here's XRP, pretty much in same situation like every other shitcoin. It's on bottom support, if it falls below 50 cents it's pretty much down to 20c again.

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nano please, I asked nicely unlike these other fags

A2M on the ASX.

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Has potential, but pretty much same as every shitcoin. Currently on bottom, preparing for what BTC will do next.

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what coins are NOT dependent on BTC and market sentiment?


No shitcoins anymore, even XRP, NANO and NEO were too much. It's all the same, it's up to what BTC does next.

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TA for the US stock market please.

They are all dependant. Unless some youtuber shills and pumps some shitcoin up that dies 2 days later to its old price.

EVERY altcoin price movement is influenced by sudden BTC movement.

Cheers mate, time to short it.

No shitcoins.

I've done a lot on DOW in last few weeks and got correct calls every time. So here goes DOW, it's in same league as SPX and NASX, it's the big three that you have to keep an eye on.

DOW is going down hard, this is just daily short term.

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Interesting, a lot of TA fags seem to think it will bottom around May time.

>posts thread asking for charts to do
>denies every chart that is suggested

i don't get it, OP, did you want stock suggestions or something?

Is IOTA a shitcoin?

I don’t believe in chess strategies either.

I think this is the bottom.

Sorry, maybe I should say I'd do only TA on BTC, since every other shitcoin is correlated to it.


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You don't think the 24% fib retracement level is going to hold? I'm curious can you explain?


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Analysis Paralysis is the name of your game

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Hard to say anything after it mooned, possiblew another breakout. Wait and see if it bounces.

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Home Depot stock

short term

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How about nvidia, amd, and intel?
If you still feel up to it.

Since DOW is probablly gonna crash, everything is gonna crash with it.

Stocks: Im pretty sure things will be fine until later in the year just a panic selloff at the moment.


I think it's only a start of the correction. This last 2 months just indicated something is fundamentaly inflating stock market into unreasonable highs, but it will slowly crumble down hard again when the real panic sets in and more fundamentally broken things are diacovered that are inflating this.