So... is reddit getting more and more aware by the day?

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Oh yes, you limit yourself to the wonderful advice of Veeky Forums and only Veeky Forums.

Do your mom, dad and this board a favor and off yourself for having such a herd following trait

Just trolls trolling trolls in that thread. I honestly think it still requires too much effort for most people to understand (even though it doesn't really). I'm skeptical even real implementations will do anything for the price. It's just too abstract at this stage in the market.

Pretty easy to understand 1 trillion worthless tokens

its so complicated, people just dont understand it (even though it isnt complicated) i just cant tell you what it is because it requires so much effort (even though it doesnt)

Veeky Forums shills it as an inside joke. Decentralised oracles are worthless because data sources are still centralised. It's literally adding an extra complicated layer with no value. Veeky Forums is just obsessed with it because it perfectly exemplifies unnecessary complexity in "solving" problems that don't exist. In his end of year announcement the CEO said that node operators are going to be paid in cold hard cash, so it's not even clear what the token is for.

DYOR but there's a reason this project is not discussed seriously.

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nice shit coin you have there, even reddit knows its shit.

trying to solve the oracle problem, ie the connectivity of smart contracts to off-chain data, leads to the "understanding problem", ie trying to explain it to someone, which in itself is also some sort of connectivity problem.

we should introduce a THINK token after LINK, so people can get incentivized to learn about the oracle problem

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Down vote this plebtard Immedietly

oh yeah fuck my ID, blew my cover,
farewell guys.

sincerely yours,
jason parser.

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Actually what you need is trustless second layer computation for complext smart contracts (RLC) and smart contract auditing for security (QSP)

hahaha i downvoted the thread and just vomited some fud from here because fuck you.

t. 30k linklet

Nice assumption, faggot.

Downvoted, no reason shilling LINK to good people

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are people actually sceptical of chainlink

Cheked 88 Heil hitler

>Veeky Forums

the whole decentralising oracles to make decentralised smart contracts viable meme is negated by the fact APIs are still centralised

Data sources centralised
Api centralised
What else?

Delete this, we need morons to dump our bags on them

>Decentralised oracles are worthless because data sources are still centralised
You can multiple data sources and aggregate them you fucking degenerate

what about if you're insuring a single IOT device

then there is only a single data point

Reddit wont moon this token

Banksters will

>0 points
no, you just created that thread and then posted it here immediately with a dumb question
and this isnt the first time you did this, we can remember the previous thread, anonymous
the truth is that normans and redditards aren't aware of LINK and if they know it exists they think its a Veeky Forums scam

Idk, I'm not so sure about IOT application.

Wait what? There are a trillion of them?

biz memeing chainlink into success could be the equivalent of pol memeing trump into presidency. why do we do this to ourselves?

shitbox stink crashed HARD. that stank ass has NEGATIVE value for any recent buyers. ITS a FUCKING LOSER. No economic VALUE at ALLL

Upvote all the dumb shit let's really mind fuck everyone

Hey Guys

Just came in here from the reddit post. Getting the hang of things, Im new to Veeky Forums to bare with me!

So i assumed from what I had read that all of Veeky Forums loves chainlink but reading here it seems as though all of you are conflicted on it to.

I just browsed like 10 chainlink threads and am more confused now than when I started LOL.

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>node operators will be paid in cold hard cash

Which one of you cheeky fucks wrote this?

chainlink is not intended for IOT applications. Keep in mind 99% of the link holders don't seem to understand the project and routinely spout out uses that are in no way applicable to what chainlink is actuall for/best at.

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>Chainlink is just the delivery. You can easily pre select 3 data source apis you want to use which cryptographically sign the data completely without chainlink. Then any of the thousand miners can retrieve the data instead of creating a useless very complex network with an unnecessary token and high cost.

hahahaha fucking cryptographically sign the data

Awesome bait, I would be triggered again 5/5

holy fuck sirgay btfo, how will he ever recover