Should I buy this? Smart people only pls

Should I buy this? Smart people only pls

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>nano holders

Buying nano now is like buying BTC at 200$

Doesn't seem like it considering it's better than most coins that try to do general-purpose currency and are valued higher than nano

I'm asking everyone not just nano holders

You sound like a dumb nano holder. I said smart people only pls

I'd wait until this Bitcoin cross thing is resolved. If death cross, wait, if golden cross, then buy

imagine buying a coin for more than a few cents, that was distributed FOR FREE to LITERAL THIRD WORLD SLUM DWELLERS, as a REWARD FOR FILLING OUT CAPTCHAS

just imagine what it takes to drop real, actual fiat into something that was created out of thin air and given away to street shitting indians and favela dwelling child prostitutes

Yes 8900 resistance is holding strong, this is the bottom sir.

Currency coin in 2018. Retarded. Currency was the first stage of crypto.

You mean like bitcoin? It was initially distributed by mining on CPU at ridiculously low difficulties by the community, pirates, and botnets. Or monero who's almost exclusively mined by botnets and Bitmain despite being "asic resistant"? Or should I look into XRP or XLM where the vast majority of the coins are still held by the owners?

The method was fine. There was no premine. Most venezuelans cashed out already as soon as the value went up. People are just still mad they didn't get free nanos

u stupid shit.

buying nano now is like buying btc at 8,800$

salty bagholder detected

>nuh uh I bought it at (insert low price here)

Bitcoin wants to be a world's reserve currency, not general-purpose currency. Bcash is retarded, Ethereum is platform that doesn't scale and is led by a cretin, etc

General-purpose currency hasn't been solved yet

Actually I didn't buy any Nano, and I'm still unsure if I should

>Ethereum is platform that doesn't scale and is led by a cretin
enough son

It's all true

>several DAG coins exist, this has the most momentum
This is comparable to dash and everyone said dash was a scam

99% of blockchain solutions don't need to exist and boil down to a convoluted means of transacting money back and forth anyway

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Dumb post. That's the problem with Nano holders. They're all retarded and can't form a compelling argument to save their lives. Everything they say discredits their opinion so hard it's hard to buy into this

Sorry user, I'll give you a little hint. Cryptocurrencies won't survive. They are seen as assets by government.

A worldwide currency as a crypto is a fucking pipedream. Even BTC will be no more than a store of value and gate to altcoins (assets).

Get out this cancer asap as you can, unless you wanna be poor.

Even the network value is hilarious now, I mean who really uses this shit? NOBODY.

When in doubt about Nano, think think think why Garry Tan gave "thumbs up" and Charlie Lee bought into Nano. It's better to be on their side than against.

I actually did sell all my NEO at $115 and went all in NANO around $7.50 after the bitgrail fud.

Charllie Lee is not very intelligent and Garry Tan is just shilling his coins

Now if Szabo said something about Nano, I would actually pay attention. But these other clowns are worthless

>Constant bashing, stupid fud threads on Veeky Forums
>Daily "rip" threads

Yeah if Veeky Forums is fudding you buy it.

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It's true doe, sorry if it hurt your feelings :/

That's retarded as fuck and 100% comes from a Nano holder because only you're this fucking retarded. All coins are constantly bashed and fudded daily on Veeky Forums kys

OP just for a moment let remove the speculation part from all these shitty crypto.
Where the fuck do you need in your daily life a full decentralized platform? no where.
The only purpose for this tech is money, only there.
XRB at the moment is the best crypto alive and active. The mobile wallet are in final beta stage. They work. They work just fine.
They do just that. It's all that you need.

Nothing shilled as hard as chainlink, and it's barely up from ico price.

Nothing fudded as hard as ethereum and nano. We know what happened to first, and can assume what'll happen to the second.

Eth will be PoS in a few fucking months. Who will want your shitcoin after that is beyond me.


XRB is terrific. It has some of the most legit devs in this space, they're extremely responsive, diligent, and provide clear and provide regular communications. They engage with the community and are extremely professional in their approach. Furthermore, they have a clear vision, unlike the endless sea of shitcoins who have no idea what they want to be.

If you have actually used Nano (as in transacted using the desktop or web wallets) then you will know how much of a game changer it is.

>Where the fuck do you need in your daily life a full decentralized platform? no where.
Already wrong. Are all Nano holders salesmen? I need decentralization in world's reserve currency, in file storage, in cloud computing, in voting systems, in DNS lookup, in international contracts, in exchanges, in copyright/proof-of-ownership, anonymous payments, etc.

Do you understand anything at all about this movement? Are all Nano holders retarded newfags? Holy fuck this is why I can't buy into this coin. No way these retards will make any money

>muh speed
It changes absolutely nothing.
Have the devs described clearly how they're trying to scam you this time? Bit of an unsynched protocol glitch this time around? Leaked kernel exploit? Oh nannies, you are funny.

>reserve currency
for what?
>file storage
if your files are so important keep them in hard drive
>cloud computing
for what?
>voting systems
voting for what?
>DNS lookupĆ¹
>international contracts
like what?
for what? what do you create with your beautiful mind that people want to steal?
>anonymous payments
what are you hiding? (payments)

>they have a clear vision
whats their vision for incentive on supporting network? oh wait there isn't one

Former nano holder here. After reading all the good points op made, I just decided to sell everything. The kernel exploit should have been the final straw, but I was being naive.

>It has some of the most legit devs in this space,

holy shit I want to kill myself. It only has COLIN and a bunch of random devs. Do you have any idea who's working on Bitcoin or Lightning Network? Rusty Russell created iptables and worked for Linux foundation for 20 years and just quit to work full time on LN. No coin in the world compares to Bitcoin in terms of developers. Not even close. Same with many others, including Ethereum, Monero, etc

Nano just has Colin and a few other nonamers. How is this one of the most legit team? Because they're RESPONSIVE and COMMUNICATIVE? do you know anything at all about development? they're not a PR team you retarded fuck. Their dev team is one of the main reasons why I haven't bought in yet.

I literally made this thread to be convinced to buy into Nano and all replies make me more and more convinced that you fucks are imbeciles

Stop posting itt thanks

You might want to google what a kernel is you 12 year old spastic.

just lol user. you clearly win the discussion.

What's the incentive for people to seed torrents? Oh wait.

Reminder that she's on the nano team

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In contrast with bitcoin team

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Chainlink shilling here is just trolling. No one actually owns that shit.

I'm sure you made that same argument when Vitalik was shilling his ICO for Ethereum. Poor kid didn't have 20 years of experience working for the Linux Foundation what a worthless piece of shit.


>he doesn't realise most torrents are monetised with torrent site ads, were monetised with btc miners, are monetised by someone who wants to put ads in your content
seriously if you think torrents are free you're literally a brainlet


There is no kernel in nano god these trolls never get tired

I read the roadmap , and Nano claims that they want to achieve merchant adoption. In challenges, there is no mention of volatility, so I assume they either don't see it as a problem or they already solved it.

Can someone then explain me how volatility is handled? If someone buys something with Nano there are two scenarios where the volatility affects the trade:

If Nano goes down like 20% the next day, the seller is at a disadvantage.
If Nano goes up 20% the next day, the buyer is disadvantaged as they would've been better off holding to their Nanos

Why is this not a challenge for Nano?

>retarded as always
you said it has "some of the most legit devs in the space" and i told you why you're retarded. i'm not speculating what dev team Nano will have in 10 years, I only replied to your braindead comment. die

1 NANO == 1 NANO
who gives a fuck about fiat price

All merchants in the world

you don't have to think in usd value.
1xrb = 1xrb

You're literally a brainlet. People have no financial incentive to seed.

Your argument is basically that no one would run a very small piece of software to support a network that they believe in because they don't get economically rewarded. I counter that nano works today - how can that be without MUH INCENTIVES.

large marketcap fixes volatility. Much like any fiat they're still speculated in ForEx

>muh volatility
Directly convert it to fiat if it concerns them.
Go to JMBullion and notice how it's cheaper to purchase in bitcoin despite regular fluctuations of -50% +100% not being unusual

This is some solid concern trolling btw. I like how you alternate between questions and attacks. Very well done.

Stable coins solve that problem.

A merchant would instantly swap their nano for a stablecoin and thus not lose any money in FIAT terms whilst still getting all of the benefits of crypto.

Not if you buy XRB with fiat you dumb retard

Like they did for Bitcoin? or do you think Nano will soon have a marketcap comparable to national currencies? Or is nano supposed to be adopted only after it has a huge marketcap thus it has no purpose before that?

>Directly convert it to fiat if it concerns them.
So pay ridiculous fees and eliminate the feeless advantage? Good thinking

We don't have any reliable stablecoins in case you didn't notice

The merchant integration packing will be packaged and built to run a node by default. People will be too lazy to make an effort to not use the plug and play package to save 2$ a month by not runing the node. Laziness is an incentive for non action.

What if tommorow there will be a project that will incentivize running masternodes? Will your shit just die? I mean what the reason to hold asset that gives you nothing when you can hold asset that generates money for supporting network?

user I have to ask you.
what are you holding now and why?

Do drug dealers and prostitutes want it? Do banks want it? Do corporations want it?

He fell for the zero transaction fee communism meme coin.

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Anyways everything will be less volatile eventually as the whole market cap of crypto increases and the liquidity silos issue is resolved.

Read the new roadmap before you try and fud

Why? I'm literally trying to convince myself to buy Nano, but all I learn is that Nano holders are dumb fuckshits and Nano team is incompetent. They make a roadmap to become adopted as a currency, and they don't notice that volatility is a challenge? There are literally vendors everywhere who DROPPED BITCOIN BECAUSE OF VOLATILITY EXPLICITLY (like Steam) and they don't even consider it a problem? What the fuck is this piece of shit project? Have you seen their GitHub? It's basically just Colin. Do I believe in a one-man project with a retarded community? They're also vulnerable to precomputed PoW but this is beyond the point. It's just such a fucking mess it's hard to convince myself this is not a meme. Then you also remember LN is about to be deployed this year. What will happen then? Was this considered by Nano team in their roadmap? Competition? No. Fucking ridiculous coin fuelled by reddit hype

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holy hell shes a babe

So you just ... wait and hope everything will be fine? No point in even mentioning it as a challenge cause it'll get sorted out ? Are you retarded?

Already linked it in this thread dumbfuck

This shit is cancer and I'm laughing at all the nano bagholders.

Cool bro, so basically according to your genius insight and expert understanding of incentives, only PoS coins have value. Only income producing assets are worth holding. What is muh capital gain.

>We don't have any reliable stablecoins in case you didn't notice
What is tether

>capital gain
>on a currency
how much capital are you gaining every day by holding 100 bucks?

Notoriously unreliable

You can say that about every crypto coin today you fucking retard.

This is like buying bitcoin at a 1 billion market cap. That's why the fud is legit over dramatic. Once twitch is ready to use nano and the gamers start shilling this coin for donations over their network this thing will moon over into a top 5 coin. Legit one of the few coins with 100x potiential over the next 2-3 years. Holding nano is an investment and is not for weak handed cucks. 10% of your portfolio in nano and accumulating more over time is key to making it by 2020.

The only coin with feeless and instant transactions. Nano app works and the CEO is obviously a genius.

user the fact is, if don't like nano AND you want to have a cryptocurrency, after all that you said your unique decision should be BTC. nothing else.


>this shit will moon guys XDDD
>100 EOY
>colin is le genius!!!
>literally BTC at 1$
>best coin in the world guys!!
all arguments from Nano holders ever written

No. The time to buy this was .20 cents. Seek the new Raiblocks opportunities.

>He doesn't understand concepts like scarcity and deflation.

Are you seriously this dense? Shit I guess this means that there'll be no capital gains taxes to pay when I cash out my horse cock sized stash of BTC that I bought in 2013.

>This is some solid concern trolling btw. I like how you alternate between questions and attacks. Very well done
I am taking notes for future use on reddit. Good job, OP.

I want to like Nano, it's just very difficult.

And obviously anyone with half a brain knows Bitcoin will always be king. But holding BTC is not the best thing, as other coins go up faster when BTC rallies (percentage wise) so it's better to hold alts during these times. However, I'm not convinced Nano will increase in sats, thus making it pointless to hold it over BTC. And when LN is deployed, the bull run will be insane, but Nano may not board because LN literally replaces Nano

stop embaracing yourself, you're pretending like nano is a currency now, but then you think of capital gains when it will actually become currency(100 trlillion mcap eoy right boys?) either pick one or fuck off

everything already works fine

>And when LN is deployed, the bull run will be insane, but Nano may not board because LN literally replaces Nano

when LN will come, no alt coin will survive. When LN will come all of this will be 100% speculation.

But time keeps going and where is LN?
Just in reddit threads.

Totally bro. Just close your eyes, ignore the FUDsters who are all jealous on Nano holders, and our resident genius Colin will sort out everything. HODL redditbros XD

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>I want to like Nano, it's just very difficult.
Also lmao that you failed to mention the one credible piece of fud.
>centralization due to picking a single representative node

-nano has the most technical, smart and engaged community
-team is impressive and making incredibly fast progress
>they want to be adopted as a currency, which means the marketcap becomes so high that volatility isnt a problem
>steam stopped accepting bitcoin because of FEES and TRANSACTION TIME, which nano has 0 of both
>Their GitHub has a lot of Colin because he was the only dev until november, now there's like 50 people.
>LN is pointless if there's nano. pay for a hub? Stake your coins? Why. It's free with nano. Where's the incentive? Nano saves them money. LN removes security and costs them money while still having transaction cost and delay. come on.
>You can't precompute PoW because blocks are based on the previous block. You can only precompute 1 transaction.
>Literally all coins have competition. Nano has the least being in a completely difference niche as a DAG, pure currency coin.
>Reddit didn't hype nano, Veeky Forums did. Shows how much of a newfag you are if you dont remember this.

Are you serious? Have you checked LN progress at all? Just scroll to this page a bit and you'll know it spells death. Check who has the lightning bolt attached to their names on Twitter. Check Szabo. Do you know what Szabo is working on? Do you even know who's Szabo? If your best bet is that LN will not work you're out of luck bro because people who worked on internet protocols are now working on the second layer of Bitcoin.

There'll be enough coins that survive. Second layer doesn't provide privacy comparable to first layer, and everyone knows it. And there are many other things if you take the time to learn about blockchain

>>centralization due to picking a single representative node
Because this is not a worry. It's just dPoS consensus and it's normal for any coin that tries to scale. You can pick any representative or be your own representative. Not every coin needs to be Pow, and the consensus algorithm is a non-issue with Nano

>-nano has the most technical, smart and engaged community
That's... that's just... I don't have words user.

All your post is just depressing. It's wrong, it's stupid, it's delusional, it's ignorant, it has everything that gives Nano a bad name

I give up. I'm screenshotting this last reply.
Will post in years when nano will be higher in mc or LN will be reality.

Alright good luck bro and keep the tunnel vision on

>Because this is not a worry.
No other coin makes you pick a specific rep.

> Should I buy this?
No, because it has NO other function besides "muh instant and zero fee transaction".

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... ripple, steem, bitshares, eos, stellar, neo... is this your first day in crypto?

that's a good function and I'm a fan of the linux philosophy to do one thing and do it well.

LN is a shit hack molded on top of an antiquated protocol which has been vastly superseded by new technology. It's complete shit.

Incredibly misguided but not here to spoonfeed you

That's a pretty fucking important function why would normies prefer to use complicated gas bullshit or a coin only traded in integers or a coin that takes 45 minutes to do a transaction when there is a free instant option. We're used to instant. It's what people want. its function is being a currency. All the other shitcoins saying they fix "muh medical bills problem muh cellphone bills problem muh stream reward problem" dont have any fucking purpose and could be simply replaced by cash. Also aiming to be a currency solves the volatility issue all other niche coins will always have.

>Also aiming to be a currency solves the volatility issue all other niche coins will always have.

lmao it won't become a currency if it can only be used as a currency once its mcap is literally higher than Bitcoin. By then, LN will have replaced the need of a currency coin

LN is a farce everyone knows it's shit.