BTC dumped for a week straight and has now reversed. The last 2-3 days saw stupid amounts of FUD (CP in blockchain, Trump issuing executive order to ban Petro) and the reversal momentum didn't budge an inch. And then we got massively good news from the G20 and Binance moving to Malta. This is the bull run you fuckers, what more do you want?

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How about actual fiat entering the system huh, how about that

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Don't forget the stock market crashing

> This is the bull run you fuckers, what more do you want?

The correction we deserve.

-65% from ath
What is more to corect there ?


Still bearish af

Dude...there's so many people trying to get out of bitcoin right now lol...

Look at the sell order for 9k on gdax...over 200 bitcoins...and then another 150 at 9100

People are just trying to get out and break even or gain a tad profit...

thats literally nothing u retard

also people dont get out they take profit and wait for a new low buy in u stupid cuck

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The selling pressure greatly outweighs the buying pressure.

Bitcoin dumps a few hundred dollars on thousands of coins...then slowly comes back up on half or less than half the volume it dumped on

Brain told me your ID said NigrUSA

Just face it..bitcoin is old news...
There's no more new money or hype to it...

Literally the only thing that would save us is if institutional money gets the okay to start investing in it.

Otherwise good luck. see you back at 2k


He's right you know...devil trips confirms


no it doesnt low februar 5.9k last low 7.3k now 8.2k are u retarded


we have billions of tether on the sidelines waiting to be used to buy

He's talking volume, not sats you retarded brainlet.