BNB Burn pump!

Just your daily reminder user,

Reasons to invest in BNB this month:

-: BNB top performing altcoin this quarter

-: BNB upgrade to its own blockchain

-: BNB to be used for margin trading fees coming soon

-: BNB to power a new Decentralized Exchange

-: Binance opening new fiat exchange pairings based in Malta (more BNB fees)

-: Record Binance profits this quarter (up 75% from previous), so large token burn in 23 days time

-: Binance low on BNB reserves due to protecting profits in the downturn, so they need to accumulate from the market for the burn

-: BNB coin is more valuable in volatile markets

Whale research shows they expect this to get reach between 0.0025 and 0.003 BTC per BNB, by the April burn.

Any reasons you're not in already?

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Priced in


Just FYI you can't price in a token burn, Binance is buying the token from the market to:
- boost the price so they need to burn less
- get enough BNB to cover their record profits (they sold their holdings to protect profits)

Look absolute brainlet spotted.

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I'm unironically all in

Since I posted this BNB has gone up nearly 10%. I called this ahead of time for the last two pump as well.

This will be hitting 0.0016 BTC per today, and will be hitting 0.0025 BTC in the next 21 days.

There's still time for profits.

Hmm, you think that high? I think we will test ATH in satoshi but dunno if we break it. That being said still much profit potential from here on.

Well, Binance revenue have been 75% up this quarter and they haven't had any large infrastructure or migration expenditures like previously. We are looking at a homogeneous burn of approx 20 million+ coins at this kind of price.

It's in Binance's interest to lower this burn amount significantly by buying from the market. That way their holdings will last longer and they can accumulate BNB at a lower price than it will be in the future.

On top of this, Binance will be reducing the fee reduction soon, so BNB will be used up much faster in people's wallets. This will pump up buying demand massively sustaining a higher BNB price if not pushing it higher.

The 0.0025 estimates were based on this information and analysis, but with all the upgrade news and Binance expansions coming up it could go a lot higher.

Still time to get in Anons.

Alt coins are waking up so they need to restock on BNB to reduce their fees.

Swinging this right now sucks. Minute I sell, it starts going up 300 sats. Buying TRX fucked me up last night. Never trust that piece of shit coin again.

You should only swing trade to mitigate risk of growing your BTC / Fiat pool. So if you're feeling bad about a shrinking stack of BNB then you shouldn't be swing trading it.

All the research I posted shows it will be growing for until mid April, so just hodling it until then will be an almost sure bet to make massive profit.

Yeah I'm not worried about it dropping too much since I'm willing to risk a little bit right now. Buying any BNB right now and hodling is a sure fire bet when the burn happens. What price range you think it'll reach? I think $20-40. Somewhere in there.

I'm just going off estimates from investment reports I've read, and some minimal analysis from my side. It's estimated to be between $25 and $30 by the end of this quarter. I read report that it will be between $50 and $100 by the end of 2018.

Right now there isn't enough buy pressure to sustain higher than $30 price, if you account for profit takers as well as Binance; but when the fee reduction is lowered and the new Binance features are released then BNB buy pressure will force the price up to $30-40 range. When the market returns in full swing then we are looking at $40 - 60; and when the new DEX and fiat exchange will be $150-200

It's mooning hard atm.

Profit take if you want, but you'll just FOMO back in at a higher price.

This is still early days of this moon run.

>reducing fee reduction
>will drive up demand

If they make their shitcoin LESS useful, why would people want it more?

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>If they make their shitcoin LESS useful, why would people want it more?

Because it's still cheaper than not using it at all.

Because people would still rather pay 75% fees instead of 100% fees.

It just so happens they will burn through their BNB holdings 50% faster than before, so naturally they will buy more often.

Nah man like you said it's too early to take profit. It should test ATH at least.

Nice outlook on it. They seem to be the best overall exchange to trade on. It's laggy, but they have one of the best teams that really accomplished more than others in such a short amount of time. If they get fiat pairing, the mooning will never end.

If you struggle with lag, you should try using the desktop application. It is incredibly more reactive and intuitive than the website.

When you see such threads on biz, you know it's already too late.

Yeah I need to get it then.
It's been climbing from 9 dollars past week. You think it's too late because it's 20% in the green. Fomoing into this is a good idea. Just not after April 15.

Top20 now at CMC