Banyan already has 40 emoloyees

They are going to higher 40 more by the end of the year. Currently operating in two different locations. One in Bejing and the other in Shanghai. They share the same building with HPB in Shanghai.

This moon mission still has not left planet earth. $18 million market cap with the best big data team in the world running the project.

Easy decision. Easy money. I am all in.

Here is their interview with CoinCrunch -

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Im all-in also. will sell 30% and diversify at 1$

brb, dumping my bags.

Also reddit spacing. I suggest selling, you cucks.
The type of audience investing in a project can really tell you more about it than you would think

All in boyy, comfy with my 250k stack

I visit reddit on occasion to tell them how fucking dumb they are.

I am writing you right now to also let you know how fucking dumb you are.

No you didn't.

I have the same amount. Big things will happen soon.

400k. Will laugh my ass off it hits $1.

You have to go back

You are in a great spot. Don't sell more than half in the next 2 years.

Quit spreading this misinformation. This is a short term hold. Your claims of this thing gaining traction past early summer are unfounded.

user, sell in June. They're adding more coins to the circulating supply in early June.

If you're holding BBN right now, sell at the end of may or very early in June. They're adding more coins to the supply which will cause the price to drop.

Doubling the circulating supply in June... Literally doubling it. And then not long after that they're over tripling it from what it is right now. All before the Mainet launches. I'm selling now after getting in at $0.03

Have 3500 of these for the shiggles

Lmao you didn't get in at $0.03

Where do I buy this shit?

>I'm selling now

What's your favorite part about hating money? It's retracing to $0.80 in the second half of May.

How was him saying to hold half Long misinformation? I'm doing the same thing. I'll sell half in May to avoid getting dumped on short term, but do you understand where his project could potentially go long term? Big data is a $1 trillion industry by 2025. Why can't BBN captures 10 billion of that with their industry connections already in place? Please tell me who has a better team than BBN when it comes to big data? I agree sell in May, but I'm not going to sell more than 75% for a few years. This is the type of project that could have unimaginable gains.

>They are going to higher 40 more by the end of the year
>Higher 40 more

It's the second result on google you scoundrel. You fomo-ing brainlets want everything spoon fed to you

You were saying?

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Checked. Good buy brother, I stand corrected. Good luck.

>If you sound it out, it's all the same!