Veeky Forums subpoena KimchiWhale, PharmFag,Swissbro

for pumping and dumping AMB on poor, innocent autists on Veeky Forums

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Agree. I didn't fall for the obvious larpers. But still. It's criminal what they did to these autist on here. There only hope are memcoins and u can't take it from them.

I never paid attention to the amb threads. What happened?

Can't tell if you guys are sincere or just cynical.

Either way lots of people on Veeky Forums told those tripfag fuckers to choke on a dick. Those are our true heroes.

I also did that. We are serious. But lot of newfags probably still fell for it. Amb had a thread everyday.

Ok guys dont bullshit me. I bought around 16k amb at .53$ during the dip. Well the dip kept going, with the recent catastrophe should I sell now at a loss or do you think it will recover. And before hurr durr buy high sell low, if this linkdin shit blows up it could tank the coin, i just want to walk away with something.

How many AMB to stick my pepe into her ?

Mmm. I wouldn't buy in at these price levels since I think it is a big red flag. But iota also made it to the top with manchilds. Still i would cut the loss and go into a trade for quick returns. There are so many good coins, why stay in a coin that raises doubts.

I sold half just to be safe, it hurts but fuck me i dont want to be a bagholder anymore its painful. If they manage to hype it a bit before the teams tokens get released then ill probably dump the rest then.

Hope it was the right decision! Only time will tell, i think so tho.

>in a coin that raises doubts.

too many red flags:
- douchebag CEO
- people quitting/leaving. Is rumor of Vlad leaving true? Yuge if true. Very important to verify this.
- Whitepaper, way too ambitious, and already you have people leaving/quitting
- fucking larpers like Kimchiwhale, PharmaFag, Swissbro.

so right now you probably have about $5K worth, too many red flags for you to sleep well at night.
I'd sell about $2K-2.5K, should give you decent capital to put into "safer" speculative plays like LINK, ADA, EOS, OMG, ICX, WAN

>will never experience prime teen pussy
why live

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There's always Thailand

I think Assblaster is legit

yea but his name is ass blaster

He better be I went all in in XCM just because he ninja shilled it.

prostitute teen pussy is still teen pussy, good idea.
Nevertheless, it is far from plump, coy, giggly prime teen puss.

>mfw the only reason for his larp was to shill coinmetro

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Is all of this really based around the linkedin thing? Am I crazy or is that shit actually not big deal, seems like people are making mountains out of molehills.

The CEO is not reason to sell, see pedo vitalik and see eth n2 on cmc
Vlad Trifa didn't leave shit lol, keep falling for coordinated fud
Whitepaper is good and that should be a good thing
I don't know about swissbro but kimchi predicted a partnership and pharmaphag answers all the neet question in a very professional way.
To add on that AMB team in the last 2 week alone has been to 3 different conferences , they are working their asses off and I'm sure they will deliver, that said do whatever the fuck you want with your bags

am I the only who thinks amb is a shitcoin but still has the potential doing a 2-3x midterm?

So much AMB fud lately, you know what that means you sissies?

You're being way too emotional about this. AMB is a B2B company. Literally nobody he's going to be working with gives 2 fucks about this LinkedIn nonsense.

coordinated AMB fud continues.
Yesterday during an AMB fud thread, so many buy orders appeared out of nowhere happy to scoop up all the weak hands.

Here come the AMB damage control team. What took you so long? They paying you in bitcoin?

MrBearFag is taking a different approach now

I love larpers. They keep the brainlets contained under one thread.

>that youthful skin
>that pearly, full bosom
didn't read your post OP

he came before the linked in fud though

Fucking kek

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user, fudsters aren't here to help you. You're selling below ICO.

that doesnt mean anything when it’s a shitcoin

>it's a shitcoin
>no reasoning why except it hasn't mooned already

why does AMB need a token?

maybe, but expect the larpers to dump on you

Why the fuck do I keep coming back to this cesspool so many fags fudding I swear every coin I hold gets fudded so fucking much everyday making me second guess my decisions

You are aware that AMB did like x2 at it's ATH right? It would take a special kind of dogshittery to be this convincing about it (and supported by multiple people) just to dump it for x2.

Everyone should know by now that that bear dude is a MOD holder who fuds AMB daily.

dw user its at 40mil marketcap with a good team. there’s plenty of shitcoins with a higher market cap

u know that all three larpers shill the same coins right?

>douchebag ceo
>good team

You're not. It's just the emotional plebbitors overreacting.

You're delusional. Nobody's going to want to enter into any kind of contractual relationship with this douche. He's effectively turned away potential partners and investors. AMB is another failed startup. They aren't going to survive the year.

AMB is speaking at governmental events often. David Drake will buy all your dumps. He is basically the US government


>defending trip shills

Plebbit soyboys are leaking into the biz rooms. Time to break out the firehose and douse these neet fudders.

So why the fuck have a token and market to the public? Just to take money? But it's all good because they deserve it right, natural selection.

Go look at the larpers telegram channels. If you bought when they told you to your portfolio would be down 50-90%, some starting to realize, others will go down with the ship.