I'm 28, make 200k/yr, have 50k in crypto, live at home, and my mom just made me chocolate chip waffles. Ask me anything

I'm 28, make 200k/yr, have 50k in crypto, live at home, and my mom just made me chocolate chip waffles. Ask me anything.

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why are you not moving out

Why are you still leeching off your parents? Don’t you think they want to get on with the rest of their lives?

Bring girls home to your moms' ?

What drives you to larp?

What would you say to a 29 y/o NEET living at home with 150 ETH whose mom just made him fresh apple carrot ginger lemon juice?

Hes probably a virgin

>200k a year
>only 50k in crypto
December buyer detected

Kind of jelly.
Bout the 200k/yr mostly, got my crypto and mom's food. Do you work? self employed? Make your mom sell shit on clips4sale? how revenue stream while being comfy neet?

Link price April 2018

I'll move out at thirty, buy a 300k home, 300k investment property, with ~400k left in bank.


I did leave for a while and came back when all fell into place. Mom's got mean empty nest syndrome after my siblings left and is happy as a clam that I'm home.

Nyc lawyer, parents house is in little town off of metro line about half hour outside of city.

>Nyc lawyer
Sounds like an actual job that requires effort

It does. It's not bad comparatively tho. Midsize firm that's close to legit 9-5. I pity the guys at the big firms making the same money and basically living in the office.

Makes a lot more sense now. How much student loan debt you have

>I'll move out at thirty

Thats pretty crazy man and reminds me of a nature documentary I saw along time ago.

It was a documentary about chimps in the wild And around the age of 6-7 I believe is when male chimps start to stray away from their mothers and begin to look towards making a family of their own. There was this one chimp that refused to stray away from his mother until his mother died and he was left alone in the wild. Despite being older he struggled to cope with the loss and could never get the grasp of surviving by himself because he always relied to heavily on his mother. The chimp eventually died alone without ever accomplishing much in his life.

Great documentary tho

actual faggot

not really analogous. I'm already more successful than 90% of the population

Successful in what way tho?

Do you live a healthy social life?
Are you admired by your peers?
Do you have a women who looks to you for guidance?
Children who see you as perfect in every way?
Celebrated amongst those in your field?

how much YOU make?
oh trust me, when OP starts to seek a partner, girls will be very lenient with his lack of social skills in exchange of being wealthy and successful, they will very much appreciate the skills he acquired
if you do it the other way around, spend your 20s chasing pussy then start focusing more seriously on work by 30, your competition will have 0 leniency for you being a grandmaster pickup artist

Good luck trying to find a women in your 30s that doesn't have a kid of her own. Past the age of 25 and you must accept the fact that you will father another mans kid.

kek autistics neets btfo

Yes to all except children, which I don't want yet. So all good.

At this point none. Some scholarships reduced price and loans were the first thing I plowed money towards.

I love you Op and your Mom. God bless.
And may your plans go right.

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Tell us about your background and education. How you got to where you are now.

Chocolate chip waffles are the best. Pancakefags are delusional.

>shitty state undergrad
>decent law school
>first job with gubmint
>jump to private practice
>get job at better firm doing a niche practice

That's about it.

What were you thinking about when you were 19 ?
And what were the things that you were doing that helped you become what you are now.


>Fox began dating actor Brian Austin Green in 2004, after meeting on the set of Hope & Faith; she was 18 years old, while he was 30.

not if you're wealthy / successful

I miss mommy

is your job rewarding? I'm studying Electrical Engineering at a top 5 school for the major (UT) and get told a lot that Patent Lawyer would be a good fit for someone with my background. Obviously I have no idea if I'd enjoy it b/c I can't do much patent lawyer stuff right now, did you know you were gonna like your job before you jumped head on into it?

Wow that makes me really sad.

>i fuckin love you mum!!!

what was your lsat score


It sucks in that regard. The work is not fulfilling and I can count on my fingers the number of happy lawyers I've met. I'd do something else with your degree but hey that's just me

Feel like investing in art?