Feels good to moon everyday 10-25%

Kek. BNB is going hyperstellar in the coming 2-3 weeks.

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any rationale?

FIAT pairings I guess

COIN BURN mid April

is the fiat pairings only going to be with BNB coin? how much do they plan to burn?

BNB coin burn, margin and FIAT to BNB soon.

Get the fck in. Profit potential from here on at least still 50%.

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This, could test the old ATH imo

Just disappointed I have so few bnb. One of the few coins you can really have fucking faith in for the coming months, no stress about it dumping and not recovering. Binance is goat.

should i take out 300k loan

demn i hate it when you sell the top and it wasnt the top
come baaaaaaaaaaaaaack

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Don't forget to sell at the new ATH first thing this time boys

comfiest money in my life

bought another 1,5btc worth at 10100, got 4.5btc total in bnb now, $100 end of march

How high's it going today? I already made a cool 5k off it in the last few weeks, and i'm getting really tempted to sell.

>bought at 0,45$
>sold at 1,2$

that is just delusional.
maybe 30$ MAX

not so fast

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rip jewbase.

Easy money

>Imagine, there are people not in BNB right now.

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Is this what recovery feels like

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