Maybe the real bull run was the frenz we made along the way

Maybe the real bull run was the frenz we made along the way.

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But you're all assholes... Haven't been called a single nice thing here

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One guy said he liked me once

Then why do they keep calling me pajeet or muhammad or shitskin?

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fuck of shitstain

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We're all gonna make it

>can't handle the bantz

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Cheked sirs, please no bully sirs

Its a term of endearment. I love India, lived there for a year, plan to retire there, Indians are awesome people. Now fuck off pajeet...

kill yourself you worthless fag

Hello sirs, please no bully sirs

Nope it’s a smelly shithole country and the inhabitants have a fucked up culture and a low quality gene pool. (Sikhs and Nepalese excluded)

nope fuck india

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Winy cunt

Jelly belly

I swear to god I better not see you in public IM DOWN 85 THOUSAND FUCKING DOLLARS YOU FUCKING FUCK

One guy said "good point" to one of my posts about Zcl a few months ago

That was me. And I think you’re a faggot now

You are wrong.
Also, you're an actual retard.
The real bull run was when we cashed out in December

you're probably a huge faggot. I get lots of love from Veeky Forums

>I can't understand sarcasm