Daily reminder; You know how people are always saying "Oh, I knew about Bitcoin in 2011...

Daily reminder; You know how people are always saying "Oh, I knew about Bitcoin in 2011, if only I had mined/held some I would be rich."? The people that held had to do so for way, way, longer, through way, way bigger dips than this. If you want to beat the market you have to either be faster, smarter or more long lasting. You can't be faster than bots, you can't be smarter than people with years of experience, but you can outlast weak hands like a mfer. So do it. Buy good coins. Hold. That's how you win.

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Thx, but finished accumulating link...so now im just shilling it on biz so other bizbros will also make it, but dunno why some resist it, they dont want to be millionaires with us, a real dilemma....shilling chainlink seems to be the new FUD

Thanks just bought 100k TRX

OK I’m sick of all this shilling. I’m in. How do I buy link? I don’t want to put my money on an exchange that’ll get hacked or send a photo of my passport somewhere.


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Binance.com, u can buy with bitcoin or eth, if u dont want to get hacked, download exodus wallet (u can youtube it if u dont trust me) u can leave ur link in ur wallet, but even better, when the mainnet comes out u can stake ur link in linkpool.io for sweetpassive income.

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Why not?

link is a scam

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Thanks, I’ll read up on that and find something I’m comfortable with.

hes just trolling you, im gonna be straight up, are you new on Veeky Forums? because the whole meme of link is that ''we'' pretend link is a scam, but its actualy one of the most promising projects in crypto right now, they have a strictly no hype policy so its easy to spread fud, parnetships will be anounced on mainnet launch, so nothing is priced in, this is gonna be a legit moonshot, so be smart user and get atleast 1000, i can give u my contact details if u want to know more im not trolling you, just go to biz and check the cataloge, always 4/5 link treads, dont be stupid.

its just a meme

The only problem i have with link is the 2 man dev team. Shill me? I can't invest in a psychology guy and some other guy making the biggest project out there while there are teams with 80 people working on projects.

ok, 1st of all, microsoft, amazon, 1 or 2 man companies, 2nd thing, they have more coders, u can check there gifthub, they have someone from nasa/tesla working on the code as we speak... dyor, the chairman of the world economic forum called chainlink by name in his book ; the fourth industrial revolution... they have a alpha version that is live, they have a working product, and linkpool is getting set-up, i dont have time anymore, but buy urself some chainlink and wait 2 years, ul be rich.

>we pretend link is a scam
0.50$ by the end of the 2020?

2020? 75/100$

I am new, I came here looking for business talk and maybe some stock market stuff. But I’m interested in crypto, made a few hundred percent during the crash in December. I’d love to know more about link though. How can I find out more or contact you?

I'm done accumulating so I'll help you out.

Ironically good advice

e mail me at polc at farel.nl ill send u more information.

I honestly cannot wait for all of the screenshot compilations in 2020. Just like the ETH screencaps we have today of people calling it dogshit.

It is not enough to succeed. Others must fail.

I have 2,5k link and Im all in

Damu, how much Link do you own now?

Thanks. I'll read the whitepaper when i have time.
pretty good video lol

Thanks, I’ll send you an email.

Pretty good video, thanks

For noobs wondering WTF is going on with the surge in link spam, there was a dip last week and now theyre trying to take profits. Youre welcome.

I sent an email. It may be in your spam filter though because I opened a new account to do so.