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>9k support

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you, katy perry, snoop dogg and 50 cent are early adopters

how can you not be an early adopter if no one uses it?

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um i don't think those guys hold any LINK

what resistance :^)

we bounced back down. Fuck this market. Why can't it just always go up?

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It's like living in a world where 10% of the population owns a car, but doesn't drive it.
Then you come along and also buy a car.
>I early adopter nao

holding it = using it

no one owns 1 btc except 0.1%


>holding it means using it
>even though they're not using it

hmmm really makes u think

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this is getting tiring

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if people would just stop trading BTC and instead hold on to it it would go up to 50K EOM

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Review of the last 3 months

>16k resistance
>12k resistance
>10k resistance
>9k resistance

Bulls are tired. Incoming price drop confirmed. Sell now or short while the price is high or BTFO,

Do you think we will channel between 7k and 8k or some other range for the next step down?

The main use of bitcoin is holding to avoid getting buttfucked by fiat currencies and other scams, but I guess you are used to that, faggot.

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>review of the last 5 years

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There's only one coin where holders have agreed the price can only go up.

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>Review of the last eight hundred years

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>review of the last infinite years

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Volume is extremely low. Either short, get in to tether, or get the fuck out of your positions.

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>one of the primary uses of bitcoin is the abillity to transact p2p
>no one does it
>main feature is actually to avoid inflation
>loses 75% of its value in 3 months

hmmmm really made me think

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Can you elaborate? Volume has been my trading strategy the past two weeks.