Now more than ever we need to channel our negative energy fellow bears

Now more than ever we need to channel our negative energy fellow bears.
Say something negative.

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bitcoin stinks

do not buy

only kiddie diddlers held BTC before it reached 4 digits.

You suck. Bullmarket now

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Fuck you bear !

YESSSSS.... Your negativity empowers us.

I hope all you bears die of cancer.

bearfags getting pack raped.
Back to hibernation/suicide

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just got liquidated. I deserve this, why did I ever try to short a world-changing technology

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Digits confirm Bears BTFO

You bagholders do realize that HODLing is a bearish behavior right?

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Get fucked

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Strong resistance at 9k then Sunday selloff tomorrow mornin

Your mom is gay


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Kek. Best get the chemos ready bears

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every coin collapsed and proved they are fuckmonkey coders with zero economic skills. the only coin worth buying is that tiny wau coin that always goes up but which you couldnt put a million in even if you wanted too. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>muh digits



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It’s hodling BTW, read what you typed back to yourself retard

What I typed made perfect sense. If you can't understand it then you're probably some pajeet or nigger of some kind.

well fucking said


God I love being a bear. Is there anything more delightful than being paid to watch deluded cucks get justed by reality?

Bears btfo
Bears to be extinct.

Based bull
>Fucking QUINTS
>Green ID
>Literally conjuring cancer
I like you

>HODLing is a bearish behavior
Are you literally retarded?

Thank you, I hope for my death too.

i watched my portfolio drop to 40% from peak over 5 months, eating the hodl meme whole. I sold everything 2 days ago. i wanna watch btc go to 6k lets go bears

>stretching your credit to the limits
>over-buying out of the gate until you can't buy any more
>your choices are now either cut your loses or don't participate in the market.
>If you sell at a loss you potentially spur market activity by attracting bargain shoppers
>if you HODL you don't, you are just waiting for somebody else to inflate your bags at a later date but for no reason other than you create a market condition upon which you are willing to sell
It's a tough pill to swallow HODLfags...but you are the bear market.

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Oh fuck off you faggots have been clogging up the board the past 3 months


>Say something negative
Your mom can't cook shit. Also she doesn't even swallow.

Oh, wow. A your mom remark. That's below even reddit tier.

You asked for it, nignog.

simpletons dont know that bear is good, its like they all hate money and dont wana accumilate more while cheaper. i hope all bulls get cucked so bad

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I'm gay for black penis and I think the market is crashing

Time to give a breaks to bulls and bears, time for BTC to hibernate


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you sound like a reddit newfag OP

How high does BTC have to go to avoid the desu cross in a few days?

Link will only hit $876.42 by EOY

Kek is on our side! The bears' days are numbered!


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There is only one real way of life: Panic selling while committing suicide.

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That slut looks like she is floating and will spill her tea.

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>I hope all you bears die of cancer.
you don't like buying cheap thanks to bear effort? that's why you bought at $19k?

It has to surge sharply above the 50 MA. It would have to go above $9.4K really quick and stay there. If the price action stays flat like it is then the death cross is about 5 days out at this rate. If we see weak price movements up it will come a little later, if we see red candles on the daily chart it will come a little quicker.

I would love for BTC to shit the bed overnight and just have the death cross happen all of a sudden at a sharp angle. Shall angle moving angle crosses are not as exciting as when the angles are steep and terrifying.
Just hanging out, takin' it easy

Good work guys. We reversed another milestone.

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For a small price of 250k usd I will cure the inevitable cancer you guys get.

literally FUN, and BTC mooning right now

it's over bears

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The prophecy! We're all gonna make it guys.

It's working. I can feel it. BTC is about to plunge!

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