Let me show you the way.

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I admit that I went through all the phases. There is just so much FUD out there on XRP. Only after actual research I knew what was up.

holy shit XRP is all the way down to sub dollar?! didn't even realise
you should add a timestamp to the pic, it'd be a good repost to make fun of cripples once we hit $.10

Yeah. Screencap it. It'll be funny.

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>when you pick legit criticism and mash it up with funny quotes so it doesn't look so bad anymore
cripplefags are desperate

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Thats all your marketing team got? Seriously? You come to Veeky Forums in its prime of shitposting to post reused pepes and its your strategy on how to make Veeky Forums like this shit so they meme the fuck out of it for normies to eventually pick it up and ruin all the memes? Sir, your pajeets and a guy that came up with this brilliant plan needs to be flayed alive for this.

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Jew coin

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God you're truly pathetic and I thought I hit rock bottom. I wish you mother to get impregnated by a nigger and your father to get indepted by a jew. For you there is no worse fate than you're at already, I can only wish you fast death because suffering you experience every day was not meant for a human being.

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Bitcoin and ethereum early investor here.

Not a cent into XRP for long terme holding.

Literally all the smart money knows that XRP is a manipulated scam coin.


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Still the most hated coin on Veeky Forums .
If you don’t know what to do, the you’re an absolute retard. Simple as that.

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