Why don't you gamble to make money? I spent an hour in a casino and made $1750

Why don't you gamble to make money? I spent an hour in a casino and made $1750

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wtf do you think biz is all about?

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but I do user
just won 3 ETH at etherflip. fucking easy

Throwing money at fake Internet points. I'm talking blackjack roulette even craps if you're black

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Look up the relationship between those two things and then you tell me.

That's why you play blackjack

What limit?

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Invest > gamble


My Dad clears upwards of $200k/yr playing live/online. Not even a pro just use to live off it.

I used to. High stakes, the whole thing. On one particular evening i lost more than wageslavery pays in a year. Made a very high risk bet with my remaining capital, won, and broke even. I swore off gambling forever that day.

Trading scratches the same itch for me but allows far greater control of risk. I never trade on margin and never do leveraged positions. My exposure on any particular position is set up to be no more than 20%.

Thanks just invested in a lottery ticket

still gotta pay the tax man. nothing is worth it unless there is a potential return of millions

I think I suck at gambling. I've played blackjack at a casino maybe 5 or 6 times in my life and only once did I come out with more money than I walked in. I'm ok with it tho, I lose money gambling at the casino for entertainment. I make money gambling on the exchange with my shitcoins

at one time I spent around $100/week in scratchers. Since then I realized I wasnt going to ever make any real money on gambling so aside from the occasional powerball or mega millions ticket I don't gamble... also I suck at cards.

>Even craps if you're black


I went to Las Vegas once and lost $300, so I took the BiC pen from my hotel room to make up for it.

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There are people beating the casino, why can't we do this Veeky Forums?

>casinos HATE IT when you do this...

It's possible. I've been working in a slots room and there are people who cross the country and do a casino every new day and actually make a profit 90% of the time

Extreme statistical outliers. If your average Veeky Forumstard could beat the house consistently vegas wouldn't exist.

The biggest success stories from gambling usually come from groups of geniuses working together to quasi-cheat (MIT card counters, Eudaemon hidden computer at roulette table etc.)