Any of you motherfuckers popping some PEDs for everyday life or trading in particular?

Any of you motherfuckers popping some PEDs for everyday life or trading in particular?
Wall Street traders taking them inbetween meals just to stay sharp

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neurotoxic and cardiotoxic long term. no thanks faggot.

you're an emotional cripple if you ever feel the urge to take this

here for a good time, not a long time

bbbbbut Philakone uses speed...

bbbbbut Kurt Cobain killed himself

When will this FUD go away? Prescribed doses are very safe.

> in humans with ADHD, pharmaceutical amphetamines appear to improve brain development and nerve growth

I've been on amphetamine for a year. I'm genuinely happier now. I qualify for ADHD and it truly improves my quality of life.

you can't chase the tiger forever bro. one day you're ticker is going to give out while you're on the toilet. shameful way to go.

user, I'd rather die young and happy than old and unhappy.

I don't suffer from troughs of depression anymore. In my case depression and ADHD are co-morbid.

I take the lowest dose you can be prescribed and every part of my life has improved
only downside is appetite

Do you seriously want me to crush you on this subject? I have studied pharmacology with a particular emphasis on pharmacokinetics.

I'm happy for you that it improved your life. But neglecting the fact that it does pose cardio and neurotoxicity long term even at low dosages is hilarious.

Go read some user:

Same here user. I've been on Adderall for 3 years. Get blood work done once a year along with urine analysis. Comes back 100% fine. ADHD here as well.

i've been using it for about 8 years now, though i didnt start until i was 20. how bad did i fuck myself long-term?

i should add to the above, i only take dexedrine xr. 2x10mg twice a day.

What is your opinion on phenibut?

I have read up on this, thanks. Studies seem to imply that they're significantly more toxic in other less developed animals. But we still get these kinds of studies:

Again these are just some common ones I copied from somewhere. I'm not going to go through the entire book to tell you what most doctors already kind of figured out.

What about methylphenidate? I'm well aware that amphetamine can induce a myriad of heart problems and speed up ageing of the heart. But on mild doses those issues should be bearable, and methylphenidate is supposedly less straining on the heart than amphetamine. Thoughts?

About neurotoxicity, that's wildly dependent on dosages. Animal studies often use massive dosages.

I'm waiting to get blown the fuck out user. But it hasn't happened.

You know why? Because you're actually larping faggot.

its not cardiotoxic dumbass

10mg vyvanse daily really that bad?

No, that guy is a larper. Amp isn't even significantly cardiotoxic.

If anyone's interested this is a good article from a guy larping as a practicing psychiatrist:

Rapidly triggers a temporary reduction in GABA receptors, meaning it’s very easy to get addicted. Take it once or twice a week at most or you’ll experience hellish withdrawals. Ever take some good mdma and feel suicidal the next day? It’s like that but much worse

Amphetamines are cardiotoxic if taken every day for months at a time. If you break up your dosing you’ll be fine.

Ive seen what prescribed amphetamines do to people. Yall gonna completely fry your dopamine receptors.

That being said, I wish I had a small stash as an every now and then thing. Daily use is just asking for trouble though.

take your pills

My doctor prescribed me Strattera for ADHD, should start on Monday. How bad can it actually be if it's only 20mg/day?

Also, I know the risks but if the choice is between being a useless idiot that can't do anything due to lack of concentration (3rd year software engineering) or taking pills and a least having a shot at life I will go with the first option.

I rather live a little and die than die old and perfectly healthy due to avoiding all risks

I've taken strattera for nearly 10 years. you will get EXTREMELY sleepy the first couple weeks, but it helps with everything related to impulse control (especially overeating, i've found).

There are weird withdrawal symptoms if you go off. you'll feel jittery. it's no biggie, just be consistent.

I also take adderall / similar infrequently, but strattera is severely underrated IMO. makes me much more even keeled.

oh good, this was just fud.

but yeah, anyone taking adderall/dex/whatever should also be taking a highly bioavailable form of magnesium, eating a fantastic diet high in protein, leafy greens, good fats, carbs from delicious carrots dipped in fun avocado-based dips, etc.
also, ashwagandha ksm-66.
and rhodiola, especially if you are sleep deprived.
and l-theanine with your dose.

amps make me anorexic as fuck, but if you force yourself to eat really well alongside them and take your magnesium and also get some exercise and take your adaptogens and basically just be a normal human being as much as possible ON TOP of taking these drugs, WITHOUT becoming a slave to them, you are going to perform exceptionally well. take care of your base.

This is good to hear. Any ED, hair-loss, twitching, etc? Not that it matters that much since being good looking and vain is overrated but just wondering.

What is your dosage like?

Adderall is for pussies with zero discipline and no self-control. Fuck off, faggot.

>Any of you motherfuckers popping some PEDs for everyday life or trading in particular?

70mg testesterone cypionate 2 times a week.
Completely clears brainfog which i struggled with for many years, makes you much more calm, confident and sociable, it also provides you with a very strong go get it attitude. This shit truly saved my life. I believe most of the neets are really low in test, everyone here should check their levels

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Like you are trading so fast (losing to spread n slippage faster rate) you would need some drug to keep you "sharp" =D

how about automated bot in that case, might aswell go to fishing while it's trading for you

When it comes to adderal and such these are completely placebo effect based drugs as are many so called brain pills

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you lost me at ashwagandha ksm-66
where do i buy shit like this and how important is it?
I already take magnesium and eat well

That's an herbal supplement. I wouldn't recommend them. Here's how I do my supplements:

>take multivitamin
>take magnesium
>ADHD meds
>when I need to sleep take melatonin (strong antioxidant and sleep aid)

how can I acquire this brain supplement

sexual side effects (weird orgasms, not ED) are the most common but in my experience only occur at higher doses. I've never had anything else.

I'm 215 lbs and am on 25 mg, which is much, much lower than the recommended dose for my size (it's supposed to be like 80mg) but also much more effective. your mileage may vary.

I really can't emphasize enough that you should give it something like 4-6 weeks. it's very subtle and you are going to want to sleep all the time, but that will fade. I used provigil to get through it (also prescribed for this specific reason).

also: don't take it at night. one very weird side effect is that it makes you wake up STUPID early if you take it at night. if I have a really important meeting I'll take it then, but it'll mess with your sleep.

I don’t know how to ask my doctor for an rx with out seeming like I’m oil shopping... any advice?

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I've been shooting 1000 units HCG 1xweekly as a monotherapy for low test. Don't want to shrivel up the boys using exogenous stuff. Last bloods showed test at 1100 and estradiol within limits, but I still felt like a warmed over piece of dogshit.

Why does exogenous test work so much better than homemade? I'm kind of salty about having to shrink my balls just to get a good clean test high going.

The best thing you can hope for is to die in your sleep

You can always find another doctor under the pretense that you wanted a qualified psychiatrist.

This is a free market so you can literally doctor shop until you find someone that prescribes you, unfortunately.

ashwaganda (ksm-66) and rhodiola are both adaptogens. they work by lowering cortisol levels. both have studies backing their effectiveness, and i can vouch for both. i haven't tried straight ashwagandha root, but the ksm-66 extract is what i use and i notice it helps with anxiety quite a bit by lowering blood pressure

try both for a month for yourself.

ymmv, but both help me. over multiple years, rhodiola has been super effective for helping me deal with any sleep deprivation. ksm-66 is a relatively new add (3 months), and i've noticed an almost propranolol-like effect in how it reduces physical symptoms of stress.

>I've been shooting 1000 units HCG 1xweekly as a monotherapy for low test
Is it really a thing?

i'm shooting 250 hcg m/w/f along with my test injections, and my balls doing great

Rhodiola is 10/10, I use a complex form with Siberian Ginseng and a bunch of other things for extra gainz.

Ashwaganda was ok, but it felt like it was doing the opposite, mellowing me too much.

A one’s month low dose prescription would last me a really long time, I don’t want the side effects from daily use but sometimes I need to be up for 24-36 hours for trading or whatever.

I do have add, and anxiety hence why I feel like my doctor will think I’m pill shopping and tell me no

I was prescribed this too. Took it for 3 months but I stopped because I noticed I was developing some weird tics as side effects. I started clenching my teeth more and making some weird facial expressions I wouldn't make before. 30mg Instant release. It does work well I admit, but I believe the same levels of concentration are achievable with exercise and meditation because I've done it before.

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You can't use strong stimulants to stay up. It's not sustainable. If you want something sustainable for staying up you want something weak like caffeine or the afinil series of drugs.

The prototypical afinil is modafinil, a schedule IV narcoleptic drug. But if you want something legal you can buy adrafinil from supplement stores (read: websites). It's a prodrug to modafinil. The internet guesses that the adra to moda ratio is 3:1, so you need about 300mg to compare to 100mg of modafinil. Afinils are generally very tolerable long-term compared to classical stimulants. Studies have found that tolerance does not build up significantly.

Thanks for the post user, I'm gonna discuss starting Strattera with my doc and this is certainly helpful. I'm hoping it's gonna level out the unreliable stimulant rollercoaster for me, who knows maybe even replace all stim use.

>the only thing popping

The following bubbles have popped: telegraph

Time to invest in something that is highly undervalued and not even on anyone's radar yet. Be the trend...


Be insured when the houses come tumbling down.

This is not a drill.

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are you bald now? Erectile dysfunction?

>Yall gonna completely fry your dopamine receptors.

This. I was addicted to addy for maybe 3 or 4 years. Its great for the first few years, but eventually it destroys your body and mind. Been off it for 2 years now and it took maybe 8-12 months off it to get back to normal again. First few months was just sleep pretty much.

It will ruin your dopamine receptors

my diet is really decent, i exercise, drink tablespoons of matcha in smoothies, etc.
i always assumed if not genetics it was diet that was balancing out my amp usage.
but i am worried about my brain at 70. parkinsons, etc.

Adderall will ruin your life. If you're already socially awkward which I'm assuming you are, it'll be 100x worse. After awhile you'll just become a zombie.

>1 year
Lol was on it for 6 years you have no clue what it's doing to you. Read all the studies you want. I did that too.

I'm unaware, when is this life ruining supposed to happen? I've gone periods off and I always feel my normal, shitty self. In 2 years there's been no worsening dependency or any other problems. Sure you guys weren't just greedy?


You gotta know when ta hold 'em.

What is your opinion on fluoxetine and bupropion hcl?

Started trying Semax this week. Not much of a difference.

i have taken the kratom pill

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I started taking zoloft (sertraline) in June for anxiety and stress. It made me really tired and fatigued all of the time so I added modafinil in the mix in September.

Works good - buy modafinil with bitcoin from afinilexpress (modvigil since modalert is shit quality).

Makes you more irritable on the days you don't take it though.

bullshit and not supported by any evidence.
T. I'm very acquainted with research on stimulants for ADHD.

To OP, my recommendation is to use the slow release version of these drugs, you're less likely yo develop tolerance in the long run.

It usually happens after long term daily use, a low dosage 1-2 years

If i take it every now n then ur fine, u sound depressed desu

>It usually happens after long term daily use, a low dosage 1-2 years
People use these things for decades, if it did invariably happen they wouldn't be prescribed to anybody. Like I said, I feel just the same as I did before starting when I go cold turkey.
>u sound depressed desu
Dunno where you got that from. I feel fine.