0xBitcoin mineable ERC-20 Token

Yeah, you heared it right, this is the first decentralized ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. And you can literally mine this with your GPU and be an early-adopter.

> Whitepaper


> Abstract


> ERC20 best cryptcurrencies

> Contract source

>0xBTC statistics

Invite code: NcM5sCa

> Opensource

> Where to buy?

> Mining software (Windows, Linux)
github.com/mining-visualizer/MVis-tokenminer [AMD OPENCL, supports NVIDIA Cuda aswell]

> mining pool

get ready for the new era of mining Veeky Forums or stay bagholding with your centralized shittokens

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DELETE THIS OP, I'm not done yet with accumulating

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>mfw I can't work out how the two relate to each other.

> 1.7mil mined from 21m total, difficulty is increasing slowly, get in NOW or regret for life.

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how much can i get with my 1070

Is it worth it, shill me

what is the ultimate goal for this project? POC for other ERC 20s?

If you start now probably 10-15 every 24 hours

store of value on the ether network, payments on the ether network.

forkdelta is not cooperating at the moment. won't deposit into wallet. any other place it's trading?

Try etherdelta. If it's not there, it's not anywhere. Try mining

I mine about 10 a day on a 1060 with stock settings

pls sirs fill my bag. i'm offering above marketprice.

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>that much volume

Stop. Buy little by little when a token is this small

do you know how much gas i had to use to simply deposit into my wallet?

This is less than 2 mil market cap right now. Could be a moon mission. Put in $20 just for fun.

Eth mines faster. If you want this pointless token, mine eth and forkdelta over to 0xBTC.

isnt mining eth on one gpu bad?

i mean i can make 3$ a day with eth
and some people in this thread say i can mine 15 0xbtc with my Card

right now i'm at 10/day with a 1060, your 1070 would get 20 which is about the same value as what you'd get with eth. difficulty is bumping up every few days, and value will go up along with it

isnt one 0xbtc 3$ on forkdelta?

~$0.14 each atm

its 150.000 market cap

holy shit im retarded,
wait?.. its 0.07$ right now i think right

i was basing it on total supply as we have no way of forecasting distribution period

yeah u right, i wasn't calculating eth price correctly

wtf am I doing wrong?

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hop in the discord

just started mining with me 1080

4322 kH/s, is that good, should I whip up MSI?


GTX 1080

actually, I think it's mining with my CPU right now juding by my core temps and loads

Definitely just CPU. I'm getting ~250 MH/s with my rx 470. I don't think it's worth it to CPU mine 0xbtc

Yeah, I'm not sure what I've done wrong. May check out discord

Yup, go there, but otherwise it depends on what miner you're using I think.

Why is this not on kucoin but eBTC is?!

Just want to say I'm in love with this project

I'm mining right now too getting 20mh/s