The Next 1000x

ETH was shilled on BIZ (see pic).

What coins clearly are ETH level of growth, and are shilled here like ETH was.

Here is the list from last thread (no particular order):

Higher Risk:

Lower Risk:

I made a thread like this last week (No.8441903). No LARPS or PAJEETS

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I feel like shit that I was oblivious to the opportunity to buy crypto before it blew up, but I can’t imagine actually being here, having people urge you left and right to invest and having the opportunity right in your face just to turn it down. I would probably kill myself if I was that guy.

Hence why I made this thread.

There is a fuck ton of noise here everyday.

I want to compile all the projects with solid fundamentals and good long term potential here.

The next ETH could be shilled here everyday..

Hold OMG JNT and BNB.

Fucking kek I'd love to that fucking OPs face now. It's especially funny because he was technically right.

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Solid picks. I think 3 coins is a reasonable spread. Just need to find out which 3.

What an absolute brainlet. And he sounds so intelligent too, making seemingly reasonable points. Now in hindsight he is the biggest fool of the year.

I agree that those are so lucky projects but why the order of risk op?

the next eth is Ark.
you don't need to search more. noticed it stopped being shilled on biz.
backed by france, it will basically be the coin every other legal/serious project will develop their icos.

Kek that FUD

Do you think that person killed themselves by now?

There are a lot of coins that have already increased in value and have shown their potential (NEO, OMG, ect).

These are lower risk, but also lower reward long term.

There are also the higher risk coins, where 1000x may actually be possible.

I want to hold a bit of both types.

BNB needs to be added to the list. If binance adds usd pairings and on and off ramps basically eliminating cuckbase its fucking ogre. Unironically thinking of all in BNB.

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I know. Solidity is literally fucking garbage and was probably so, so much worse back in 2015 when this guy posted.

Oh well. He probably was able to pick up a big bag at 3$ or so

Problem with ARK I've noticed, is that its been around for some time (could be a good thing).

Need to look it up myself in more detail, it may be a good lower risk coin.

i was browsing the archives and i also came upon that post as well. i was wondering if that guy actually did invest in ETH heavily and fudded it just to fuck with people. that's be truly devilish.
here's another one i found for your viewing pleasure

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This is a good post to look back on.. fucking tard lmao

Ok. I disagree about NAS and ZIL being placed in the lower risk category. Think, man, they're trying to compete with (kill) ether.
They're either going to top ten or dying

>uses nigger music guy with ferret shit hair as a pic
>is a retard

checks out

Don't listen to these dumbfucks. The next 1000x is block collider. Mainnet will come out with ICO in April and it'll already be interoperable with 6 chains. No bonuses for presale or private sale. Superior to cosmos and ark because it requires no validators. The team has been working on it since January 2017 and did no marketing whatsoever and it's getting a lot of hype now. Even if you buy it on exchanges you will make a killing.

Isn't NAS just a google function for searching block chains (in a nutshell)? Not sure about it competing with NAS.

I agree on ZIL. I put it here cause other people think it has potential, but I dont know if it can kill ETH.

Honestly mate Im done with ICOs.

I just want to pick already existing coins that have solid potential and HOLD.

IMO, +1000 in each. Will I make it OP?
Higher Risk:

Lower Risk:

Ark was nothing but a Lisk-fork with a good dpos and trying to tackle some of the usability issue. That's it. V2 is basically soft-fork of Ark itself, which will solve every single issue the network had, in terms of scalability, inter-operability, speed and fees.
Also, being around is actually good. It gives you a clear indication of the type of development they did in the past. Do you see the team hyping shit? To fake announcements of partnerships? No. Its eth all over again. A product ready to be adopted.
What they did was basically trying to have the support of a country, one which already said it will allow ico's.

Veeky Forums is this

How many to make it

Chainlink is the next x1000
>makes offchain data available for on chain smart contracts
Actually thinking about it its probably going further than just x1000...
The potential for smart contracts are endless man.
The real hard part is gonna be to hold this motherfucker when it rises, like lets say you got 30k LINK, at $50 thats like 1.5 million dollars.

Thats gonna be busting your balls not selling some and this will continue and your only objective to make it to riches is to not sell and to survive.

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You can't get in on the ICO anymore since the whitelisting is closed. Just look at block collider and go all in when it hits exchanges. I would bet my life that it'll be a billion dollar coin within a month of listing. Projects like aion and ark are at hundreds of millions of market cap when they aren't even interoperable with any chains yet. Don't listen to the retards here shilling you shit that won't have a mainnet for several months or years.

Anything but LINK is a mistake

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Is it really possible for LINK to reach $1K (INB4 screen cap faggots)??

Like fuck the memes and shit, $1000 PER COIN,

God Tier:

Mid tier:

Pajeet tier:


Engineers at my company are Waterloo/MIT/Stanford only

I had no idea Vitalik was a Waterloo guy

NEO already moon'd you incredible fucking mongoloid. The next 1000x is in fact on your list but the fact that you can't point it out just shows that you are a fucking retard. You will never be making it. You probably put $1000 into crypto and spread it out amongst "promising projects" thinking you were "diversifying" . Veeky Forums is officially shit now.

yes. just look at ripple mcap 3 months ago.

when Ark starts to get adopted it will climb to 100,200+$

Faggots like that will find a way to convince themselves they were right..

Who knows

TFW I had the opportunity to buy in at 10$ but didnt. I am imaginary kicking myself into the balls for it but definitely never would KMS. lol.

>fuck the memes
Literal blasphemy

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Looks like solid picks actually, think I might copy you a bit.

Not sure about SUB / ZRX (havent looked into them).

EOS is risky, id prob dump that before main net.

what are your high risk possible x1000 coins?

This. Newfags will sell at $50 and $100. If you've been buying since oct/nov then I'd hope by now you've built up the mental fortitude to hold for years


So what is it then tard.

Is it apart of my high risk list?

Zilliqa for sure. This will replace eth.

Waterloo Engineer here

Not a billionaire

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I srsly cringed at that post, reminds me my kukked coworkers

Idk but I have enough omg to retire WHEN it reaches eth prices

Personally I believe JNT is an almost guaranteed 1000x.

Not sure about the rest, but based on how JNT actually works, it looks solid.

I want to diversify however, which is why I have been researching.

This reminds me of all the "eos is just an erc20 token" fud. Eos will be the next coin to challenge bitcoin's mc because it will basically deliver on what ethereum failed to live up to. It will being dapps to normies by hiding the complexities of the blockchain and letting normies use apps without paying fees or waiting hours for transactions.

Neo will be extremely valuable in the future if they succeed because of the fact that a maximum of 65 million people in the world can own a neo token, and they're in a good position to cooperate with the Chinese government.

>moon thread
>only one mention of NULS

Please tell me I’m not gonna get JUSTed on that.

Yea man your list looks backwards as fuck..

I do agree though the pajeet coins do seem pajeeety.

LINK JNT and maybe REQ arent pajeet IMO.

Mid tier looks decent.

Everything except the most obscure and dead shitcoins get shilled on Veeky Forums, you mongoloid fuck.

I would be interested in your calculations on how that high price will be achieved. Not trolling, I really want to know how one can quantitatively calculate/estimate that.

I heard about NULS.

Forgot to add it to the list, it was shilled in the last thread as the next "NEO".

Personally im hesistant with CHINK / GOOK coins now, gotten burned a couple times , NO MORE

why is OMG so comfy?

>Waterloo Engineer here

If you're in the valley you're probably doing ok

Yes man, look up what smart contracts are and which industries want to use them and what they do.
tl;dr Smart contracts cut out the middle man EVERYWHERE.
Financial industry, Insurance industry are some of the biggest users of smart contracts.
what also brings me to REQ which could also pull a x1000 since it heavily depends on LINK.
REQ is gonna be the first real step towards paperless invoices and remote auditing.
Its fucking mindblowing man.

REQ LINK has so much hype, i really wonder now.

Gonna look into them further cause ill admit I dont know shit but the memes.

chink scam

the post in the screenshot falls for the same things people are falling for now though. the reason it was smart to bet on vitalik was because hes been around since the beginning. how many shitcoins todsy are created by people that have no experience with bitcoin at all?

too many people looking to make money by creating a coin, why bother betting on chinkcoins like that when you could be buying something created by people that have been in this space from the very beginning.

RKT . screencap this. you will only connect dots in backwards....

we get it, you're in LINK

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sergey hasn't been in bitcoin from the beginning, no. and judging by what they've created he doesn't seem to understand the economic incentive side of things very well either.

oh, you're dumb after all. my mistake.

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I see where you're coming from.

What coins are you interested in long term?

You don‘t need any math to know that, the signs are just everywhere.

Not bad kid, only a few mistakes.

Probably I'm the only person in the whole thread who sees which coin you're hinting at.

Inform yourself before its too late

Fusion, Nuls, Tomochain, Wanchain, Zilliqa, Dfinity, Nebulas and Universa are the contenders here.

no coin, its just a general principle i use. it's not a great way to "invest" if you wern't early in bitcoin, because you end up investing in coins that are already huge with less growth potential than shitcoins.

Rkt will be huge.

holy fuck user
tell me Your adress and I will suck Your dick

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He's been in Bitcoin since 2011 at the latest. And I'm not talking about him taking personal interest in Bitcoin, but institutional investing during his time at QED Capital.

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Databroker DAO (ticker is DTX). Pic related. I will delete this post in 30 minutes.

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Is this actually good, looks like an exchange..

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I mean Tomo is 50 cents right now damn. Probably closest to fitting the bill.

JNT > whatever the fuck tha is

not interested in investment monkeys, only people that have been involved in the technology for a long time, in a lot of cases before bitcoin was even around, just developing other kinds of decentralized tech.

maybe if sergey was running a fund "institutional investing" would count for something.


just like 10s of other eth clones
good luck betting you money on that lol

>Mid tier

You have to keep in mind tt was a different mindset back then, and hindsight is 20/20. I browsed Veeky Forums back when stocks were mostly shilled and crypto wasn't often mentioned. I'm one of those idiots who had so many opportunities to buy but simply didn't. 2017 showed everyone what crypto could do so there's too many people competing for those low market cap coins with low supply. Point being, opportunities like ETH or LTC aren't going to just come along again unless you have a crystal ball. There are far too many projects, it's like throwing a dart at a board blindfolded and drunk. Literally the best anyone can do is and buy and hold the ones that are already "safe" bets, or perhaps try to catch ETH at the bottom before it moons again. As long as BTC continues to shit the bed, unfortunately so will alts.

if there is no fees and you don't need the eos tokens how will they become more expensive?

Gonna get out of that soon, not a long term flex.

What coin are u getting at user?

B-b-but their testing the main net, and wallets.

Chinese people wouldn’t just go on the internet and tell lies. Remember when funds were safe? Remember?

You're right. Maybe it's just me, but I sense a subtle reference to Dan in your words

I feel many are missing the point here.

Back then ETH was a totally new idea, that's why people shitted on it because they didn't understand it.

Hardly any of these 'contenders' mentioned are new ideas, eos etc, they are all just eth packaged differently.

To find the new eth you look for something again that is totally new, stuff like sky, radix, fuck even xby. That's the level you have to be looking at.

Eos to ETH is like Samsung to Apple, yes it will compete and rise in price but is it anything different? Not really.

Lets say
You should think about buying it

Seriously. The fact that Veeky Forums was shilling multiple coins where a small one thousand dollar investment would later turn into 1m is kind of shocking. Like fuck, had you simply been here in early '17 or earlier, and threw just a SINGLE paycheck at one of the shilled coins and held, you'd have made it.

>Veeky Forums shilling ETH at 60c, 1k investment would peak at 2,240,000 usd
>Veeky Forums shilling antshares at 10c, 1k investment would peak at 1,800,000 usd
>Veeky Forums shilling xrb at 1c, 1k investment would peak at 3,400,000 usd

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Throw in Zebi. Biz will avoid it like the plague due to it being a pajeet project. Meanwhile Shillina makes massive profits and retires a billionaire.

I will stay and see if there will be an actual exchange, so far all the fud was btfo.

EOS? Dan Larimer debated with literal Satoshi in 2009

4k ark. that nets you ~1 ark a day by staking. in a year or two you could quit your job and live off those dividends

EOS tokens are used as bandwidth on the network. DApp creators can either stake this cost themselves or transfer it to users in a similar tx fee/gas method ETH uses now.

Are you retarded? What did Vitalik do before Bitcoin was around? Finishing middle school and growing his first pubic hair?

And your "ideology" for picking projects doesn't do shit for making actual money. Many chink projects with govt. connections pump so much and they have no background in the tech whatsoever.

My guess is ARK, Enigma and Cardano.

SUB has failed multiple times to deliver on scheduled dates, and its team hasn't convinced me that they'll be able to do so in the future. On the other hand, 0x has a great team and product, but I think with all the developments in the exchange space they're going to be hard-pressed to find customers for their protocol.