You were warned

you were warned.

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bye bye cückbook

A Ruby script for collecting phone record statistics from a Facebook user data dump

true if above average size

Should I short FB?

Zuckerbot is going to get raped by niggers in jail, and his chinese wife will laugh.

no wonder zuck was selling off his shares KEK

it was clear from the beginning that fakebook was a big jew data mining fraud to feed mossad and the jewish funded law enforcement apparatus in every town city and state in us more hummans for their law machine of human destruction . if i say kill them all its only a metaphor ;)

This ship is sinking. But don't worry, social networks are going to move to the blockchain.

you know that screen that pops up when you install anything on your phone?
snapchat needs access to your:

phone calls

They don't need all that shit, they use that data & sell it.
Your nudes, your voice conversations, texts,everything.

This shit is insane & is why i hate installing anything on my phone. It's free for a reason

>And what now Mister Zuckerstein?
>We are waiting..

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Short FB Coin with 100x leverage right now on Bitmex!!!

Like anyone is surprised? Really? (((He))) stole Facebook from two chads exactly for this shit

Post this everywhere. This is huge. That's why I don't download anything, text, or send pictures. Haven't done that since high school 10 years ago.
Fuck Zuckerberg for that. Power of greed is too much for these people.

and i have to ask why this guy spent 7.4 hours on the phone with his gf's mm

>social networks are going to move to the blockchain
so it would be impossible to delete your private data at all?

> agree to let fb collect data when signup
> chimp out when you realize they've been collecting data

I don't get what these retards expected?

so you just make a new identity

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>so you just make a new identity
why would i need memechain for chat?

Use your key to make it private, you must sign any transaction allowing others to see it (put them on your friends list)
this is actually a really cool idea.
A dapp like facebook, but with no central control, and only you get to determine who sees your data.
only issue is i don't think anyone would buy tokens

to see your data go to your facebook settings

click 'Download a copy of your data' they'll email it to you

once it's downloaded, you can open it to extract all the files out. then open the 'index.htm' file and go to the 'contact info' tab

>only issue is i don't think anyone would buy tokens

Why should I care?
I barely use Fuckbook and I'm only shitposting on Whatsapp.

People who dumb all their details on "social" networks are retarded.

>download a "copy" of your data
>thats all we have trust us

>only issue is i don't think anyone would buy tokens
thats true about 99% blockchain projects
this market will die the day majority realizes that blockchains are just glorified decentralized ledgers and doesn't need to have tokens

Congrats on demonstrating that you don't understand shit about blockchains.

I'm Sorry Your Data Was Stolen
a Mark Zuckerberg production

>Congrats on demonstrating that you don't understand shit about blockchains.
prove me wrong faggot

holy shit just leave please

Without tokens who's going to foot the bill for securing the blockchain and running apps on it

but if i dont have facebook, how can i access tinder?

Tinder helped me with my game

>Without tokens who's going to foot the bill for securing the blockchain and running apps on it
oh gee i don't know, maybe decentralized meant that every user should pull his weight?
maybe blockchain supposed to be revolutionary because it will be free, not because it created farce market with unsustainable speculatory growth?

The King

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Wtf are you talking about you commie cunt, no one is going to give you anything for free

>cool new people
>Sam Brownback

this was their downfall

haven't they taught you in school that word free have several meanings?

>my partner

jesus christ the level of soy faggitry of the EU

Quick rundown on Fagbook during these last days?

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>talking and sharing music with your middle school crush on MySpace
>posting pictures with you and your friends from the Apple photobooth
>learning html to make your page look cool

Fuck man, MySpace was comfy as fuck. When MySpace died in 2009, the old 2000s internet era went with it.

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This would work on EOS. It could function similar to Steemit with a UI more like FB than Medium. EOS allows users to interact on dapps without tokens/fees/gas. It's coming.

Some of my favorite memories of using the internet were those days. If we all mass leave FB can we go to something that has profile songs again? Shit was fun.

Before this web there was a strict common sense rule that said do not put any identifying information on the internet. Now we're here.

also only reason i have facebook

I was just thinking about that the other day. I remember it was a rule to not give out too much information, talk/meetup with strangers from the internet etc. Now we live stream our lives for corporations to sell and have one night stands on Tinder. Oh and willingly get in stranger's cars with Uber&Lyft. I'm doing everything I was told not to growing up

Typical fucking commie. Can't wait for the day we will be throwing your kind out of the helicopters.

I don't give a shit. Never had Facebook.

Bruh. If you have an account they have all your info. You don’t actually need to use it or be logged in.

how's that unregulated market treating you with heavy bags of useless shitcoins? what do you feel when you think some blockchain entrepreneur that bought a lambo with your money?

The fuck are you talking about nigger? I'm literally 20x up since November.

Of course, selling data is the business model. No way a couple ads is enough to facilitate the power needed to host literal billions of users.

who are you kidding, faggot
you are just a filthy larper like the rest of this board

You posted this on /pol/ last night. I called you a faggot then op and you are even more of a faggot today

Jealous, you smelly commie?

Commies aren’t known for being smart and you prove this.

>they have all the SMS meta data but trust them, they didn't store the message text too

hehe goyim

Myspace was ahead of its time

>I was just thinking about that the other day. I remember it was a rule to not give out too much information, talk/meetup with strangers from the internet etc. Now we live stream our lives for corporations to sell and have one night stands on Tinder. Oh and willingly get in stranger's cars with Uber&Lyft. I'm doing everything I was told not to growing up


>Agree to let a mechanic look at your car whenever it's in the shop
>Chimp out when he is in your house cataloguing your Jewelry
Out kike shill

>I told everyone this like 8 years ago and they just laughed and laughed at me

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It was cool when Obama did it but it's not cool when Trump does it. Does that help? Here's Maxine Waters bragging about their giant database they have on everyone.
>inb4 back to Pol
I'm tired of Drumpf too but you know what I hate more? Hypocrisy.

I had a facebook account from Feburary 2011 to March 2013. How fucked am I?

You don't even need an account to track you they still have a profile on you and track you through your friends communicating with you and can still build a rather accurate profile of you.

You should be using a fake identity for that anyways don't let thots track you down with your real info foolish kids.

Can you do this to other people’s profiles too or just your own?

People are extremely booty bothered that Facebook sold their data so some company that then used the data to target voters to vote for Drumpf. Apparently Bolton also used that data to target people so they wouldn't be "limp wristed" about war with Iran which is the part the media isn't talking about and pisses me off. They're trying to social engineer us into being shitty tin soldiers for foreign interests.

Now imagine how much data Google and Apple are able to collect through Android/iOS

Whatever happened to all those people saying you're a dangerous criminal and mentally unstable if you didn't put all your information on Facebook? There were articles about it in mainstream news sites and I've heard multiple people tell me "privacy is dead". Now they're saying they're so worried about their privacy this company has to go down.

>tfw McAfees stupid Spyware app was correct

So how will this inevitability lead to Congress demanding more regulation of the internet?

hi biz

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kikes don't do things for free.
welcome to the real world millennials.

>Dump it

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I downloaded my Facebook data, there wasn't anything more than what I had already made public. Unless I'm looking at the wrong thing, I guess using all of those facebook blockers did end up paying in the end.

i don't use social media for this reason. but don't you think they're tracking 4channers too?

>zuck thought he had a chance at becoming president next term

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i doubt they'd be tracking biz, it's mostly trolling.

Intelligence agencies are probably tracking all the boards, and there some paid people at least here, but it's different.

well if it's intelligence they're looking for, what better place?

Bolt, the OG social media site that pre-dated them all.

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economic war, crypto psyops to destroy usd

They're earning their salary, that's for sure.

the absolute state of fakebook

There’s a setting on the iPhone that says “Allow Facebook to access cellular data.”
Turn it off. started in 1993. wasn't quite social media but it was definitely "web 2.0"

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the cat is out of the bag for sure now.
>confirmed FB stock sell rating incoming


You can use a phone number to make a tinder fucking idiot. I use facebook, my phone number and a burner phone number so bitches have to swipe me 3 times increasing my chances. I still havent had a single match yet but thats because im brown and 5ft 1 but none of them know i have 1000 link. stupid whores. fuck tinder

Totse days are probably why im on a watchlist and banned for entering america even tho they still wont tell me why :(

Lmao Jewbook is done for

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>huuur duur they are spying on us

lmao fucking normies this has been common knowledge since the PATRIOT act back in 2001

dumb fucking normies holy FUCK, this is entry level shit too if only they knew what was really going on

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Telecom companies have also been collecting call and Metadata since the beginning of cell phones.
People are distraught by this because it seems they had no idea,
before, on how much information the companies might have on them.
Same thing with the Cambridge analytica thing... If you can target people via fb ads yourself, why are these people revolted at being targeted by campaign ads?

no normalfags cared about Snowden either
this news is lit-er-ally irrelevant

kek imagine having to cope with life this hard

Wrong board OP.

Bet you won't find his ass anywhere near Iowa or New Hampshire after this.

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>he shorted 100x
>put him to sleep then pump it

But this is about DRUMPF!!!