ITT: OP is looking for to raise investment capital for a contemporary pop art tangential jewelry project from Veeky...

ITT: OP is looking for to raise investment capital for a contemporary pop art tangential jewelry project from Veeky Forums.

Hoping a fresh set of folks will see this today. Will be answering questions on this thread.

I am a goldsmith. I have 15+ projects that need materials and labor covered, ranging from $5-30k in expenses, per project.

Offering 50/50 profit split on any project.
Jewelry generally has a minimum 3x return.
This is a short term 2x, with minimal risk, as the materials investment has a well established value and can easily becomes liquid again, if needed.

Literally would be the funniest shit if I found investment on Veeky Forums.

Being as I don't want anyone to impersonate me later in the thread, my contact is: [email protected]

Want to do (very well executed) ridiculous things with some of the most valued materials on Earth + make a lot of money and contribute to contemporary pop art?

Let's do it.

>inb4: “You’re begging for money”
>Wrong, I’m making a solid offer
>inb4: “You’re a scammer”
>Wrong, your skepticism does not equal my intentions
>inb4: “OP stole the first pic! He’s a liar.”
>Not claiming first pic is my work, it’s my competitions
>inb4: “Why Veeky Forums?”
>For the lolz

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Happy Saturday everyone!
Too many people are asking me to jump through hoops for “proof” when they *clearly* aren’t interested.
Any validation can be assessed privately.

>Also, full disclosure: I have a few other sources of investment lined up for this project.
>Having multiple options is beneficial.


Happy to field all questions here. Fully anticipate trolls.
Will (mostly) ignore them.

Bump because OP isn’t an idiot.

Bump because I’m not an idiot

>getting indignant because people are asking for more validity when you literally want an anonymous community of people to just hand over between 75000 and 450000 dollars

Youre an idiot, probably the dumbest OP ive ever seen on any Veeky Forums board, get off this board and dont ever come back, moron

Not at all indignant. More that happy to provid any validation for interested parties.

But there’s no reasonable way to provide proof to someone who’s only trolling in the first place, and I’m not falling into that trap.

>still thinks anons are going to give him thousands of dollars just because he samefagged a thread on biz
Im trying to help you here because you lack serious awareness. If this is a project you want to do, find a real way to fund it. You wont convince anyone here, and youre hurting your credibility within your small pool of potential customers (not that you will ever produce a single item to sell)

You aren’t making sense, but I appreciate the concern. In fact, outside of real world opportunity, I’ve connected with 3 interested parties using this platform. Additionally, I’m anonymous, my credibility with my customer base isn’t influenced even remotely by this. I think you may be holding some misunderstanding.

>acting condescending
>still thinks anons are just going to give him 6 figures worth of cash for him to spend at his discretion for the promise of "future profits"

Additionally, I have historically produced and sold gold jewelry, just moving into a new tier. And my background is in marketing, if I had determined that this would be in any way detrimental to the project I wouldn’t have done it.

I think you’re reading into my tone.
I’m very flatly countering assumptions you made.

Additionally, on the record, happy to provide any validation, and potentially enter into a contractual obligation with the right party.

And, I’m not looking for all the money in a lump sum. This can be on a project-to-project basis.

>This is a short term 2x, with minimal risk, as the materials investment has a well established value and can easily becomes liquid again

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>youre the one with the problem
>stop being so difficult and just give me money for free to buy gold to resell
>look how good of a deal this is you can pay me little bits at a time

That’s accurate information, and a respectable short term return.

I’m comfortable with your skepticism.

>look how reasonable I am in the face of skepticism
>so other people looking might still give me money for nothing

Literally not trying to court you as an investor. Just setting the record straight, very plainly, to dispell potential assumptions of others on the thread.

>look how reasonable I am in the face of skepticism
>so other people looking might still give me money that I can use to make more money and return to them

>others in the thread
>implying other people will think this is a legitimate investment opportunity if they see you respond "reasonably" enough times
Oh boy look how calm and punctuated his semtences are, better send some bitcorns over right now!

It is a legitimate investment opportunity.
You are conflating your skepticism with my intentions.

I understand, and respect that you’re skeptical but that does not mean that either myself, nor my plan are illegitimate.

I love these conversations. But frankly I’d prefer to be defending the integrity of the idea, production pipeline and marketing plan instead. If anyone wants to hit me up privately I’d love to do that.



Quit bumping your own scam thread. 6PkVtM4s and kK3IEOnu are the same person. You did this last night where the first few comments were just you talking to yourself, appearing to have an organic conversation. Don’t fall for it anons!

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Hey retard! I was the one who outed your samefagging yesterday, I see youre still "owning" it lmao.
Daily reminder this is a FUCKING SCAM

Of course I’m bumping my own thread!
That doesn’t mean it’s a scam!

btw check those



What kind of investment are you expecting and what kind of profit are we looking at

What's the roi on this? Per dollar invested into you?

thirsty scammer

Your dumb scam is stupid.

Projects I want to hit immediately range from $5-30k in expenses. A 3x margin and a 50/50 profit splits means doubling your money in the near term.

Feel free to email if interested.

No matter how many times you call it a scam, it won't make it a scam.







The desperacy shows its a scam

Just keeping a thread alive dog. Fully understand your skepticism but it’s still not a scam.

Ima hit it with another bump.

scamming is a sin

>not a scam
every scammer says that

Ok. But also people who aren’t scamming say that.

Btw just reread these, this guy is hilarious. I lol’d


Interesting, i have a few friends in the jewelry industry and would like to know more. Email sent.


Why does it say Space Jambo?

Custom piece designed and produced for a rapper called Spacejam Bo.

Not my work, somewhat representative of the direction moving forward but not perfectly.

kys you fucking pajeet scammer

"dog" as slang is still used in india in the current year

Interesting tidbit. I’m in America tho.

Idk why but my user ID got reset. Still OP tho.

Y’all are ridiculous. I’m not a scammer. There would be such an opportunity cost to receiving investment capital and not executing.

To the people who have emailed me to whom I have not yet responded:
I appreciate your time and interest. I will return your emails shortly. There seems to be a connectivity issue affecting my mobile phone, preventing me from sending Yahoo emails.
I have not forgotten about you.

To reiterate,
contact email is:
[email protected]

shoo desperate scammer

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Still here answering questions.

>Told I’m a scammer 80 times
>Still not a scammer

Participate in a legitimately interesting thread.
Not the same fucking 50 threads asking which crypto to buy.

>also bump

Still here answering questions.

>Doesn't respect dubs
Go fuck yourself, scam or not you are getting nothing.
>easy 2x...
2x is practically nothing, i made more than that when i woke up this morning

>Doesn’t respect trolls, dubs or not.
>2x short term is respectable.
>People hodl over 10%

And that's exactly what Rakesh would say. We're not paying for your potty training OP


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>Be white boy in Southern California
>Get called Rakesh
>Begone troll

Go pnd more crypto. I don’t care about your unsustainable 1000000x

t. Rakesh Ranganathan from New Delhi




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Sage isn’t even a thing anymore!

It actually is

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Damn, learn something new.
Only thing I do with sage is sautée it with butter.

What about Nicholas Sage? Is he still a thing?

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Have you seen Bad Lieutenant tho? Hilarious.


Nobody is begging you weirdo.
Thanks for the bump though.

Don't think so. I saw the porn with Brittany Andrews though. It was mediocre

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>Spoiler: Nicholas Cage and Xzibit smoke crack.
Otherwise terrible movie.

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>Alright kids get your moms credit card.
Legitimately not a scammer though.

Still here, answering actual questions.

>ID change because home now.

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K. I honestly don't mind bumps.

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You not taking me seriously ≠ everyone not taking me seriously

it grows in all fields. I ain't bumping your shit

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Interesting, I thought that comments on threads bumped them, but maybe I was mistaken.


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Still here, answering actual questions.

I’m interested. Are you selling jewelry to niggers for their drug money?