Jibrel Network

>Storm 150% gains over the last days

>BNB daily 15% gains over the last days

Could you imagine hodling this shitcoin?

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imagine selling it right before it starts to moon


this. 100$ EOY

please sir dont buy

There are at least 2 or 3 Jibrel FUD thread per day.

I hope you are paid for that because even playing video games is more productive at this point.

Another dead coin. No one is buying, everyone is trying to get rid of it. Why do you think the price is tanking for months? Glad I got out at 40 cents, can't believe I bought this shitcoin without doing any research. Wouldn't have bought in the first place.

Check the jibrel wallets on etherscan. You'd be surprised just how little JNT is on the exchange wallets. Most people are holding with iron hands. People are FUDing this to get their buy orders in.

Fuck you and your sandnigger coin. As you see basically nobody wants to buy this shitcoin otherwise the price would rise. Stop coping and look once at the orange line at CMC

This. How come the price keeps tanking if everyone is supposedly accumulating? What kind of logic is that? So few people are selling only because there is no liquidity in buy orders. Literally no one wants those bags.

Keep dreaming. Bags are getting heavy, huh?

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you are one ugly nigger you fucking homo

It's up 9% this past week.

And down 30% in the past 3 weeks? What's your point?

Like everything else?

Still outperforming bitcoin and Ethereum. JNT has been beating the market so far when most alts do worse than the big boys.

That's what dumb people like you told me when I holded BTC from 2014 to 2017.

Trips confirm
Checked and kekked

From 8k satoshi down to 3,3k is beating the bitcoin? Can you send me the stuff you are on right now?

Trips of truth, cannot win an argument against you, but how many alts thought they would be the next ETH and BTC? :)

I didn't buy the top. Very few people did. Most people have been holding from 35-40 cents.

Jibreltoken make you very rich my friend. Allah will bless all who hold. Ehehehehehe

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very bad news coming for jibrel. sell bags asap on bibox

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Nice, just bought 3k more, but unironically.

Talal admitted already to exit scamming on the telegram this morning. Surprised no one mentioned this yet

Big if true.

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I was banned on their Telegram until yesterday but I still can't go there.

So they lied about the medium article right? It isn't coming out this week.

Where do you get your random statistic from?

No sir, exit scam proceeding. Do the needful, sir.

Just check the volume. I've been watching this token for a while.

So basically it is made up shit? Thanks for confirming your random numbers

Whatever nigger

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This is a good coin but it was doing well until a group of gimps led by Frank Gallagher and Dat Boi spread a load of FUD that caught on and the price tanked.

The JNT telegram is the most toxic ever.

I got banned from the telegram like a month ago kek so I wouldn't know.

Seriously though where is the medium article.

idk man they can release it tomorrow and it'd be on time still. Not sure if they actually will because the team are pretty shit at actually meeting their deadlines.

Who cares i truly hope they dont and this gets fudded to 0.20 i need one more large purchase and then this thing can take off if it wants to

That is up for the webpage to decide no?

lol yeah right, the only FUD for this token has been absolute shit and I really doubt it deterred anyone with half a brain. Also Veeky Forums isn't a huge community, just look at LINK. It's shilled non stop and still hasn't caught on anywhere else.

Dan, my nigga, you're tripping ahahahahahahaha

t. B1RDM4N

you know a coin is trash when some fucking medium article is the next milestone that bagholders cling onto

>muh seed
>muh $200m tokenized
>muh banks will begg us
>muh institutions
>muh don tapscott
>muh CZ on the conference
>muh Da Hongfei on the conference

keep bleeding faggots meanwhile I dumped that trash right after the ico for like good 3x kek

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>muh $200m tokenised

They're on SEEDs website, they have an office in their building. There's a picture of talal shaking hands with the guy. Thomson Reuters reported it.

Only brainlets thought they would market buy JNT of Bibox and the price would pump straight away. This coin will be big, maybe not right away but it will get there.

very interesting how you singled out this coin op, you'd think this is the only coin performing worse than storm and bnb

so they either haven't tokenized shit or they lied saying they will have to hold at least an equivalent in jnt
either way, shitcoin

Where is the article guys?

Wow, amazing point. If someone doesn't happen immediately that means it'll never happen. Fucking imbecile.

it is almost as if he had an ulterior motive
hmm, i wonder what that could be...

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You cucks that believe that 2 people are causing this fud are fucking retarded.

What about delayed announcements, what about no communication from the team, what about promises that weren't kept?

You need help remembering?

Especially you Dan. No offense brother but your reasoning is off somewhere

Can we FUD this all the way to 0.20 please

Yes let me call Frank and Dat Boi.

>2 B exchange listings still missing
>new website with fcking arab language was promised to launch 2 weeks ago
>new roadmap for further details was promised 2 weeks ago
>SEED announcement was delayed even though talal promised mutlipled times it will happen in mid feb
>tokenizing should have an effect in under 60days in mcap, talals own words - so far it is going down
>medium blog post is due this week, because they were not able to speak about the details with the media oulets? lmao

You will keep chasing shitcoins all day long, good luck

This wont age well faggot

Who gives a fuck? Do you really think they care about lunch money investors that might bump the price 0.5 cents or so based on some shit updates to a webpage/a article when they work with institutional money?

I don't get the reason why you would solely gamble on institutional money. Crypto is far off from mass adoption since it cannot even solve the scalability issue. I guess you don't care about money, but keep holding onto the coin. Any day from now the institutional money will keep flooding in. :)

A mathematical question for you. Why would anyone double down on there investment and furthermore risk a random percentage of a so called pledge to benefit from arbitrage and what other adventages you find from tokenizing financial assets? Since you sound very comitted you will be able to easily answer this one.

Trips of truth, cannot win an argument against you

insider's minion here, i just was in an emergency conference call with my boss. The tokenization is happening, but the store of value is actually a shorted derivative of JNT. price should go lower and lower if any assets get tokenized. i'm amazed how evil this is. dont be victimized anons


Anyone had luck withdrawing from Bibox? My JNT has been pending for like an hour.

because you bagholders were never able to answer the most basic question that first comes to mind to anyone that has half a brain
why would anyone tokenize his real money into erc20 shitcoins?

>hurr durr read the whitepaper you brainlet, it's for institutions

4 times with no issues

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How long did it usually take?

This has been answered so many times but you can believe what you want. The proof of its appeal to institutions is that SEED has already committed to using it. Make of that what you will.

Very quick. Open a ticket with them
You sure you used the right address?

so SEED wants to use it, Jibrel wants to tokenize it
what is it that's stopping them then?

for a start they plan to be chain agnostic you cunt

I would recommend this, I had she same issue a week ago and a support dude from the TEL helped me almost instantly, just make sure you are talking with a real admin.

sir i help account information?

That's why people are interested about this medium post. They said there would initially be a pilot of jCash and the mechanics are still uncertain. Everyone just needs to have a little patience.

Bought at 28 cents, bags are feeling light af considering the future prospects of this coin. Couldn’t feel comfier.

I meant to buy in at ICO, missed it, then bought in when it was listed at 27 cents, I don't know what these threads are hoping to achieve but I'm comfy as all hell.
>coin dips a lil, stagnates even
>tards on Veeky Forums personify the collective hodlers as brainlets who all bought in at ATH and get smug

>new website with fcking arab language was promised to launch 2 weeks ago

Kek the FUD is so weak they have to make up deadlines

I don’t recall any deadline besides soon for the new website and roadmap

Username: Pajeet
Password: SuperPower2020

>muh deadlines
>muh moon
yea it's pretty weak FUD, deadlines to clients are more important than to "investors"/community. the community is needed to shill during the next bullrun but that's about it.

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>adventages you find from tokenizing financial assets
in a smart-contract based economy, tokenized assets are going to be the only way to do anything

JNT fudders prolly trying to get some limit orders for them to buy.

Sorry guys, you gonna have to wait post moon to buy this one.

Had to market buy today, no one is selling anymore. But not finished accumulating yet. Hopefully the price will stay this low or goes even lower.

But really though where is this medium article that is supposed to save the coin.

Only weak handed nervous curryniggers actually care.

I wouldn't be surprised if it came late

the coin does not need saving, who the fuck even cares about that article seriously

and JNT fudders need to just kill themselves, like right now

When to dump icx to hop on jnt jibfamily?

The coin is doomed.

I am thankful to fudders. Still have time to accumulate. The price is ridiculous, I'm having a hard time not fomoing with half of my portfolio.

your mothers hemorrhoids are doomed after im done with her, faggot

That article is never coming out and the coin is never going above 40 cents. Its a shitcoin and you were tricked. Enjoy killing yourself a few months when everything is in the green and JNT is 5 cents and you remember this very post.

k lol

relax dude. guy is just trying to buy shit from weak handed biz faggots. But seriously though, at this point, there's noone to buy off of. volume is low cause nobody wants to sell their moon mission