What comes after Capitalism?

What comes after Capitalism?

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more capitalism

Anarcho Capitalism

Second coming

with any luck.

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Slavery, which is much better for us at the top.

the rule of good. truism. 111

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Mad Max Feudalism.

I like this.


True Capitalism has never been tried.

Royal decree by Ben "NSDAP from sea to sea" Garrison

kill yourself pathetic ancap manchild

India tier economy and society.

late stage capitalism


South Africa.

post the original

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TLP? Based.

socialist utopia

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I wish

Correct. Endless graft, shit-tier fiefdoms, and slums with 10s of millions of people.

La Revolucion

This then post scarcity.
Of course some stuff is always scarce, like say antimatter or gold pressed latinum. For those items capitalism will still exist. The book diamond age addressed this well. People had nano fabrictors in every house. The basic feedstock line was free. Enough for basic food and house supplies.

The truth is that the income derived from labor has been greatly reduced agaist the income gained from capital. When most people's labor is not needed , the unwashed masses can be exterminated because they are not needed anymore. I wonder if the rulers of the world will just release a super virus to kill 90% of the population (low skilled labor) that will no longer be needed. If you think you/we have a say in any of this and you are not planning to eliminate the true rulers of the world (not their well off lapdogs) right now, you/we dont really have any hope in the matter. The truth is we are at their mercy unless the system breaks down before they eliminate us.

Rule by the most ethically pure.

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Nationalist uprising

Star Trek


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National Socialism

Or just AnCap and let the poor and unskilled die

the honesy answer no one wants is Socialism
then communism. I hate communism as much as the next guy but we move in a direction toward just letting someone else to the work for us(gooberment). and one day government will do ALOT for us, not everything like communsim tries to do now but ALOT

barter town

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Waste of a response to someone that has no clue what is coming.


It is tied to nature, people will always rebel back to it

Either a technocracy or pure anarchy/tribalism. Either we achieve Singularity through capitalistic processes or it fails and the civilizational superstructure collapses.

Read Rene Girard. Read Nick Land.

Universal basic income which will only exacerbate the problem. Nigs won't have to hustle the street corner selling crack rocks anymore, they'll start playing the knockout game out of boredom. Robbing people for fun. I am fully in support for the militarizarion of our police force, I'm white and I don't break the law

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sorry folks, the answer was "extinction". better luck next t-

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whichever system is found to be better obviously

Esoteric techno fascism


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my man

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Usa for example have very high average wealth per adult but very low median wealth per adult.

1% of population has 40% of the wealth. Bottom 90% has 20% of the wealth. This is steady decline and 1% is steady rising. However the money is not in some kind of money mcscrooges money bin it's invested in economy.

So this is always the result the majority of the wealth always ends up in few hands even if you try to redistribute it. If you force redistribution at 90%-100% tax levels money is not needed anymore and economy collapses as it goes against human nature then.

Technology advancement is the thing that keeps life quality and standard increasing over time. Here and there will be recessions and depressions but basically work hours get shorter each dedaced and life expectancy rises each decade passing by

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The "poor" in capitalist societies is a meme. You can be on welfare and still have a place to live, meals, and a 40 inch LED TV with Xbox. The hate in capitalism is solely based on comparative wealth and jealousy. Fuck poor people.

Artificial Intelligence driven utopia/dystopia

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Usa nor europe is far from capitalist societies. In capitalist societies there would not be income tax, property tax etc. you would really be able to own your property etc. It's individual ownership now we have government ownersip which is very socialist system

Unhinged Boomer Income

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Actually, unironically this.

Poor people should be forced to eat each other for sustinence.

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According to Commies, capitalism is one neccesary societal transition state to communism.

I hope for Ancap though. True capitalism.