Is there anyone who made it using methods other than basically getting lucky with hodling BTC during 2017/early 2018? How did you do it? (Trustfund babbies pls do not reply)
I feel like every time I ask some user on Veeky Forums who made it they always say the same thing about holding from mid-2017 or earlier.
Obviously this doesn't really help anons like me who got onboard late, or worse, at the peak (I got on around $10K so I still feel a little bad but not enough to go to /r9k/ asking for methods to end it peacefully).

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Do research. If you bought bnb 3 days ago you'd be up 50%

there are tons of coins outside the top 100

but im sure your too lazy to research

so just kys

I bought a PBC subscription in October and made good 40-50% gains each on the Jan, Feb, March pumps by writing a page scraper bot and being first to buy on binance.

Doesn't really feel the greatest dumping on oblivious peoples' faces at the peak, but a nigga's got to do what a nigga's got to do. I held altcoins when I wasn't pumping and dumping though so I'm still only up 30% from December.

Riding the BNB waves right now for what it's worth. Feels really good making money from an organic pump for once.

>page scraper bit
Please let me know more, I don't really know much about these, other than knowing a bit about web scraping.
Not sure how to incorporate these into a bot.

it's a spaghetti coded piece of shit, but it does the job. I had to learn everything from scratch and I am a complete brainlet when it comes to coding. Simple shit like GET requests in curl, signature hashing so I can send my username/pass to the website, etc. I figured it was worth the pain if it meant I could reliably 1.5x my stack every month. So far working out.

I wrote it in PHP which is perfectly sufficient for the job, though I would recommend Python if you ever actually plan on writing a robust piece of software and not just a piece-of-shit scambot.

Can you give us fellow bizraelis some resources to start?

Just look up 'baby's first trade bot' guides for PHP on youtube. They'll usually show you some basic examples, link to github code you can tool around with and use as a base to build from while you're learning concepts. There are bot libraries out there you can incorporate into your code to make interacting with exchanges vastly easier. You should do that instead of what I did, which is write my own functions for each exchange action like a retard.

If you asking how to build a scraper for PBC, you're out of luck unless you have a subscription. If you're asking how to build a general-purpose scraper, look into curl which is the protocol you'll typically use to make HTTP requests. I've been thinking of building a twitter feed scraper that jacks into the top 300 coins' twitters and reads for tweets containing words like 'announce' ' partnership' 'proud' etc. Have no idea if the effort would be profitable though.

how many trades per day on average does the bot do?

I got in right after Christmas. I held through the entire crash, but despite that I'm not even down right now. It sounds ridiculous, but as prices kept dropping I simply bought more on the way down because I believe in the technology's potential. The cost averaging ended up great. I also avoided shitcoins like the plague because I knew they would probably get hit harder than the blockchain giants by a crash.

It's never too late to buy the dip user. Crypto will recover. It always does. And when it happens, make sure that you're not looking back wishing you'd bought more when you had the chance. I know it doesn't feel as great having bought at 9k as it would have if you'd bought at 6k, but we're still in a dip. Buying more now will help you average out your loss at the moment and bring you bigger returns once we recover. It's all about this mindset.

You're a reifag so I'm afraid you'll never make it with any amount of advice
sorry pal
if you still wanna try you have solid advice here, research fundamentals, try and find some niche trading strategy for scalping shitcoins (that may involve some amount of social manipulation, just an idea out there)
but statistics are against you, since no successful person so far was a reifag.

'bout myself I made the most from scamming pajeets this year, but I don't want to do that anymore, I got to that position with gains from hodling since mid 2017.

I've been doing exactly what you did, so it has mostly balanced out. I guess I'm just depressed at how stagnant things have been the last few weeks but I think this is how it always is and I'm only noticing because I'm so tuned in because of my stake now.
Thanks for this man

Why would anyone be an asukafag though? Rei is the only decent choice.

Where do you get the info to find what coins will get listed to binance, any website to scrape?

He just told us, dumbo. And I thought what I was doing was asking for spoonfeeding...

>I'm only noticing because I'm so tuned in because of my stake now
Understandable. Don't be afraid to take profits once it recovers nicely. That way you can break even and simultaneously go back to playing with sums of money you can afford to lose. It's easier to get some sleep at night that way, and you'll start to make more calculated investment decisions in the process.

Personally I'll keep gambling with all the money I have, but that's just because I actually can afford to lose it all.

Buy BNB and hold till mid-april

spend hundreds of hours researching

find Vechain


read about Vechain on Veeky Forums

get rich off somebody else’s work

Its like this user is saying, It's already spiked

>no personality
>spicy personality

You choice of eva girl demonstrates your lack of ambition, you rather wallow and sit there until things get really bad and only then you're willing to do something.

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I'm on the east coast US. Every morning I look at every single one trading on Binance, look at all the coins trading under 15c, and favorite each one I think is scraping the bottom or has been at the bottom with a recent slight uptrend. Then look at your favorites, look at the ones you added again, and pick one or two.

Important step three- look at what BTC is doing. If it's trending downward on the 30m chart, wait. If it's trending up or sideways on the 30m chart, go all in on your two picks and wait.

This system has called correctly about 90% of the time. Recently STORM and DNT have been the biggest winners. Just cashed out of DNT.

I'm now on to SNT and (don't laugh) FUN. Good luck

What I look for in a hole are not the attributes I already possess.

>eva girl
If you can't admire Askua's assertive attitude and proactive behavior patterns then you will never make it. That's why I said, reifags, are physically incapable of making it. You can try, but you'll never make it. Given all the resources in the world, you won't make it. You've got good advice from other anons so this thread is pretty good, and you still won't make it.

I'm not even a reifag, though if I was asked to choose, then I'd pick Rei. I've just never really felt the need to, unlike you and others who need their choices validated by others, and you have the cheek to tell me I won't make it. The reason I had that picture was because it kind of goes along with this one, I liked the homescreen design.
Admiring someone for their assertive attitude doesn't necessarily mean that you yourself would make it, similarly, liking a woman for being a good example of a feminine, non-provocative, non-confrontational woman doesn't mean you won't make it.

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>unlike you and others who need their choices validated by others
Don't put words into my mouth, and don't project the need for validation you clearly lack. (You did open this thread, remember?)

>Admiring someone for their assertive attitude doesn't necessarily mean that you yourself would make it
Don't claim I will, but I'm very far away from being in the red. Unlike you, but that's anecdotal evidence.

>similarly, liking a woman for being a good example of a feminine, non-provocative, non-confrontational woman doesn't mean you won't make it.
A normal person having this preference is fine and says nothing about them, but on Veeky Forums, there aren't a lot of normal people, and if they're normal, they've got no idea what a "Rei" or an "Asuka" is. Even if they do they wouldn't save pictures of them on their computers, or use them as phone themes. This leaves only weeb degenerates. I'm gonna assume you're a loser degenerate who spends too much time procrastinating online and occasionally watches anime, you're in no position to prefer a non-provocative partner since your existence is already full of non provocative things. So you either got no appreciation of Asuka or too afraid to stray towards the unfamiliar, leaving you to rot and never make it, or dare I say even try to make it. Point in case you fomoed into crypto in Jan while I'm sure you've heard of it before. You're begging for clues on how to make money when you probably know very well that people who actually make money won't spoonfeed you their strategies because every revenue stream is of limited supply.

Here's another anime ho I like because she's ironically more proactive than your average neet.

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I thought that PBC is a scraper bot that he bought, lol

He refers to Palm Beach Confidential or whatever it's called. Scam report normies follow. user got me thinking though, it's an interesting avenue to follow. I bet a lot of people deploy a similar technique on twitter, like during mcafees shitcoin rampage. But more subtly.