Early adopters

Early adopters, early adopters, early adopters, bull run soon, early adopters!

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Hey newfag, pony is only allowed on /mlp/. No fun allowed sorry.

that's not a pony. That's

More like Rainbow should suck my dick for cash.

>not knowing best pony


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That's also the name of a coin

shut up shut up shut up shut up
she is pure

Best thread

No she is not, She sucks Soarin off after every Wonderbolt show.


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Rainbow Dash best pony.
Flutterfags need not apply.

I dare you to tell me otherwise. I have very strong opinions on this subject.

seriously you guys, stop shorting my wife

She only does that when Spitfire isn't making her munch out her cunt.

Pinkie is best pony

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I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash likes to brap on faces

Good thread no sarcasm

I wouldn't say best but she's acceptable. If you don't like her simply because le randum pony 4th wall break lol, then I'll spare you from the ovens.

stop posting poniues

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Fuck that pink cunt, she always literally ruins bull runs.

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WTF is happening?!? I literally searched for "rocking fetal position" and got this. Where did all the pony fags come from?!?!

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Ur funny

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>bulls got creampied because of her
how can you be sympathetic to that my man?

Ponyfags = natural predators of r*dditors and other filth

When April Fools came around, /mlp/ and /pol/ were fused together, albeit reluctantly, but what ended up happening is that /mlp/ scared off all the newfags, normies, and undesirables. They literally cleansed the board for a good while until that day was over.

always been here faggot
it takes 1 of us to post a pony or an anime girl in the OP and all the autists come out in droves
proud of you boys
almost losing hope in this shit board sometimes

I miss 2012, where did the time fly to?

/mlpbiz/ should happen so I can post memes about it

Veeky Forums doesn't actually have mods/janitors

Nice post, but pony cartoons are not chemo

>hes not all in on LINK

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You might not be an early adopter, but surely you can appreciate these dubs.

good night Veeky Forums, fuck your horses responsibly