Why does Vitalik hate sergey and chainlink...

Why does Vitalik hate sergey and chainlink? If we had his motherfucking endorsement you know different these last six months would have been?

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>The Virgin Cower Vs. The Chad Manspread

He probably realized that a project on his platform is going to completely eclipse his accomplishment and got jealous.

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that photoshop hahahaa
deluded linkies get stinkier each day

Sergey is actually the opposite of Vitalik.
Most people don't like to befriend their opposites.


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Edison = Vitalik
Tesla = Sergey

Also, it's because:

1. Sergey made fucking 36 million dollars to build a shitty Oracle service.

2. Vitalik is against overtokenization and tokenless oracle services make sense to him.

>Veeky Forums literally thinks it knows more about decentralization that Vitalik

fuck thats enraging, they have their own little old boys club. sergey is an outsider, does not know how to network and play the game, kiss the right asses.

Nothing is edited in that photo, you can see it on sergey's twitter. Nice to know the fudders are so shockingly desperate to cope though.

You do realise that Vitalik, is tall, slim and has facial aesthetics. The guy is worshipped like a God no matter where he goes. His whole family are a success.

Oh and sirgay? Well, he just a eastern euro. nuff said.

I'd take Szabo over a portfolio of literal whos and Vitalik any day.

Wanting PoS should be enough to tell you how much Vitalik cares about decentralization.

>a fucking guy who came up with the term smart contract in the 80s and has done nothing since allegedly contributing to the Bitcoin white paper, literally nothing since then. An 80s tech guy. Cool, old, and bygone.

>Vitalik. The literal next Bill Gates and founder of the most revolutionary project since the internet when he was like 20 years old.

Hey, some people gotta be wrong. Glad it isn't me.

kek wtf

Oh so are you a bitcoin maximalists or something?

Please tell me why you're not the boomers of blockchain. Yeah man those 40 year olds know more about computers than these pesky kids!

What a fucking moron.

this. anyone got the look of this web3.0 idea vitalik had. ethereum was supposed to be a part of a solution that was to eclipse the entire current infrastructure. That didn't pan out very well.

This is typical of slavic narcissists, they want to own everything/control everything. If you are a major threat to that, you are seen as the enemy.

>That didn't pan out
Do you know what year it is?

when was the last time you heard of 'swarm' and 'whisper/shh'?

Here's a pic of Sergey's feet. Pretty sexy IMO.

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who cares about the last 6 months. they don't like him because he wants to help banks. why is that hard to understand?

Who cares about what cp supporter thinkz?

lol who sits like this

so a bunch of short sighted echo chamber dumbfucks on the left, and satoshi and a legitimate thinker on the right

really activates my almonds

So this wont pan out well for Linkies then