Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's this token entirely unnecessary?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but it's this token entirely unnecessary?
What's the point of it? Staking? You only get about 50 cents a year. Plasma? That won't be exclusive to OMG.
What does this token do that warrants the price?

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Omg will be the plasma token by default

INB4 OP gets called a Migger

We moon boys

there is no point, visa and mc will just lower their fees and integrate

eth is never going to be adopted beyond erc20 and that’s the main point of omg

overhyped shitcoin by normies dreaming of passive income. if you had a single clue about valuation you'd stay away, expected returns are simply to low to pay anything above 1$ for this garbage coin.

Hi again, it’s me who argues with you and dispelled your FUD. I believe your thread yesterday pertaining to SEA’s banks adoption of ledger tech and your assumption this meant competition with OMG, despite being told numerous times that OMG is in the buisness of payment processsing and banks aren’t.

You say .50 cents? Do you have a source? This is listed on the blog regarding staking and how no amount was listed yet despite your claim

“At this stage, it’s probably most important to explain that there is no way for OmiseGO to control the fee structure. Fees are not controlled by any algorithm, or central party’s decision, but are instead 100% dynamically determined by supply and demand within the network.”

Visa and MC don’t have the tech of a blockchain and a DEX

Thanks, just bought 100k


>What's the point of it? Staking? You only get about 50 cents a year.

That's a better return then 95% of all stocks have you fucking mongrel.

OMG will be a high powered DEX with almost infinite payment scalability.

they will


Every crypto that has first mover advantage when developing a new tech has always performed better than their predecessors. OMG will have first mover advantage


What would the price per token be if this reaches BTC market cap?

In addition What visa are trying to do is enter the market for cross boarder payments with old banking system. Which is more of a threat to ripple and Stella lumens.

Omisego are entering a completely untapped playing field. Omisego will be able to service all the people without bank accounts. Visa will not be able to do this.

paying 10 bucks now to get 50cents a year is not bad. thats 5% dividend yield.


Fuck I'm going to be rich.

Government of Thailand

All but confirmed partners. I'm sure there are plenty more we don't know about.


It's a great gift card.

Their game theory is being a gift card

(yes, I'm referring to the same ID)

>tfw want to buy OMG because Szabo follows them on Twitter but I don't understand what's the point of OMG

do they try to manage payments for Thailand or something? Wtf why is it so particular? Is it a currency coin just for Thailand? ELI5?

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So no one knows what they do?

Omise is a payment processor. 10 seconds in google would have told you that.

OmiseGo will allow individuals, primarily in SEA initially, to purchase goods from merchants with any currency, from crypto to fiat, and the merchant can accept in whatever currency they desire.

Did you read this board or is your CRT Monitor just dim?

Yeah I heard this before, but it doesn't make much sense. What if PayPal starts accepting crypto? What's left for OMG to do? Oh wait, PayPal already accepts Bitcoin through their child company Braintree.

So what's the difference between Braintree and OmiseGo?

Staking rewards from OMG will be,
>4 dollars
>3 dollars
>2 dollars
>1 dollar
>50 cents
>25 cents: Tomorrow
>0 cents: Next Week

Nothing, you are right. Dont buy omg

>Comparing OMG to Paypal
>Literally a brainlet

>once again stumped by basic questions
Are all coin holders retarded? You all get defensive when someone questions your shitcoin

paypal accepts bitcoin. Bitcoin alone.

The key to OMG is payment processing coupled with a DEX. I can pay for an item from a merchant in bitcoin and the merchant receives payment in ethereum, monero, stinkylinky, anythin that is being traded or has liquidity.

No other payment platform can do that.

Additionally, OMG was built with interoperability in mind, meaning PayPal can plug into OMG and be paid in the same manner via the DEX.

fuck they should have looked at paypals homepage first if they accept bitcoin before developing

ahh shit man

At least someone here can answer questions, thanks user

So why DEX in particular over a centralized exchange? Will they use sidechains for token swaps?

Also, surely there'll be a huge problem with liquidity if you want to accept so many currencies?

And how do they deal with law? This is a big show stopped if you want to ramp fiat. There's still the security dilemma, which makes it impossible for any exchange to allow alt fiat exchanges besides for the big coins. Binance promised fiat, Coss promiesd fiat, Metrocoin promised fiat, OMG promised fiat... No one delivered yet

And also importantly... what's OMG's political positioning? How influential are they? What big names support their project to make this a reality?

Is there a roadmap that they managed to adhere to all the time? I'll do my own research to learn more about dev team and stuff, but what important people advocate for OMG? Why are Vitalik and Szabo all over OMG?

You got a spoon now you want the jar. Fuck off baby, feed yourself

You probably can't answer any question anyway so don't flatter yourself. You bought cause anons bought

Shut up faggot, productive discussions are important.

I’m on a phone so excuse my grammar/sentence syntax

1) DEX is simply no central authority, completely autonomous and automatic with no single point of failure. No chance somebody can run off with your money

2) Liquidity is provided by strategic banking partners who will develop their own fiat-backed crypto. This is evidenced by “j-coin”. They have also yet revealed their “O1 bank” which is on their roadmap which is rumored to be an institution that will help provide liquidity and their cash in/cash out later. I can’t say more to this because nobody outside of Omise knows, there is only speculation and educated guesses.

3) OMG was developed with federal regulations in mind and should be pretty compliant with most countries in SEA. Can’t find the source atm but it’s around.

4) can’t name all the partners, but reddit had done a good job compiling a list of you google “OmiseGo partnerships” FUDsters will argue “there’s no proof of partnerships,” but for a reputable company to state their partnerships with no backlash (as compared to other cryptos) speaks to their validity and truthworthiness

6) official roadmap for 2018 was developed nov/dec of 2017? So far they have honored each milestone on with their given timeframe. Most recently the SDK wallet beta during q1

5) vitalik is heading up plasma development which is imperative to OMGs success and currently advises the OMG project as well, can’t speak on szabo however

Sorry I can’t go in more detail, I can’t pull up sources while on my phone but I assure you they’re there

And yes they will use side chains, that’s some of the key architecture around plasma

Thanks user this makes sense. Also found this about why DEX

>While ostensibly, Omise could develop a centralized infrastructure for digital wallet interchange similar to existing card processors and clearinghouses, there is diculty reaching sucient stakeholder agreement for switching to a system around a single company.

Pretty good read for me cause I don't know much about it.

Sounds good. I don't know if I'll buy, but at least I understand more about what's their vision. I'll read up more

Excellent pajeet, excellent mwhahahha

It’s an ambitious project that is aimed at doing good in the world and revolutionize the financial by bringing it into the next generation of payment processing. They have the team, they have the passion, they just need the time to accomplished what they’ve set forth

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