I don't even know who's the shills are anymore

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yeah. :\

It doesn't matter that you do. Research everything yourself.

it is a truly decentralized bubble

i have no idea what to look for. all i know is that buying link is retarded.

Congrats you've reached stage 2

buy JNT


idiot, buy LINK you absolute fucking retard.


Just buy BNB, it is literally the safest bet you can possibly make up until April 14th

fuckface it's going to 5k eoy.

he hasn't even read the whitepaper has he?
out of millions of shitty meme coins, you disregard the gem. But Jibrel and FunFair!!!!!!

chances are if it seems like you've seen the same thread twice, or a response seems copy pasted, its a shill

wow, i'm being shamed! i better buy link!
i've been in qtum since the beginning, i'm fine for 2018 EOY.
i don't need a useless json parser in my portfolio. orcalize is fine. chainlink is too autism and not in that good vitalik way.

Read whitepapers than stupid fuck. Nebulas whitepaper reads like a fucking novel. BUY NOW.

The only thing you need to know about is the date of Joobilation.



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dude, lel are you serious?

you guys make this look like a bad buy. you don't come across as confident, but desperate.

Clearly you are the shill

I am. Buy my bags please.

everyone is the shill and everyone is shilling each other in a orgy of shilling

I'm a shill.

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