Why are ethreum developers anti-white communist pedophiles

They opening gloat their ridiculous worldview and say they will enforce it onto their users.

Is ethereum even a blockchain?
Kind of crazy these people premined 12,000,000 for themselves and want to move the project to proof of stake

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because creative people usually left leaning

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Is ethereum the biggest scam of the decade?
billions wasted in ICOs

the fact people think this can flip bitcoin is hilarious

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It starts with well meaning actions, then it comes to keeping power so they can keep the evil capitalist out, then it becomes a fight to maintain power, then they become that which they feared from the beginning...

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libertarians are also highly creative

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gay late stage aids patient

Isn't this Poo not even an actual ETH dev

>Superior to anyone
The west had functioning bathrooms for centuries at this point
even in medieval times people wouldn't street shit
even sand niggers today don't street shit

but did they invent cryptokitties?

left leaning people are rarely logical
these developers have that smug sense of superiority I hate

DING DING DING. Correct, you have seen through the low-quality FUD.

launched ethereum
claims he can influence who uses it
>not a developer
get real lol this project is a fucking joke

vinay's vision is communism
ethereum's vision is anti-white
vitalik's vision is underage boys

Do you really think this FUD will change anything? The only people who matter - those who bought into ethereum presale were hodling 80% of their coins for the past three years.

If I claim I can influence who uses Bitcoin, does that make me Satoshi Nakamoto?

>one rando shitskin nobody cares about that has nothing to do with ethereum itself
>pedos crying about vitalik's comment instead of arguing against it

late adopters btfo once again

All Indians think that they're superior to whites. Which is going to make it all the more hilarious while they slowly realize that they're not actually ever going to be a super power.

Being a racial supremacist is left leaning if you're not white? Ok.

They are capitalists yet hate capitalists, they are already what they fear

>when you let some uppity street shitter to live in a western society and he thinks his poo in loo apes he left in the gutter are a superior civilization
The irony of those subhumans

don't forget ethereum sucks because charles hotskinson was part of the founding team and now he employs trannies in cardano
oh and ethereum also sucks because gavin woods wrote the original code and after leaving the project he coded parity wallets poorly

in all seriousness there's two narratives you can build from these facts

i. ethereum was a bunch of sociopaths from the start so with this fundation it's doomed to fail
ii. as a 19 years old kid vitalik was the proverbial beggar who couldn't choose. now those who weren't a good fit have moved on and the project remains relatively free of nepotism (as even gavin woods can't get the community to bail out his mistake, despite attempts to manipulate public opinion)

not gonna lie, ethereum could go to double digits or even zero. but that's not really because muh 2016 developer goes on a twitter rant. by its very nature ethereum was bound to attract atypical personalities even within computer scientists, a simple look on any big IT hub will show you an endless amount of smug programmers willing to tell you smart contracts cannot work (even as of today!). you're going to end up with very passionate people who have stupid ideas politically, not unlike the guys who spearheaded open source in the 80s and 90s

Smart post, have a (You)

>we're communists here at [popular thing]
>whites late to civilization game
>literally we wuz kangs
I feel like they are baiting.

>south carolina

>Kaylee told Cosmopolitan: “So I pushed my thumb, pointer, and middle finger into each eye.
>“I gripped each eyeball, twisted, and pulled until each eye popped out of the socket — it felt like a massive struggle, the hardest thing I ever had to do.”


Gas the pedos already. Or failing that hopefully Vitalik's anorexia will get so bad that he simply dissipates into the atmosphere.

Gavin shit the bed so many times that I stopped counting, however his yellow paper is the real paper, academically speaking. Eth has a great foundation, nobody can argue with that. It was designed with correct approach from ground up. Linux was barely usable when it first came out, look at it now. I have high hopes for eth