Testnet in just a week... 1 million tps will blow your shitcoins away

Testnet in just a week... 1 million tps will blow your shitcoins away.

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its a chink scam dummy

Banyan crew had better hold onto their hats

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man you guys really fall for the chink scams "partnering" with eachother...let me guess you are in cpchain and ven too

Nice fud

Already loaded up. This project going to be huge

1 million tps is a hardware meme it is like saying you can do 10000 mph in a 15mph school zone

wait 1 mill/tps in one single node. centralized shit. btw who cares this is made in china.

the big funny after all the dumping of cpc is that cpc is the most perfect IOT in the world in theory and soon practice, has a real shot at becoming the standard worth hundreds of billions someday. it’s unreal how dumb crypto investors are. the joke will be on everyone when the real China IOT chain plans come to light. accumulate hard while both market and CPChain marketing are retard.

Dpos, also the hardware will be distributed and open source. It will be decentralized

Ovious moonmission. Have a heard time splitting my funds between nas and hpb.

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This and BBN my biggest on folio atm. Very fucking comfy, thought i would also want CPC or LRC, but wont sell anything else for those untill i get more fiat to buy with.

>hardware will be open source

what did he mean by this?

that go fuckurself you reindeer piss drinker gay faggot

The hardware will be outdated before the powercord is even plugged in. 1 million TPS on a chink coin. Good luck.

So if the tech would be as skilled as now, but only american team or european team, it would not? Fuck you fag.

>hardware will be distributed and open source

state of biz. while chinke scamming non-stop with lies. brainlet to believe it.

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>what did he mean by this?
You guys being stupid and than acting arrogant to my hpb bro. SUCK A FUCKING BLACK DICK. They will show how you can build the hardware yourself to everyone, it is not for money. If you don't want to build it, you can buy it for cost price from them. DO SOME FUCKING RESEARCH TROLL SCAMMERS.

This guy is going to make me so rich can't wait

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Take a gander at the response to question 5 for me from the hpb official q&a.... The absolute state of Veeky Forums if you don't own it fud it, if you don't know what you're talking about just lie and mock. DYOR niggers

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NAS - 70

HPB - 30

Fell for Ven early on
Made some gains and lost some as well.
Never liked Neo because of stupid name and logo
Fell for the partnership with Neo, and backed by Neo coins which ended up being complete vaporware meme scams (dbc)

I'm done with chink coins
Hpb might make you some gains but that's mainly if btc recovers and the market is doing ok. In that scenario most coins will be doing well anyways besides the absolute shitters

what was the point of this post, nobody cares about your poor choices

You people are idiots who don't understand the fundamental reason that distributed blockchains are important and the value that decentralization gives to these networks

Anyone can create a centralized shitcoin and brag about how high its TPS is. But will it be decentralized and resistant to external influences? No, it will be centralized and very beholden to the national interests of the country it's being developed in, the corporations who "partner" together to build it, and the small user base

This is a shitcoin like all the other shitcoins, make no mistake anons.

Basically, it's a chink over hyped scam that won't deliver what they are promising
Enjoy faggot

nas is mooning hard tho. Shall I wait till mainnet and see if it drops? I already have some but want to buy 30% more.

Neo and vechain are literally my 2 biggest wins in crypto. That you buy coins after they just went up 1000% is your dumb choice. But that has nothing to do with chinks. They are both comfy top 20 coins that made a good rise and are here to stay. But go back to your erc-20 shitcoins.

your bags contains?

BTC ETH XMR the only coins that matter.

XMR will be dead, ETH will survive, but will be surpassed, BTC only good investment.

XMR is the crypto least likely to die you fucking moron. Even if every country outlawed it it still survives.

You are shortsighted. You say it is a shitcoin like all based on assumptions, it's clear you did not look into it. Yes, it is foccused at companies that need high tps like this for their data, see the unionpay guys making a dapp on it. There is a void and they try to fill it. It will be decentralized completly. Hardware is only a solution to get higher throughput so it can also be used by people that need the higher tps. It can also be used with ethereum and neo blockchain. So you get a high performance blockchain network based on high tps, that is decentralized totally. Because anyone can have nodes and anyone can build the hardware. It will be open source, you can build it or buy it for cost price and boost performance. 2 in 1. It literally can not fail, it doesn't need to be the best blockchain ever. It will be a very good one and a scaling solution for all the others. But muh bitcoin. FAG, is what u are. There are different needs and different project will fill them.

Explain why you think XMR will be dead user. Quite frankly I'm almost considering the possibility that BTC will be dead and XMR will take over but that's unrealistic because of the normies.

This. The mining infrastructure of XMR is the most decentralized, because people install it on IoT devices as malware. There are refrigerators mining XMR right now, and they will mine it forever as long as they exist, because even the companies who created those refrigerators don't know how to remove it and nobody will ever notice it's on there anyway

XMR will live FOREVER.

This, that guy is totally a fag

Lmao you're fucking retarded.

Yeah, I would wait until mainnet. The NAS team will be releasing locked up tokens as well so I'm expecting it to have some reverse movement.

>chink overhyped scam

>muh buyers remorse

Again, nobody cares about your poor choices. There are people on this board right now that know how to do their own research and invest responsibly. Go spread your brainlet propaganda elsewhere.

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holyfuck user, your prediction of HPB eoy?