BTC is going down bearish divergence back to $8500 levels

BTC is going down bearish divergence back to $8500 levels.

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ban ta faglords

Don't worry user, "it will never be under $7k again."

>Nigerian Regulator

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The price should spike up $500 any second now...

we going down back into the down trend channel.
Time to hit bitmex.

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get rekt

next major support at $8400-8500 range

$8900 will become major resistance.

BTC midterm bearish we are going to down.

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>this time it will be different

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fundamentals have changed

what is this shitty graphic lmao i can explain you exactly why that cant work out

what is it compared to? BTC 2013?

I think so

yes,the bubble is following what happened back then almost perfectly

Bogs will cuck you with a well timed pump

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The whole thing is going down OP.

Subzero and lower.

In the meantime educate yourself.

The following bubbles have popped: telegraph

Time to invest in something that is highly undervalued and not even on anyone's radar yet. Be the trend...


Be insured when the houses come tumbling down.

This is not a drill.

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Stop spamming, pajeet.

Tell us more user

Show your short then faggot, ohh wait you wont because you are a beta faggot larper kys

BTC fails to break through Point of control

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keep us updated man id like to see some bear TA too, too many delusional bull charts

>short term bear div and long term lessening RSI
>lessening volume
>death cross within a few days
Anyone not in tether at this point is retarded. You will get burned hard in the next few days. Best case scenario is a death cross fakeout but that is a bad gamble.

what's that last indicator called?

Mate do you have a discord/twitter anything? You seem to know your shit.

why don't you learn yourself? depend on a man to fish for you and you will starve

Matter of fact, can you name all the indicators you are using?

good work OP, whether or not this pans out/TA meme it is better than the mindless bull chatter 24/7. There is very few reasons (outside of major good news) for bitcoin to be bullish. Whales will pump every week hoping to make normies or gamblers put in their paychecks, but unless new money comes in it is a long term correction. (or whales laugh pump it to 30000k then let it crash again)

u forgot to draww the upwards channel where we are in u absolute KEK


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OP can you give me a quick rundown on the VSVP? I just learned how to use the VPVR

Should go down to $8300.

im buyings, srs. the rule atm is to buy when indicators show a pullback and sell if indicators show bullish

seems like they are pushing 9k again. if fail back to 8.4k?

>im buyings, sirs

A RSI div merely indicates that the trend is weakening. You don't enter a position simply because one is present. For example, there was a massive bearish div during the 19k run, but if you shorted that you'd have been fucked. Likewise, there was a bullish div during the last half of the fall to 7.2k, but if you longed that you'd have been fucked as well.

It's ironic that BTC pumped by 50% after the first death cross in 2014.

There is like no volume. It is going to dump hard and quick.

theres no volume until it is just like yesterday flash pump

Fundamentals are much better now though.

good, more time to buy

All-time bear trap, will be looked back at in the history books

Enjoy filename

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lol see ya

OP made a pretty good call here so far. if you have

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$8400 is end of the cycle - new cycle begins. Probably another bulltrap

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Thoughts on icx?


Good call brother. Senpai I notice your ichi settings are for traditional market open and close? 10/30/60/30 for 24/7 crypto.

da fuq is MFI

anyone knows what is this exchange or software?


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small consolidation at $8600 don't buy it's a trap.

human beings like making sense of the world in patterns, hence we made this TA shit up. Ignore this bs, follow your gut.

tradingview, logged in

Markets mostly don't care about fundamentals.

Godlike OP. Shared same descent to 8,5k too, glad to see you were not wrong too. Thanks for all the useful info, will check on those indicators.

The momentum on this bounce has been weak. If it holds at 8600 it will pass 9000. If it holds at 8500 it will still probably pass. If it holds at 8500 the ball is in anyone's court. If it holds anywhere between 8000 and 8500 the dice have been cast. If it doesn't hold above 8000 it will go to 7500. If it doesn't hold above 7500 it will go lower. If it doesn't hold above 7000 it's anyone's game.

Potential Double TOP forming BTC/USD.

T.A works for me and other FX traders.

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Sauce? What's that bubble in the background?

November-May 2014 BitStamp

target reached $8460
will pump a bit then consolidate

not sure if level can hold.
we will see.

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You called it.

Good call, OP. Time traveller.

Fuck I wish I saw this thread, I had opened a long

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Good i need more

Great thread. Thanks for sharing your insight OP!

Bearish unless miracle happens.

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I closed it (sadly too late and lost $130 instead of just like $50 because I'm an idiot and set up a stop limit instead of a stop market since I just moved from Kraken to Bitmex)

Nice bear flag forming though so I'm considering being an idiot and openign an even bigger short to recover my losses

>BTC is going down bearish divergence back to $8500 levels.
You made me money. Wish you peace and highest place in the heavens. Thank you.
dedicated to the fallen bulls.


This comparison is amazing.

I am religious in my crypto research .. and this for some reason is resonating with me (as much as I don't want it to be true.. it is the most organic.. and is how a true market operates to get confidence) . this also makes sense for "the powers at be"..

the whales with old school USD fiat will buy massively at the bottom...

Time to tether up?


Will we hit 8,400?

Don't chase losses dude you'll just fuck yourself.

Not on my watch

bump it

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I know, I didn't actually go super extreme or anything. Going to actually set a market stop-loss this time too lol

delete this

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What's the difference between normal ichimoku and revised ichimoku?

No difference between revised ichimoku and normal technically but I like the japanese names like tenkansen kijun, kumo etc.

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